Best Heat Protectant Sprays for Your Hair Type

best heat protectant sprays

The best heat protectant sprays will be shown to you in this article. Heat protection is a NECESSITY.

Quite often I hear women complaining of dry hair, frizzy hair, breakage, and all other types of hair damage. I ask them “do you use heat protection before blow drying, flat ironing, and curling?” guess what their answer is… I’m sure you guessed right. They usually don’t use it, or use a low quality product.

If you care about your hair, protecting it from heat damage is one of the most important ways to take care of it. There are different kinds of products for heat damage protection. Some of the products are serums/oils, some are creams/lotions, and others are canned sprays. Let’s get right into listing the 3 best heat protectant sprays.


The Best Heat Protectant Sprays


Paul Mitchell – Hot Off The Press

paul mitchell hot off the press

For: all hair types

Hot Off The Press is a salon favorite 2-in-1 product. It is not only a heat protectant but also a light-hold hairspray. When I first found out about it and used it, I was amazed at everything about it. The spray is light, soft, and misty. It doesn’t make your hair wet or anything, which I’ve found to be an issue with some heat protectants. Hot Off The Press holds curls nicely and also keeps flat ironed hair straight all day. This isn’t something I use after the shower for blow drying heat protection (because it’s a hair spray also) but it is great for styling with . . . Continue reading full review 


Just Natural – Heat Protecting Hair Treatment

just natural heat protecting hair spray

For: thick, curly, kinky, or medium hair

Heat Protecting Hair Treatment is perfect for the ladies with thick, curly, medium, overly dry, and/or damaged hair. It is made with all natural ingredients that completely prevent any heat damage from hot styling tools. It’s also amazing for using on damp hair after the shower, to protect from heat damage from blow drying/diffusing your hair. However, it is not good for those of you with thin hair since it is made with oils that could spread easily and make thin hair . . . Continue reading full review →


Milkshake – Incredible Milk 12 Effects

milkshake incredible milk 12 effects

For: all hair types

Milkshake Incredible Milk is another salon favorite that can’t be bought in stores. It’s the best smelling hair product you’ll ever sniff. Also, one of my absolute favorites for heat protection. It can be used on dry hair before curling or straightening, or on damp hair after the shower. I usually use it on damp hair after the shower so my hair can be protected from the blow drier. It’s called incredible milk 12 effects because it does 12 things for your hair: repairs all hair types, frizz control, prevents split ends, heat protection . . . Continue reading full review →



So there it is, the best heat protectant sprays to have your hair looking #1. If you have any questions about any of the products or would just like to leave a comment, feel free to do so below.


8 thoughts on “Best Heat Protectant Sprays for Your Hair Type

  1. Hi Gina,

    I enjoyed your reviews of the products to protect the hair from blow dryer damage.

    The Paul Mitchell line is always a good one! The other is one I had not heard about, the Milkshake incredible Milk 12! It was also interesting to hear about!

    I also enjoyed the DIY t-shirt hair band. That will be fun to try for the girls in my family! We are all do-it-ourselves people at heart- at least most of us.

    Are there any favorite styling products that don’t get oily looking? I would like something light, but that gives some control!


  2. Very gorgeous appearance and layout, with the pullout tabs. The monochromatic color scheme is pretty and elegant. Very colorful which makes things interesting. short paragraphs helps the viewer eyes move and the content stay interesting, great job. Posting new products at the door is a smart buinsess move. Viewing this website has helped me understand what I need to do for my site. Thanks for allowing me to experience your site and learn a few things. I have no suggestions other than keep going and make that money!

  3. Wonderful information, I’m especially interested in the Just Natural Heat Protecting hair treatment. The list of ingredients is impressive, natural oils and especially the Coconut oil. I’m definitely going to try this out as it sounds perfect for my type of hair. Dry, thick, and damaged from coloring. Can you recommend a place to order this product? Thanks!

  4. Very interesting article on heat protection sprays, before your article I never knew this product existed. I am a guy, but I can not blow dry my hair or it becomes extremely dry and frizzie. I might have to check and try one of these products in the future, do you think there is a difference with a man’s hair and a ladies hair for the use of such a product? Very useful article for our hair, I might just be able to blow dry my hair in the future thanks to your article

    Thank You

    • Men can mostly use these same products. You would just have to follow the instructions given if you were interested in blow drying your hair somtime. If your hair is thick/curly, I would recommend using the Just Natural Heat Protectant. For any other hair type you could use either the Milkshake Incredible Milk.

      Hot Off The Press is more so for people who style their hair with hot styling tools, not for blow drying. So unless you plan on curling or straightening your hair I wouldn’t bother with that one haha.

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