6 Must-Have Hair Accessories for Cheap

hair accessoriesHow many hair accessories do you own?

Sometimes you can do your hair up all nice and still can’t achieve the look you want. This is when you need some hair accessories to complete your hair-do. Any type of look you’re going for has a matching hair accessory. There are simple accessories for when you only have 2 minutes to do your hair and there are designs for more elegant styles.

Hair accessories are perfect for every season and they come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. There are millions of them out there but here are some of my favorite styles for such cheap prices.


Moon Clip

This Moon Clip is so unique and chic that you’ll have everyone asking where you got it. Choose out of gold and silver!


moon clip

Check it out



Triangle Clip

The Triangle Clip is the perfect ‘out the door’ hair clip for quick styling. You can choose between silver and gold, or the option to get both!


triangle clip

Check it out



Leaf Clip

These leaf clips look amazing. They would add the perfect finishing touch to any casual outfit.


hair accessories

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Circle Clip

Man, I’m loving these clips. Especially this circle one. They’re so simple yet so cute to wear anywhere you want. Again, you can choose between silver and gold.


circle clip

Check it out



Scissor Clip

These scissor clips are best for stylists but could be cute for anyone! Take your pick of color.


scissor clips

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Fluffy Scrunchie

OMG. These scrunchies are so adorable. I know, they’re unlike the rest of my list but I just had to add these.


faux fur scrunchie

Check it out



I hope you enjoyed this glamorous collection of accessories I put together for you. Feel free to leave any questions or comments below.


8 thoughts on “6 Must-Have Hair Accessories for Cheap

  1. Hey there it’s Alexey. Although I don’t have a long hair, and I am a man – It looks very cool. I will send my girlfriend to this article. I am sure she will absolutely love the triangle and the leaf clip. You have a gorgeous website as well 🙂

    It look like you have a lot of experience with making other women’s hair to look awesome – Thanks for the share !

  2. I really like the triangle clip that one looks like it will go really good with my hair. I have very fine hair and hairclips like claw clips tend to slip out of my hair. I love the layout of your site it’s very easy to follow and the color is nice very “girly” I love the theme. I bounced around a bit hope you don’t mind the website is very friendly. I really like that you showed those cute examples too!

    • Shalei,

      Thanks for the website compliments! I’m sure the triangle clip would look good on you. That one goes with pretty much everyone, no matter their style or hair type.

  3. Hi Gina: I’m so glad I found your site. I have long hair that I often put up in clips and barrettes and have spent a fortune buying these at local stores for so much more than the prices I see on your site. I never thought to shop for these items on line. I’ll come back and visit soon to update my spring accessories. Thank you!

    • Bethany,

      Awesome, I’m glad I could help! Accessories like these make it so easy to style any length hair. It saves time, spares some patience, and you can get them super cheap online.

  4. I love the theme and the colors of your site Gina. I have daughters with long hair and you have given me a couple of gift ideas.
    You make good use of the images and I do like it when I can see how the hair accessories look in the hair. The Gold Jewelry looks very classy. I would have been interested to see how the ponytail cuffs look in the hair.

    • 5tephen,

      I’ll take some photos soon for the ponytail cuffs.

      Your little girls will be so excited to open any of these hair accessories. All of their friends/peers will compliment them!

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