What to Do If Your Hair Won’t Hold a Curl

hair won't hold a curl

Some girls were genetically given un-curl-able stubborn hair, it’s sad. A friend recently came to me with this problem, saying that her hair won’t hold a curl. So I decided to dedicate my time to finding the solution for her (and for every other girl who deals with it).

It’s heartbreaking. You just want to create those Pinterest worthy curls but your hair won’t stay curled.

When you take your hot and steamy hair off the barrel it probably looks wonderful… but then it shortly falls out. I’ve found a super effective routine to do so you won’t have to suffer with this problem any longer.

I’m here to help you with this issue once and for all.


If your hair won’t hold a curl, here’s what you can do.

Start with day old hair. Your hair will curl better when it has some natural oils in it.

Use little to no conditioner for the last shower you take before you’re going to be curling your hair. Using too much conditioner or a heavy deep conditioner can weigh down your locks and surely make it so your hair won’t stay curled.

hair won't stay curled


Before starting the curling process, prep your hair:

Wet the bottom half of your hair with a spray bottle then spritz it with Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancing Spray. It will spread a lot more evenly if your hair is a little damp. Lightly scrunch your hair while spraying it. Then dry your hair completely.

[The Aveda Curl Enhancing Spray is phenomenal. It spreads easily and evenly in damp hair, then contracts when it dries to help form and hold curls.]

aveda be curly curl enhancing hair spray


Next, spray all of your hair with Hot Off The Press. This is a heat protectant + hairspray that you’ll need to protect from heat damage and get some help with holding the curls. Brush through your hair afterwards.

paul mitchell hot off the press


Since you have day old hair, your roots might be a little oily. Use some Batiste Dry Shampoo to soak up some of the oil and add some texture to your hair. It’ll give your hair a better grip for the curls too. Batiste has all different kinds of scents and colors depending on your hair.

batiste dry shampoo


Now it’s time to curl your hair.

[Use a curling iron or curling wand with a barrel that is 1 inch or smaller. If the barrel is smaller, your curls will be tighter which means they will stay in longer even when they drop a little.]

pink curling iron


Pin each curl to your head when they come off the barrel. You can use bobby pins or hair clips. This can be a little time consuming but it’s a great way to get curls to stay. If the curls cool down while they’re in a curl formation, it sets the curls for the day. Spritz your hair while it’s pinned up. Use the cool setting on your blow drier to make the curls set quicker. [It’s a good time to do your makeup while your hair is pinned]

pinned curls


Finally, take the pinned curls down. Spritz them some more with the Aveda Curl Enhancing Spray and scrunch if you’d like. How much you want to mess with your hair at this point is optional. You can run your fingers through the curls, brush through lightly, or just leave them alone.



Let me know what you think of this routine. It might seem a little complicated and long while reading through it the firs time, but once you get it down it’s no problem. You’ll end up thanking me for fixing that huge ‘third world problem’ of yours! 🙂

Please share if you found this helpful. Maybe you know of someone else whose hair won’t hold a curl. Help them out!

Also, if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.



8 thoughts on “What to Do If Your Hair Won’t Hold a Curl

  1. Great read, I actually have naturally thick curly hair and have struggled with the fact its hard to straighten all my life. until just recently I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to curl their hair. I have since learned to love it. I really feel for the girls struggling with this. All I have to do is wash, condition and then rub some coconut oil through while its wet and the rest happens naturally. I actually feel a bit lucky now!

    • Jodes,

      A close friend of mine struggled with the same issue. She has naturally curly hair but always wanted it straight in the past. She has since learned to love her curls.

      The Aveda spray is actually made for all hair types and benefits naturally curly hair too. It perfects the curls and protects from anything happening to them throughout the day, including frizz.

  2. Hi,
    I am definitely one of these no curl girls. I dont even have to straighten my hair to get it straight. I tried everything. Every wedding, ceremony or dress up I attended was a mess at the end of the day. Now I don’t even try to curl it anymore. Just put it in a messy bun or let it hang straight.
    Thanks for the great advice. I will give it a try.

  3. Hello Gina
    Thanks so much on tips about products to use if hair does not hold curls.
    This happens mostly with very fine hair and it can be a nightmare trying to curl and style hair.
    You have given very handy tips on products to use,l have never tried dry shampoo,my hair is usually too dry to remove excess oils so lm sure l will give this a pass.
    I have always used curiling irons and curling wands and this always give me the end product im happy with.
    Thanks for the well-written post will try the Aveda curl enhancing,not because my hair is too hard to curl but l need it done faster in the mornings.

    • Roamy,

      If you have issues with your hair being too dry you should consider trying out Acure shampoo and conditioner. It’s amazingly hydrating and it makes your hair so soft, smooth, and glossy.

  4. Ha ha Gina, totally a first world problem!
    This is so me. I always use heat serum, but never knew that you could get one that is a hairspray as well. And pinning them like this really makes sense as it gives the curls a time to set. I used to go to bed with rollers in my hair when I was a kid, that makes for a very uncomfortable nights sleep I tell you. I look forward to trying your method out and I will let you know if it works for me, as my hair is notoriously un-curlable.
    Thanks so much, Kris

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