How to Blow Dry With A Round Brush

Here is a tutorial video of Analise showing you how to blow dry with a round brush:



Doesn’t she make it look so easy? Well it’s surely easier when you’re using the right tools.

Analise mentions that having a gold round brush isn’t necessary, but she really loves that it’s gold. However, it IS necessary to have a good quality round brush like this to protect your hair since the cheaper ones can be harmful.

Take a look at some of these quality gold round brushes. They’re gorgeous. The size you get depends on your hair length.


2 inch


You can also get your own BaBylissPRO travel dryer. Analise is absolutely right in saying that it’s best to blow dry with a round brush when you have a powerful mini dryer. With a smaller and lighter blow drier, you can easily get to all the spots you need to hit while without completely tiring out your shoulders and arms.

Each one of these travel driers come with a concentrator nozzle on the end so you can get that smooth look from blow drying. (Without the concentrator nozzle you’ll get knots and tons of frizz!)

Here are 3 BaBylissPro travel dryers to check out. They’re so cute!


how to blow dry with a round brush



Thanks for reading my mini post and watching the video on how to blow dry with a round brush! If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

10 thoughts on “How to Blow Dry With A Round Brush

  1. Hi
    Your article is really a good one!
    I always liked blowing my hair but it never came out perfect, now that I watched your video and read your article I know exactly what to do and what tools to use.
    I cant wait to see your next post with some more tips.
    Thanks again

  2. My daughter is almost 13 and is starting to get into using makeup and doing her hair. I would love to see a step by step write up in this post, as I don’t often have the time or the quiet in my house to watch videos. What is the purpose of blow-drying with a round brush? Why can’t you use a flat brush? I sometimes blow dry my hair when I get out of the shower. I hold me head upside down and dry my hair. I use a travel blow dryer because it was cheaper the purchase than a full size. I love how voluminous and thick my hair looks after I blow dry it this way.

    • Andrea,

      It would be difficult to put the video into words since it’s all about technique and learning as you watch.

      A round brush separates all the strands of hair for a perfect dry. It smoothes the hair and you can also style it while you do this. You can create waves, subtle curls, or even straighten it. Once you get your technique down, you can create blowout looks that you thought you could only get at the salon. 🙂 Give it a shot!

  3. I love this post! The video was amazing…she makes it look so easy! If only my hair would do that, but unfortunately, once you reach a certain age, it doesn’t want to perform like it once did.

    Your site is very well laid out. Not a lot of extra stuff that makes it look congested. Just simple and nicely streamlined.

    Thank you for that video and the product information. I will be sure to add that to my current collection of…a lot of stuff!

    • Midge,

      Aw I’m sure you can get your old hair back.. You just need the right hair care products 😉

      Thanks for the website compliments!

  4. Nice one! I don’t know why my hair never cooperates. It’s like, I swear I brush it in the morning, but by 10 a.m. when I check myself out in the bathroom at work (Yes I do that), my hair looks like I just woke up and left the house.

    So thanks for the tips! I will make sure I try that next time after washing my hair.

    • Sally,

      Maybe you need a little hair product! A very very simple hair trick is to use Milkshake Incredible Milk. It’s a cream spray that works magic. It softens, de-frizzes, fragrances, protects, and more.

      It seems like you’re someone who doesn’t care to do much with their hair. If that’s the case, then give Milkshake a shot. Put some in your hair, brush through, and have nice hair for the day. 🙂

  5. Hi Gina: Great site! My daughters are always making fun of the round hair brush I use, as I’ve had it for decades and decades! Really! I think it may be time to get a new one. Haha. I enjoyed your tutorials! Thank you!

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