The Best Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

Have you ever been interested in finding the best hairstyles for your face shape? This will show you how to find your face shape and hairstyles that would look okay with your face shape. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “The Best Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

  1. Had to post a comment because my wife enjoyed watching this very much, she has learnt that possibility she has been wearing the wrong hair style, and will be fixing on the next visit to the hair salon.

    My wife was wondering does hair colour make a difference to the shape of your face as well?

    • Gareth,

      I’m glad I could help out your wife!

      To answer your question, no. Hair color isn’t determined by face shape, but rather by skin tone. Certain hair colors will look okay with certain skin tones and not with other ones.

  2. hello! =]

    I’ll be honest, I never really thought that my face shape would be one of the most important factors of choosing the right hairstyle.

    Now that I know my face shape (heart), it’s time to choose the right hairstyle >=]

    On a side note, do you think you would do a post with the hairstyles in relation to hair color and skin tones? =]

  3. I have been thinking about the change of hair style for some time already but couldn’t actually understand in what direction to go. Currently I have quite long hair so literally any cut is possible but I wanted to have the right change that suits me. So now after watching the video hair style is more or less clear 🙂 thanks a lot for this!
    The next thing is to decide on colour 🙂 As I see you have already promised to write a post on this topic so I will await it.

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