Head & Shoulders vs Selsun Blue

head & shoulders vs selsun blue

If you suffer with dandruff, you’re not alone. Conditions range from mild to severe, but in my opinion, any dandruff at all is unacceptable to have to deal with. We should be able to feel good about ourselves each and every day, and having dandruff doesn’t allow for that.

The two most commonly used dandruff shampoos you’ve probably heard of are Head & Shoulders and Selsun Blue. So what are the differences between them?



Head & Shoulders vs Selsun Blue


Head & Shoulders

Head & Shoulders is usually the first brand that pops into people’s minds when they hear dandruff shampoo. Although it is the most common, it’s not the best for treating serious dandruff. Head & Shoulders is the most useful for treating light dandruff (it lathers well too). The active ingredient, pyrithione zinc, is strong enough to take care of a few flakes here and there, but otherwise you’ll be getting frustrated and wasting your time. So if you have light dandruff, Head & Shoulders has a bunch of scents to choose from that you can find at your local drugstore or on sites like Amazon (Head & Shoulders on Amazon).


Selsun Blue

Selsun Blue is another common dandruff shampoo people like to use. It is an advanced version of Head & Shoulders for people with more severe dandruff (it also lathers well). The active ingredient, selenium sulfide, is more powerful than the active ingredient in Head & Shoulders. It will help to power through troublesome dandruff but it has a very medicated odor that may be difficult to handle for people with sensitive stomachs. Since Selsun Blue has stronger dandruff-fighting chemicals, it’s also easier for people with a sensitive scalp to have a negative skin reaction. If you want to give Selsun Blue a shot, there are also a handfull of different kinds that you can find at your local drugstore as well, or on sites like Amazon (Selsun Blue on Amazon).


A Better, More Natural Option


Just Natural Vinegar Rinse Cleanser

Just Natural Vinegar Rinse Cleanser is the best dandruff solution if you really want to get the job done. This is especially true if you’re someone who likes to take a natural approach to your problems instead of rubbing nasty chemicals all over you. You massage this cleanser into your scalp after using your normal shampoo. Or you can use it after a dandruff shampoo if you want. The Vinegar Rinse Cleanser blasts through and eliminates dandruff fungus in the first couple weeks. After that, you only use the vinegar rinse twice a month to maintain healthy hair. If I had to think of a downside for this …read more.

Just Natural Vinegar Rinse Cleanser Review



In conclusion, I think the Vinegar Rinse Cleanser is the best option for getting rid of dandruff. Both the Head & Shoulders and Selsun Blue are chemical filled shampoos that may or may not help with your condition.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below!



8 thoughts on “Head & Shoulders vs Selsun Blue

  1. My husband used Selsun Blue, and I always wondered why, because we are more of a natural personal care product family. I have heard of using a Vinegar Rinse but never really looked into any products. I think I’ll have to try the product you recommend for him. Its nice to know there is an alternative.

  2. My son has been having some issues with dandruff lately. I didn’t want to get something like Head and Shoulders for the additives or chemicals as you mentioned.
    The Just Natural Vinegar Rinse Cleanser sounds like a great alternative. I checked out your review on the product and read some of the users comments…sounds promising.
    If we were to use shampoo again after the Vinegar Rinse would that destroy its dandruff healing properties?
    Thank you for providing this option and its description.


    • Paul,

      What would be the reason for using the shampoo again after the Vinegar Rinse? To remove the smell?

      If you wanted to do that it would be fine. The Vinegar Rinse works its magic while you leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing.

  3. I have had spurts of dandruff on and off over the years and I can’t quite seem to figure out what causes it, all I know is it is annoying!

    I have never tried selsun blue but head and shoulders seems to get it under control.

    I’m a big fan of the natural approach to everything in life, I will have to look into the Just Natural Vinegar Rinse Cleanser!

    • Jeremy Hood,

      Great! I hope you like it if you end up trying it. It’s worth buying natural products. It should work even better for you than H & S.

  4. Hey Gina,

    Of course I see commercials all the time for both, but never really considered comparing them. I know they have some strong chemicals in them, and you mentioned them by name, but I believed I read somewhere(not sure where) that some of these chemicals in shampoos are also used in paint thinner or oil degreaser, of course on a larger scale. Yet to me that is disturbing that people are putting that on their hair.

    I like your idea of using the vinegar rinse, that certainly is a more natural substance to use.

    I will come back and visit your site again, thanks for the info


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