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As you know, I’m always looking for new ‘hair related things’ to review. I recently came across this website called Tophatter to see if there were any beauty items that related to my website.

Tophatter isn’t your average online website. They have such a huge variety of items that I wouldn’t be able to name everything even if I tried. There’s accessories, apparel, beauty products, collectibles, electronics, home decor, jewelry, kids stuff, shoes, supplies, and much more. Even though the items are all good deals, you can bid on some things to get even better prices.

There are different ways to look for items on Tophatter. On the main homepage, you’ll see a ton of live events going on where people are bidding in real time. It’s kind of like a mixture of random products that you can bid on. What I did was go to the search bar so I could find items that would interest me personally.

You can find items so easily in the search bar. Since my interest was hair, I typed in ‘hair’. This search came up with almost 3,000 results –WOAH. To narrow it down, I typed in ‘hair free shipping’. That’s the way to find free shipping items.. just type it into the search bar along with whatever you’re looking for. I like that you can do that with Tophatter. It narrowed down the search results from 3,000 to about 70.

I picked out 2 items and bought them. One of the things I got was a 1 piece hair extension in the dark brown color. The second item was a wig in the color wine red. I thought it would be fun to play around with some synthetic hair and let you guys know what I think about them. So I’ll start with the 1 piece hair extension.



Here’s a little bit of information about the hair extensions before hearing what I have to say.


• Material: Synthetic

• Hair Style: Curly/Wavy

• Color: Dark Brown

• Length: Approx 50CM

• Wide: Approx 25CM

• Weight: About 100g

tophatter hair extensions

tophatter hair extensions

tophatter hair extensions


Now I’ll get into things I like and dislike about these hair extensions.

First of all, the hair is shorter than I expected it to be. But I guess that’s how curly hair is. The length said approximately 50 cm which is almost 20 inches, but when hair is curly it shortens the length a lot.

The dark brown color I chose matches pretty well with my medium brown hair tone, so that was good.

The extensions are very shiny. It’s synthetic hair, not human hair, so it has a fake shiny look to it. This isn’t too much of an issue though because you can spray some dry shampoo on it and it dulls the shine, making it look more real.

I do like how the hair extension is all in one piece (one strand) with 5 clips. It makes it easy to apply it to your hair instead of trying to figure out where to clip all these different pieces.

However, I found that this one extension strand isn’t enough hair for me to wear. It doesn’t wrap all the way around my head like I would want it to. I’d have to go back and buy another strand.

The price for this was $12, and using this $10 credit I got –I only paid $2! (You can get a $10 credit too. I’ll get more into that at the end of the page.) So the deal was ‘buy one, get the second for $10’. I should have done that so I would have enough hair. If I would’ve done that deal, the cost for both sets would have been $12.



Again, here is some information about the wig before saying what I think about it.


• Material: Synthetic

• Hair Style: Wavy

• Color: Wine Red

• Length: 65CM(+/-3cm)

• Top center: Simulation scalp


tophatter wig

tophatter wig

tophatter wig

tophatter wig


I have a little funny story about putting on this wig for the first time. My boyfriend was in the other room, so I put the wig on and stood there waiting for him to come. While he was walking in my direction, he was talking to me casually about putting away our groceries. When he looked up, he jumped with fright and a mini jaw drop happened. He definitely wasn’t expecting to look up and see me with a whole new hairstyle and hair color. He raised his eyebrows, smiled, and said you look hott. 😉

Anyways, now I’ll get into things I like and dislike about the wig.

This wine red color is so pretty. In the past I’ve had my hair a nice red color that was similar to this but it was too difficult to keep up with the color. So I figured this would be a super cool wig to have for when I feel like being a redhead!

I love the length and the bangs! The length is ~65 cm or ~25 inches so it being wavy makes it the perfect length for me. I think the bangs look really cute and different from my hair since I don’t have bangs.

Even though it’s synthetic hair, I don’t find it to be overly shiny. It looks cool how it is.

This wig is supposed to be ‘high temperature friendly’, so you can use hot styling tools on it. Just keep the heat under 180°C /360°F. I haven’t tried styling it with hot tools because I like the way it looks naturally.

This was $18 at the time, so with a $10 credit it only cost me $8. What a steal!


Here’s Your $10 Credit

I mentioned above that I would tell you how to get $10 for free to use towards your first Tophatter purchase. The $10 credit can only be used on items that are $11 or more. Luckily there are some $11 items on there that you could get for $1! It’s so cool. The link below will take you to a page where you create an account, and you’ll be credited $10.

Get my $10 credit


***If you’re on a mobile device, it’ll probably prompt you to get the app. You can click to view the mobile version instead. Or if you want to get the app and still get the $10 credit, use the code a68b4b while creating the account.

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10 thoughts on “I bought some stuff from Tophatter

  1. Thanks for this informative post! I wouldn’t normally think of putting on a wig to change my hair color, but as you said, the red wig is such a pretty color and dyed hair really is high maintenance. This is a great substitute to a costly trip to the salon. Thanks again!


    • Luba,

      I wouldn’t normally do it either but it’s such a cute color and cute hair style.

      I couldn’t pass it up to get such a cheap priced wig.

      You’re welcome!

  2. Hi Gina,
    the red wig is beautiful. I’m sorry that you do not have a picture with a brown hair extensions to see how they are look at you. I’m not sure I have the courage to show up somewhere with such a drastic change, such as a red wig, because otherwise I have blonde hair, but it looks beautiful on you. It works to their hair products really high quality.

    • JelenaBB,

      It might be fun to show up somewhere with a crazy change! But yeah, I didn’t get a photo with the brown extensions because I would need another set to be enough to wear around.

  3. I know quite a few people who wear hair extensions and/or wigs so I will be sending them to your page to read this article. I have never heard of tophatter but I will be looking into it. As a person who dyes her hair, I would love to try a wig but unfortunately a wig does not do the job to cover the gray on a regular basis. Thanks for the post though, great information.

    • Kidsmom41,

      Extensions and wigs are great for many occasions. I think a wig WOULD do the job to cover your grays sometimes when you don’t feel like dying your hair. Also, you could try out this root fill in powder to cover grays.

  4. Hi Gina,
    I’ve always wanted to try hair extensions but have never found any that look natural (that don’t cost a fortune). I look forward to viewing some more of your site.
    Also, I too love the red wig. Bright coloured hair is so I
    on trend and I wouldn’t want to dye my hair pink or anything, so a beautiful wig is great idea.

    • itspastie,

      I look forward to your viewings 🙂 Give the wig a shot, it’s so cheap with the $10 credit.

  5. HI GINA
    wow your website is very helpful and it has all info that people needs to know about. I love the way you showed designs and wigs and what are they made out of. there is all type of details that people needs to know before they buy it. I am definitely going to purchase red wig.

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