If You Love Pampering Yourself But Can’t Afford It, You Need To Read This.

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We all have our own ways of pampering.

Everyone loves to pamper themselves right? It makes us feel good about ourselves, which ends up improving our quality of life.

Some like to get their hair done every howeverlong months, some like to buy expensive collections of makeup, some like to try out the latest hair products, some like to go get a mani or pedi, some like to experiment with face masks, some like to buy bath bombs and wine for those cozy relaxation evenings, and SOME like to do all of these things!


how to afford pampering yourself

But not everyone can afford the luxury of spoiling themselves.

Or can you?

. . . How?


With a cool money saving app.

I found out about this neat money saving app last year. It’s awesome honestly. If you’ve never heard of a money saving app, that’s okay. It’s something like this cute little piggy bank, except it’s digital and automated. I’ll do some explaining below.


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The app saves small amounts of money when you make purchases and deposits it into a savings account. You can choose what you want the purchase to round to, and it works around that.


For instance, if you set the savings to round to $2, here are some examples of what happens:

• You buy a coffee for $1.50, the app rounds that purchase to $2, and 50 cents will get sent to your savings.

• You pay a bill for $48, the app rounds that purchase to $50, and $2 will get sent to your savings.

• You buy a laptop for $502.60, the app rounds that purchase to $504, and $1.40 will get sent to your savings.


saved money


With those three example purchases, you would have $3.90 deposited into your savings app. It doesn’t sound like much but it adds up nicely and you barely notice it’s gone! It’s like an extra tax on these purchases you make, except it adds up into a savings account. Then you get to spend that on whatever you want!

You can choose to round up to $1, $2, $3, $4, or $5. I think $2 is the best option because it’s not too little and not too much.



Rounding up is only one of the options for saving. You can also have it so there’s a weekly or monthly automatic transfer of any amount of your choosing. It’ll help your savings add up quicker if you want to do that.



There are countless other ways to save using the app, including saving when the temperature hits 75F, when the weather drops below 32F, when you reach your Fitbit step goal, when you post a picture on Instagram, when you save a pin on Pinterest, and so much more. It may sound a little confusing but you’ll catch on once you start playing around with it.



You can set money amount goals such as $200 or $1000, and set as many rules as you want (listed above) to reach those goals. I personally only use the round up rule, rounding my purchases up to $2. However my boyfriend uses the round up rule, the automatic transfer, and some of the other rules. He managed to save over $200 his first month of saving. WOW.



There are NO fees. It’s completely free to use this app. It doesn’t cost anything to download it or to use the service. Who doesn’t love free?



Anytime you want your money back, you can transfer it your bank. You don’t have to wait until you’ve reached the goal you set.



The money saving app will only take money out of your account if you have over $100 in it. Just to be safe!


You’re lucky!

Not only are you lucky that you came across this page to find out about this cool way to save money, you’re lucky because you also get a free $5 after your first transfer goes through. I didn’t get that deal when I signed up because I found it on my own. You only get the $5 if you sign up through someone you know (like me).

free 5 dollars


Go pamper yourself love.

Now you get to create a savings account to pamper yourself. You can name the savings whatever you want, but “Pamper Myself” or “Beauty Funds” will do.




Downloading the money saving app.

If you’re on your smartphone, the link below should bring you right to the app so you can download it. If you’re on a computer, it’ll bring you to a page where you can text yourself the download link. Make sure you download it through this link or you won’t get your free $5 after your first deposit goes through.




If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below!


4 thoughts on “If You Love Pampering Yourself But Can’t Afford It, You Need To Read This.

  1. Very interesting topic, I had no idea there were apps for that kind of thing

    I am certainly considering signing up now. I actually am very terrible with my own money management and I believe this could help me.
    I like that it does it on its own and does not when you have less then $100 in your account. That is a nice touch because most people would probably worry about something like that me included.
    Thanks again, Livia

    • Livia,

      Yes it’s awesome, I think you should sign up. Once you first deposit goes through, you’ll get $5 for free. That’s only if you sign up through the link though. 🙂

  2. Hi there, thanks for your post I found it really interesting, and what a great idea.Im one of those people who find it really hard to keep track of my money and I hate saving, so this actually sounds like it would be right up my alley. Would not have to constantly think or feel guilty about not saving as it would do it for you. Cheers Joanne

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