Cute Hairstyles for Beanies

cute hairstyles for beanies

Hello cold weather! I want to stay warm but still look good. How can I do this? BEANIES! They’re perfect for keeping you warm and looking amazing but only when you wear them right. If you don’t know how to style your hair to look cute in a hat, I recommend watching these short videos for some ideas. You can either end up looking super chic or looking like you have bank robbing plans. With that being said, I found these videos showing cute hairstyles for beanies.



Long Hair

The first video shows Evelina creating a few hairstyles for the ladies with longer hair. She mentions that she wears some hair extensions for two of the styles to enhance the look. If you’re a black hat lover, check out these Women’s Winter Hats Under $10. Enjoy the video!



Medium Hair

The second video shows Jenny putting together three adorable hairstyles with her ‘medium length‘ hair. I put medium length in quotes because each person has their own idea of what short, medium, and long hair is. I would consider Jenny’s hair to be a medium length. Anyways, have fun watching!



Natural Hair

The third video shows Nap putting together some beanie styles for natural hair. I’ve made this new addition to the blog post because someone commented asking for help with their crazy natural hair! I’m hoping this is helpful to some other viewers too. Enjoy!



I couldn’t really find beanie hairstyles for any shorter than Jenny’s medium hair. If you do, send me the link and I will add it to this blog post!


I hope you learned something watching these videos of cute hairstyles for beanies. If you have any questions or comments, leave them down below. Someone commented below asking for beanie hairstyles for their natural hair and I added a video tutorial for that. So feel free to ask any questions or requests so I can help out. 🙂



8 thoughts on “Cute Hairstyles for Beanies

  1. Ah, thank you for this!!

    I have hair just a tad shorter than the medium length video! Hopefully I will be able to try these out!

    Do you know where some good places to buy those slouchy beanies from?

    The only beanies I have are the kind that are super thick for cold weather.

    And also, do you have any posts about wearing hair with a headband?

    • Heather,

      I know of a great place to get slouchy beanies. Check these out. There’s several beanies on there and even more on the website it’ll direct to you!

      Also, I’ll put it on my to-do list to create a post about headband styles. 🙂

      While you’re waiting, you can make some homemade headbands!

  2. Well I have the craziest afro hair there is. Every time I put it in a hat, I am doing so to hide it not show it off. I can see how easy it will be for Caucasian hair but how to you get natural afro hair to look that good in a hat?
    Chemicals make them fall but when I leave it natural it is so hard to manage.
    Any advice will be great because I am on the verge of shaving it lol.

  3. good post. i think i will use your post in a different way. my daughter has hair that long but wont change her hair style. she wants to stick with the current one! it has now been years. the mother wants to trial and she wants to stick! she has not seen these type of vids. she is still quite young but very mature for her age. hopefully your vid will help.

    i think i will also have to consider the winter hat. winter’s approaching. thank you for the post. hopefully you will save us a lot of headache!

    • Arif,

      Your daughter with her long hair is probably so cute. Her mother wants her to style her hair or get a hair cut? I don’t quite understand what you’ve said there. Either way, I’m sure the videos will inspire her!

  4. Very informative especially the reduce breakage page! It really freaks me out whenever I wash my hair and I wash it everyday! Great tips on the microfibre cloth, silk pillowcase! Is argan oil products suitable for everyone? I’ve never tried them, my scalp is oily though and that’s the only reason I have yet to try them even I heard so much good things about this miracle item! Your thoughts?

    • Jen Lam,

      I personally don’t think argan oil is suitable for everyone. I have a naturally oily scalp also and I don’t like to use oils in my hair (except the hair growth treatment). What is the issue you would be using argan oil products for? I should have another solution! 🙂

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