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I promised everyone I would make this page showing where you can get 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions for a good price, so here it is. Meet Layuri Hair Extensions.

Layuri Hair Extensions are awesome. They’re the perfect thickness for any hair type and the same thickness from top to bottom. Plus you have all these colors to choose from.

I added several review videos to help show you what some of these look like and what other ladies think of them. I know how annoying it is to go to hair extension websites where they don’t show you any real people wearing them or what they’re like. It’s like Is this even a legit website? Well you won’t have to worry about that with this.

First, let me tell you more about the extensions.


About Layuri Hair Extensions


18 inch (120g) = $99

20 inch (160g) = $119

22 inch (220g) = $159


Choose a shade:

There are a bunch of colors to choose from.

layuri extension shades

layuri extension shades



United States: $4.99

Internationally: $9.99


Video Section

There are 5 videos below of women with different hair types and colors (I’ll add more videos later). I hope this will help convince you that these extensions are worth it.








Layuri Hair Extensions are quality 100% remy human hair for a good price. What do you think of these videos?

If you’re thinking YES I NEED THEM, then great! I have a coupon code that you can copy and paste to get $5 off your extensions!

Coupon code: layuri844

Go get my extensions!


Lastly, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.



8 thoughts on “Hair Extensions

  1. I’m so happy to find your website! I’m a few years away from 60 and this year I noticed that my hair is falling out. It use to be thick and beautiful, but now I’ve noticed it’s thinning all over. I’ve been looking for real-like hair extensions that are easy to apply.

    • Jackie,

      These would be a great idea. There are extensions less than $50 and some under $40 depending on what you want. Let me know if you end up getting any! I’d love to see how they look on you.

  2. Beautiful:)))
    I really love your articles:)
    You know I always care too much about my hair, I have it …precious:))) I loved reading your information and I had many things to learn.
    And because my hair is blond and long do you have any advice for products?
    Thank you for your information and waiting for more 🙂

  3. Hey Gina I spent some time here going through the videos and I have to say that I really am impressed with the extensions themselves, the ease of working with them and the results that women can achieve. I really like the one with the pony tail. One question I do have and I don’t know if I missed it on this site, but is there any type of guarantee that comes with the extensions?

    I have never used them myself and these are something I need to check into more. But thanks for the info I will pass this along to others!

    • Angela,

      I’m not sure which type of guarantee you mean.

      These 100% human hair extensions can last a very long time. The better taken care of they are, the longer they last.

      If your hair color doesn’t match, they will happily exchange your extensions for a better fitting color without a restocking fee, but may charge a small shipping fee. If you only want to return, a restocking fee and shipping fee will be charged.

      It’s pretty easy to match the color to your hair. A lot of the extensions have subtle natural highlights to make it easy to find a color that will blend in perfectly.

  4. Hi Gina,
    I really like your website and the article is very interesting! My daughter loves long hair and she always asks me how can she grow her hair fast. I never had the answer until I read your article. I also watched the videos and I was very impressed!
    What would you suggest for a 12 years old girl?
    Thank you very much for this awesome review!

    • Daniella,

      Sure! Your daughter would love these hair extensions. They would be great for just about any ages. I just wouldn’t get 20 inches or over because then she might be tripping on it, haha.

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