How to Clean a Boar Bristle Brush

how to clean a boar bristle brush

You’ve come to the right place for learning how to clean a boar bristle brush. But first, I want to share my story about when my brush was in major need of a cleaning.

Okay so, one day I felt like doing a little head massage session with my boar bristle brush.

The one I have is a Mixed Pure Boar Bristle & Nylon Brush because I like the mixture of boar bristles and harder nylon bristles. It feels nicer on my scalp and brushes through my hair better than the Pure Boar Bristle Brushes.

Anyways, it had been a while since I used it due to life’s busy-ness. My scalp and roots were feeling oily and this is the best time to use a boar bristle brush because of how amazingly it spreads sebum throughout the rest of your hair, enhancing hair growth, shine, strength…etc.

I grabbed the brush out of my vanity drawer and set it down. Continue reading

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6 Astonishing Fall Leaf Hair Colors

sexy fall ponytail

Gotta love fall!

Fall time means all of the beautiful warm colors of nature come out to play. Looking up at the flame colored trees and down at the bright colored leaves covering the ground gives me such an amazing feeling inside.

While I was going for a walk through the autumn woods, I was inspired to create a mini gallery of leaf colored hairstyles. It seemed like the perfect time of year to make a blog post filled with photos of crazy autumn hair.

Some of these hair colors are extremely daring while others are more ‘safe’. What’s your style when it comes to hair… safe or daring?



Continue reading

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Best Gifts for Teenage Girls | Unique and Exciting Gifts

best gifts for teenage girls

So what are the best gifts for teenage girls?

It can be pretty tough shopping for a teenage girl. Luckily, all girls have one thing in common: They want to express themselves and feel pretty in their own way.

With that being said, I put together a little collection of the best gifts for teenage girls so you can easily get your gift shopping out of the way. You will definitely surprise the teen in your life with these ideas. Continue reading

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3 Pretty Ways to Wear a Headband

pretty ways to wear a headband

Hello ladies!

It was requested that I make a post on different ways to wear a headband. Headband hairstyles can be so cute when done right, and they work for long, medium, and short hair. With these hairstyles, you’ll look like you put some serious effort into your hair even though you only spent a short amount of time doing it.

There are three different headband hairstyles shown in the video. First is the ‘Half Up Half Down’, next is the “Side Swept Hairstyle’, and lastly is the “Headband Updo’. I’m curious to know which is your favorite so pay attention and then let me know in the comments! Continue reading

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The 2 Minute Rope Braid Hairstyle is Amazing

2 minute rope braid hairstyle

I just had to make a mini-post after watching this video of The 2 Minute Rope Braid Hairstyle. This side rope braid is such a beautiful and elegant hairstyle that doesn’t take long at all. It’s perfect for those days you wake up and don’t feel like doing anything with yourself (which is probably most days). Instead of doing some time consuming or crazy hairstyle that’ll take you forever, just create this simple 2 minute rope braid.

The 2 Minute Rope Braid Hairstyle sadly isn’t going to work for all lengths and hair types so I’m sorry about that. However it should work just fine for medium to long length hair –you don’t need to have super long hair like hers.

Check it out and tell me what you think.


The 2 Minute Rope Braid Hairstyle


With some hairstyles, I like to type out the directions on how to do it but with this one you actually have to watch it being done to get the hang of it. The more you practice, the better it will look.


What you will need:

Dry shampoo

Hair brush

Hair tie

Hair spray


It would also be a good idea to spray your hair with texture spray to get a good hold before you start (especially if you have layers).


Well that’s it! I hope the video was helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to leave them below.

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Cute Hairstyles for Beanies

cute hairstyles for beanies

Hello cold weather! I want to stay warm but still look good. How can I do this? BEANIES! They’re perfect for keeping you warm and looking amazing but only when you wear them right. If you don’t know how to style your hair to look cute in a hat, I recommend watching these short videos for some ideas. You can either end up looking super chic or looking like you have bank robbing plans. With that being said, I found these videos showing cute hairstyles for beanies. Continue reading

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6 Easy Back To School Hairstyles

easy back to school hairstylesI came across this fun YouTube video and wanted to share it with you guys! I love these easy back to school hairstyles. All six of these styles are pretty simple –nothing is too complex. They’re great ideas for when you need a quick-do, like before school or work.

In this video you’ll see the following six hairstyles:

#1 Rope Braid Ponytail

#2 Half-Up Rope Braids

#3 Criss-Cross Hairstyle

#4 Braided Headband

#5 French Braid Bun

#6 Braided Space Buns Continue reading

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What to Do If Your Hair Won’t Hold a Curl

hair won't hold a curl

Some girls were genetically given un-curl-able stubborn hair, it’s sad. A friend recently came to me with this problem, saying that her hair won’t hold a curl. So I decided to dedicate my time to finding the solution for her (and for every other girl who deals with it).

It’s heartbreaking. You just want to create those Pinterest worthy curls but your hair won’t stay curled.

When you take your hot and steamy hair off the barrel it probably looks wonderful… but then it shortly falls out. I’ve found a super effective routine to do so you won’t have to suffer with this problem any longer.

I’m here to help you with this issue once and for all. Continue reading

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11 Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend Who Loves Her Hair


Sometimes it’s tough coming up with gift ideas for your best friend who has everything so I’m here to help you out. This unique list of items are things she’s always wanted, but doesn’t know it yet. Get ready because you will be praised for being the most awesome friend ever –although I’m sure you already are. 😉

By the way, the products listed aren’t arranged in any specific order. I’ve included a link under each item so you can get more details on each gift and find out where to purchase it. Are you excited to read about these gift ideas for your best friend? I hope so! Continue reading

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