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GuideToGorgeousHair.com was created to be a fun and helpful guide for all hair types. While exploring, you will find interesting product reviews, informative pages, and exciting blog posts on many different topics. You’ll learn that your hair is effected by what you eat, which shampoo and conditioner you choose, how you dry it, which products you put in it, and more! Feel free to comment on any of the pages or posts if you have ideas for product reviews or blog post topics. Also follow my blog with Bloglovin.


Do you…

  • Pin pretty hairstyles on Pinterest as a weekly activity?
  • Scroll through hundreds of hair pictures on Instagram?
  • Try tons of hair products that only frustrate you –and your wallet?
  • Dye your hair all types of colors for seasonal purposes?
  • Find strands of your hair all over the house?
  • Try to avoid windy days or having windows open in the car?
  • Get angry with annoying people who touch your hair?
  • Feel like crying when you have to finally get a trim?

This is just a short list, but if you can admit to any of these.. don’t worry, you are not alone. 🙂



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10 thoughts on “Welcome to My Guide to Gorgeous Hair

  1. I am one of those unfortunate people who never, and I mean NEVER, come out of the hairdressers happy. I’m not being picky, they just don’t listen to what I want. For example, the last time I went I said I specifically did NOT want a bob as my hair is too thick. She gave me a bob…
    Basically, hair is one of those things I just don’t have luck with, so I’d be very eager to continue reading your posts to find out what products I should be using etc. No reason why I can’t have gorgeous hair is there? 🙂

    • Haha they never know what they’re doing. You’d think out of all people, hairdressers would understand the frustrations people have with the hair that they love. It breaks my heart when I go to get a trim and they knowingly cut off much more than I wanted. And nope, you can definitely have gorgeous hair! Stay tuned 🙂

  2. Hi Gina,
    Thank you very much for guiding me that way. The truth is that my wife is very concerned about the hair and its care and it seems that all the answers to your survey are YES, she admitted to almost every question. I just recommended your site to my wife, because I think your advice is the solution. Simple but good content site, congratulations.

    • Thank you Renan!

      I’m glad your wife can relate. I will always have new and fresh content coming to my website. Lots more where this came from!

  3. I have to admit, I hate getting my hair cut, but I definitely know it needs doing!! They always cut too much off!! lol
    But I have to admit I do love my hair and I think great, healthy hair can be one of the main attractions to a woman!! 🙂 I love trying out new styles from time to time too 🙂

    • I agree with that, one of the main attractions to a woman and a way to feel good about yourself.

      Hair cuts are the worst. I’ve slowed down to getting two trims a year since I do my best to take care of it in every other way so it doesn’t need trims as often!

  4. Hi Gina,

    I am really not someone who takes really great care of their hair. Probably not as good as you. I usually buy the shampoo and conditioner that is formulated for dry hair, because I have dry skin so I assume my hair would be dry too. And I don’t really style it because it is naturally curly and just likes to curl and do its thing. I do love using the spiral curling iron, because I can get some gorgeous curls going on and I never need to use hairspray or gel to keep them. They stay until my hair gets wet. However, I did notice that my hair was getting a very dry, brittle and straw like consistency to it which pinpointed a medical problem. Thankfully my hair recovered, but it was the reason I sought medical help.

  5. Hi Gina,
    My wife has found Pinterest to be a great resource in finding the hair style she wants in her mid-50s. The trouble she has found over the years is finding a good hairdresser to implement the style pics she finds.
    We travel a fair bit but this year she found a great cutter in Phuket, Thailand, where we now live. She follows instructions to the letter and the style looks fabulous.
    Nice looking website, by the way.


    • Funkydunc,

      Thank you. Pinterest is the best place to look for hairstyles since they have pictures for all ages and all different kinds of styles. Most hairdressers can look at a photo to create the same cut, it’s pretty nice!

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