6 Astonishing Fall Leaf Hair Colors

sexy fall ponytail

Gotta love fall!

Fall time means all of the beautiful warm colors of nature come out to play. Looking up at the flame colored trees and down at the bright colored leaves covering the ground gives me such an amazing feeling inside.

While I was going for a walk through the autumn woods, I was inspired to create a mini gallery of leaf colored hairstyles. It seemed like the perfect time of year to make a blog post filled with photos of crazy autumn hair.

Some of these hair colors are extremely daring while others are more ‘safe’. What’s your style when it comes to hair… safe or daring?



Let’s Begin!


fall leaf hair color

Photo Cred: Buzzfeed


autumn leaf hair

Photo Cred: FashionCadet


 fall ombre hair

Photo Cred: Instagram’s @jemma_moonstone


natural looking fall hair

Photo Cred: Instagram’s @lorietherrien


autumn hair highlights

Photo Cred: Instagram’s @rachelringwood


sexy fall ponytail

Photo Cred: Instagram’s @luanna90


fall doggy hair

Photo Cred: Instagram’s @anais_hayden


I felt that this pup’s hair-do was the perfect way to end the gallery of autumn leaf hair colors. 🙂

So are you thinking of getting your hair done like any of these photos or were you just curious to know what leaf colored hair looks like? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!



8 thoughts on “6 Astonishing Fall Leaf Hair Colors

  1. Hi Gina,

    Wow, what a nice article and the pictures are beautiful!
    Not long time ago I went to the haircut, and I’ve cut my hair short, so I can’t color my hairs like it shown in the pictures, but my daughter has long hair, and she just saw your website and she really liked the fashion cadet one. She wants me to do the same as on the picture, but I don’t have any idea how to do it??
    Do you have some suggestions?
    Thank you !

    • Daniella,

      I recommend going to the salon for these types of hair colors –especially if the hair has to be lightened (for the bottom). It can be dangerous messing with lightening hair at home unless you are a professional or experienced.

  2. I am currently growing my hair at the moment and didn’t realise there was so much into keeping hair healthy. I thought it was just a case of decent shampoo and conditioner so your website has been very informative, I will be filling my cart up with some of the foods you’ve recommended next time I do a shop and wearing my hat a lot more this winter. Thank you 🙂

  3. Oh! I loved the first picture and after looking at the others I came back up to take a second look and noticed it was a Guy Tang hair creation!! I love him! No wonder that was my favorite hair!

    These are all super fall-y and totally remind me of autumn! I’m not that fond of orange myself personally, but these are just so cute and well-done that I even may consider them!

    • Heather Montgomery,

      I feel the same way about orange, but these are just way too awesome. If you wanted to try one of these, maybe go for one of the ones that are more neutral.

  4. Amazing pictures! I guess I should consider myself safe when it comes to my hair, but sometimes I will get into a weird mood where I will change the color to either a warm red or dark purple. Haha My natural is brown. Do you consider that daring? But when the Fall time comes I like to die my hair red. Although these pictures are looking pretty cool! Will definitely consider this for next fall. Thanks for the ideas.

    • Rina,

      I would say it depends which color red you do if it’s daring or not! I’ve done red a few times.. one was really bright which I would say is daring.

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