3 Adorable Valentine’s Day Hairstyles for Long & Short Hair

cute hairstyles for valentine's day

Hello ladies! Did you know I’m a Valentine baby? Yup… Valentine’s Day is my birthday.

Do you have anything fun going on for Valentine’s day? I hope so! Whether it be something fancy, casual, or even bummy, you’re still going to need a cute hairstyle to wear. I think it’s really awesome that Kayley Melissa shows these 3 hairstyles being done with short and long hair for the video. By the way, these hairstyles are great for all year –not just Valentine’s day. Enjoy the tutorial!



Ahh I can’t decide between the ‘Romantic Half Updo’ and the ‘Casual But Cute’ hairstyle because they’re both so cute. Which style do you like the best?

2 thoughts on “3 Adorable Valentine’s Day Hairstyles for Long & Short Hair

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