How to Use Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a life changing hair product. But it might not work that great unless you know how to use it correctly. Luckily, I found this video by Rachael Jade about how to use dry shampoo. She does a good job explaining and showing you why you need dry shampoo in your life. Rachael is also very pleasant to watch, so Continue reading

How to Keep Gray Hair From Yellowing

how to keep gray hair from yellowing

It really sucks when your hair changes colors without your permission. You never said your beautiful gray hair was allowed to turn yellow but it has anyway! (Your hair may be gray, white, or silver, but I’m going to refer to it as ‘gray’ throughout this article.) If you want to know how to keep gray hair from yellowing, you’ll be happy to hear that there are ways to avoid it.

Before we get to the solutions, it’s good to know why the problem exists. So why does gray hair turn yellow?

Gray hair changes to yellow because of things like chlorine, hot styling tools, medications, too much sun exposure, being around cigarette smoke, buildup from hair products (shampoo, conditioner, heat protectant, hair spray, serum, mousse… etc.).

Now we can get to the tips. Continue reading

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3 Adorable Valentine’s Day Hairstyles for Long & Short Hair

cute hairstyles for valentine's day

Hello ladies! Did you know I’m a Valentine baby? Yup… Valentine’s Day is my birthday.

Do you have anything fun going on for Valentine’s day? I hope so! Whether it be something fancy, casual, or even bummy, you’re still going to need a cute hairstyle to wear. I think it’s really awesome that Kayley Melissa shows these 3 hairstyles being done with short and long hair for the video. By the way, these hairstyles are great for all year –not just Valentine’s day. Enjoy the tutorial! Continue reading

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The Best Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

Have you ever been interested in finding the best hairstyles for your face shape? This will show you how to find your face shape and hairstyles that would look okay with your face shape. Enjoy!


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Jenna Marbles Drunk Hair Tutorial

This week I thought I’d do something a little different and fun. So here’s a video of Jenna Marbles doing a Drunk Hair Tutorial. Are you a Jenna Marbles fan?



First of all, don’t try this at home ladies! You could be seriously hurt. Continue reading

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Does the Grow New Hair Treatment work?

LadyLuckTutorials created this helpful review on the Grow New Hair Treatment. In the review tutorial, she voices her honest opinion about the treatment and what it did for her hair. The video is less than 9 minutes long so it won’t take up too much of your time.

Let me know what you think of this in the comments below. If you find this helpful you can subscribe to her channel: LadyLuckTutorials


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Head & Shoulders vs Selsun Blue

head & shoulders vs selsun blue

If you suffer with dandruff, you’re not alone. Conditions range from mild to severe, but in my opinion, any dandruff at all is unacceptable to have to deal with. We should be able to feel good about ourselves each and every day, and having dandruff doesn’t allow for that.

The two most commonly used dandruff shampoos you’ve probably heard of are Head & Shoulders and Selsun Blue. So what are the differences between them? Continue reading

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