3 Pretty Ways to Wear a Headband

pretty ways to wear a headband

Hello ladies!

It was requested that I make a post on different ways to wear a headband. Headband hairstyles can be so cute when done right, and they work for long, medium, and short hair. With these hairstyles, you’ll look like you put some serious effort into your hair even though you only spent a short amount of time doing it.

There are three different headband hairstyles shown in the video. First is the ‘Half Up Half Down’, next is the “Side Swept Hairstyle’, and lastly is the “Headband Updo’. I’m curious to know which is your favorite so pay attention and then let me know in the comments!


Easy Everyday Ways to Wear a Headband


In the beginning of the video you will notice the ‘pre-styling’ of the hair. Since she has naturally thin straight hair, she decides to curl her hair. If you curl your hair, don’t forget to use a heat protectant  so you don’t damage your locks. A good curling tool to use is this interchangeable wand set because you can make so many different style/size curls.

Please don’t pay any attention to the giveaway section at the end of this video. The video was made in 2013 and the giveaway ended a long time ago. If you’re interested in entering in a GuideToGorgeousHair giveaway, you can do so here. There will always be some kind of exciting giveaway going on.


DIY Headbands

Sure, there are millions of places to buy headbands but why not try making one yourself? I’ve started creating DIY headbands and now I don’t need to buy them anymore. Here’s a blog post showing you how.

diy braided headband


Good for dirty hair

These headband hairstyles happen to be great for those dirty hair days. Spritz your roots with some dry shampoo and then try out one of these styles. You’ll be amazed at how comfortable you can be with having two and three day old hair.

batiste dry shampoo



I hope it was fun learning some new ways to wear a headband. Let me know which is your favorite! Also feel free to leave any other questions or comments you have below.


8 thoughts on “3 Pretty Ways to Wear a Headband

  1. With shorter hair is it really okay to rock a headband? I have only worn them with longer hair and think I prefer them that way. Does anyone else have shorter hair and love headbands? I also want to avoid trying to do too much lol. I do like how they can change your look but I’m not sure everyone styles their hair properly with this accessory! Great site! Thx!

    • Judith,

      It’s definitely okay to rock a headband with short hair. I’ve seen such cute hairstyles that way. Here’s a video of headband hairstyles for short hair!

  2. What a cute hairstyle in the first picture! That would really suit me! The only problem for me is that headbands tend to give me quite a headache. I put them on a immediately feel this pressure on my head that doesn’t go away until I take it off. For that reason I can only wear headbands that are not too tight. Would you have any advice for people like me?
    I love wearing clips and hairbands but I can’t stand the resulting headaches.

    • Cavy Clicker,

      I know what you mean by the headaches, but I think it depends what kind of headband you use! When you make DIY headbands you can make them custom to your head and what’s comfortable for you. They’re so easy.

  3. I love headbands and the glamour that they add to a look but the only reason that I dont end up using headbands, is because my hair is straight and the headbands easily slip back and the whole thing comes loose. Do you have any suggestions that I can use for securing headbands and preventing them from slipping?

    • Reyhana,

      Something you can do is spritz your hair with hair spray, let it get a little sticky, then put the headband on. The hairspray gives your hair a little grip for the headband to hold onto. You can also experiment with some bobby pins to pin the headband to your hair. 🙂

  4. I loved your suggestions how to style our hair using only a headband. As a mother to a couple of naughty toddlers my hair is always tied in a ponytail, but I prefer if I could style it a little bit, easily and quickly, especially for a special occasion.
    My hair is naturally wavy/curly and not too long, just under my shoulders. Do you think those hairstyles would be suitable for me?
    I would try them anyway.

    • Ellie,

      The good thing about headbands is that they go well with all different hair types and lengths. These specific styles might work a little better with shorter hair if you were to straighten it first. But I’d like to know how it goes for you!

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