10 Super Easy Hairstyles for School or Work

10 hairstyles for school or work

Hairstyle tutorial videos are so much fun.

Here’s a video showing you 10 super easy hairstyles for school or work. You can never have too many ideas for styling your hair!

The video actually has the phrase 10 HEATLESS HAIRSTYLES, but I don’t think that will be the case for most people. Her hair is curled or straight for these hairstyles and most people have to do quite a bit of work to even get it to look the ‘before’ way.

But anyways, enjoy!




Which hairstyles do you like the best?


4 thoughts on “10 Super Easy Hairstyles for School or Work

  1. I love getting inspiration for new hairstyles and these are great! It’s easy to get into the same patterns of doing the same thing with your hair – it takes a bit of effort to restyle!

    I particularly love plaits so will definitely be trying some of those. I think my hair is a little short for certain styles so may have to wait for it to grow before trying them all!

  2. I color my hair and I was looking for a way to keep its natural look for longer. I always dread washing my hair the conventional way as I know each time I do this, I’m losing color!
    After watching your video, I did not know how the Dried Shampoo can be used in so many other ways.
    many thanks, Jeff.

    • Jeff,

      I don’t know of any guys who use dry shampoo but I’m sure it would work the same way for you, and you wouldn’t have to wash your hair as often!

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