Does the Grow New Hair Treatment work?

LadyLuckTutorials created this helpful review on the Grow New Hair Treatment. In the review tutorial, she voices her honest opinion about the treatment and what it did for her hair. The video is less than 9 minutes long so it won’t take up too much of your time.

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More information on the Grow New Hair Treatment

just natural grow new hair treatment


8 thoughts on “Does the Grow New Hair Treatment work?

  1. Thank you for sharing & bringing this to the table (:

    I’m always very suspicious about all kind of supplements, medicines & “natural” remedies – Most of the times they’re just pure placebo.

    I see there’s a great deal of REALLY good ingredients in this particular product..
    ..& the amount of positive reviews & feedback is quite encouraging to give it a try.

    Definitely grabbed my attention!

    ..& for any items purchased from Just Natural through the link on this website, you will donate 5% of the proceeds to The Animal Welfare Institute?

    I think you have a very big heart (:

    • Henry,

      It’s true, there are REALLY good ingredients in this Grow New Hair Treatment. It’s the real deal.

      And yes! Eventually I want to donate a higher percentage to the AWI but I have to wait for my business to grow more before donating more.

  2. Being a former hair stylist, I found your website very interesting. Very bright, easy to find topics of interest. You may want to try & condense your articles about coconut oil. Very repetitive. I have friends that I will share your site with. You obviously have done your homework with all these products, I would say you seem like someone that would be trustworthy. You reminded me to go take my vitamins. lol Keep up the excellent work.

  3. This is a very well structured site, with lots of topics and good reviews on products, i found it to be very interesting read and very informative.
    I loved the articles on the my product reviews, also the grow new hair treatment, witch i will be looking into some more.
    The article on the Boar Bristle brush was very interesting article, i will book mark this for future reference.
    Can you recommend something for dry to frizzy ends of your hair please for mature woman ?

  4. HI Gina,
    Great information. I’m going to try the coconut oil on my hair. Does the coconut oil add volume too?
    Eating green vegetables is good to know. I love all of those vegetables. Is there any other kind of food that a person can eat that is beneficial to the hair?

    Thank you

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