3 Quick & Cute Hairstyles for School and Work

easy hairstyles for school and work

Do you need some cute hairstyles for school or hairstyles for work to do in a pinch?

Waking up in the morning before school or work can be an absolute struggle. Sure, you picked out your outfit the night before and your bag is already packed with all of your books and half-eaten bag of Boom Chicka Pop, but you just don’t have the energy to do anything. The weight of only five hours of sleep is sagging down the bags under your eyes. There is only one way to make you feel a little better about the long day ahead of you -–your hair looking fabulous.

Believe me, I know there isn’t enough time to curl your hair and put it into some Pinterest-looking up-do! But, no worries. Let’s get started with three quick easy hairstyles.


#1. The Fishtail Side Braid

1) Swoop all of your hair to one side, so that we can create an effortless side braid.
2) Grab two tiny sections of your hair, starting with the pieces that are closest to your face. (For explaining purposes, let’s call them A and B).
3) Begin twisting A and B around each other twice.
4) The piece that is closest to your face after twisting (A) should be left alone, as you grab another strand (C) to twist around B.
5) Twist strands B and C around each other, then put B off to the side.
6) Continue grabbing and twisting these tiny sections until you are happy with the look.
7) Now divide all of your hair into two large sections (once again, let’s call these A and B) that will allow us to simply fishtail the rest of our hair, pulling the look together.
8) Take an outermost section of A and place it in between A and B.
9) Take an outermost section of B and place it in between A and B.
10) Repeat steps 8&9 until you have no more hair to braid.
11) Secure the look with an elastic and you’re good to go!


#2. Adding Some Height

1) Begin by grabbing two small sections on the top of your hair and pulling them to the back.
2) Brush it back into a high ponytail.
3) Secure an elastic somewhere near the middle of the ponytail.
4) Now use your hands to push the hair up and give it that volume. Secure the height of your hair with two bobby pins.
5) You can even add a bow or some other hair accessory to spice the look up a bit!
6) Now just brush out your hair to give it a clean look and you’re finished!


#3. The Double Braid

1) Start by brushing out your hair, leaving your bangs and surrounding hairs lying in front of your face.
2) Now gather those hairs and brush them back – use two bobby pins to secure in the back.
3) Evenly divide the rest of your hair and place it in front of your shoulders.
4) On the one side, simply take a tiny section of that hair, divide that into three sections, and braid.
5) On the other side, braid your entire section of hair normally, or if you want you can definitely add a fishtail.
6) Secure both braids with an elastic and you’re all set to go!

Feel free to leave any comments or questions down below. I hope you enjoyed my videos!

Written by: Aerin Wagner


14 thoughts on “3 Quick & Cute Hairstyles for School and Work

  1. These are some really good video tutorials of quick and easy hairdo’s when on the rush. My sister n law is always looking for ideas for her 5 year old daughter who has long hair. Well long for a 5 year old. But she likes her to keep it out of her eyes. These 3 easy tutorials she will surely love. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Tanya,

    I’m glad that these tutorials were helpful! When I was five, I also hated my hair going in my face and these were definitely some of my go-to solutions.

    – Aerin

  3. OMG…I love the fishtail sidebraid, that is my absolute favorite. So cute and so creative. I love how you give these quick and cute hairstyle tricks that you can wear to work/school and for out on the town. People tend to spend too much money at the salon. Hair tips that you can do from home pay for themselves time and time again with the money you save.

    • Tiffany, I completely agree! Although it is nice to go to the salon with your friends and get your hair done for a big day, there is also no problem with having a huge get ready party together and doing your hair yourself! It’s also nice to do your hair yourself because you know exactly what you want, while your hairdresser might envision something slightly different.

      – Aerin

  4. Hi Gina

    Love this post I was just browsing when I came across it, my GF will love this I will share with her immediately. She is forever rushing around in the morning, i think she will find this post very useful,

    As for me, where is the mens get up an go hair stylist ???? haha only kidding. It is very much a women post this one !

    Will you be providing similar training in the future at all?

    Thank you I will give the link to my gF

  5. Great tutorials! I personally don’t have any way to do these for myself, but my wife has been wondering about the side fishtail. I think that your tutorials are very clear and easy to follow. Keep up the great work on here, and I will pass it on to the women in my life who will make use of it I’m sure

  6. First off, I want to thank you for adding visuals. When I attempt to follow directions for hairdos, the result sort of looks like those “nailed it” memes.

    Honestly, It’s like I was meant to come across your site today. I have been a victim of the “the mom bun” for the last two or three years and my son is only 19 months! I just don’t have the time (or the patience) to do anything that doesn’t involve an elastic band, a brush and…many, many bobby pins. Ha!

    My favorite was the fishtail side braid. Although if I’m being honest with myself my hair will only accommodate the second hairstyle. Very cute and easy. Thanks for posting! 🙂

    • Hi Jasmin,

      The “nailed it” memes are completely understandable – just looking at pictures and reading words doesn’t always help. I’m glad that the videos were useful for you!

      Glad you found the site! Make sure to check back soon because there are new posts weekly ツ

      – Aerin

  7. Thanks, this is great! My 4 yr old daughter is obsessed with having her hair done in different styles and I have been hitting a bit of a block lately. I just couldn’t come up with anything new.
    The fish tail braid looks like fun. My daughter is crazy about having what she calls an “Elsa plait” you know from the movie Frozen?

  8. I really like what you’re doing. what you’re teaching people here is very helpful. I really love when people like you puts a lot of effort in helping other people. Very nice post, i really like it. Keep going with this! I am definitely gonna bookmark your page. Maybe even show it to a couple of friends? If you continue with this, you’re going to help a loooot of people 😉

    • Daniel Hauge,

      I like my hard work getting noticed so thank you. I hope your friends find my website helpful!

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