How to Have the Perfect Hair Collection

I believe every girl deserves to have the perfect hair collection. What do I mean by that?

I’m not talking about the products you put in your hair or your hair tools. I’m talking about the ladies standing in the bathroom mirror getting exhausted on their feet, while trying to get ready. Or the poor girl sitting on the floor in front of a dirty rectangle mirror, barely being able to see what she’s doing. It looks like a tornado just passed through. Tools and products scattered everywhere: hair straightener, curling iron, blow drier, detangler, hair spray, hair ties, etc. The frustrations with that stuff are endless.

I know because it used to be me. It’s not fun. Getting cute was so complicated that it would bring me to tears, literally. My boyfriend would hug me and feel so bad that I had such a hard time doing my hair. The day that changed was the day he bought me a vanity for my birthday one year, which happens to be on Valentines Day. <3


Every Princess Needs a Vanity

vanity bedroom set

I’m far from perfect but I still like to think of myself as a princess. This bedroom vanity set is the definition of princess. I have always dreamed of the day I would have an elegant vanity, and now I’m the proud owner of this amazing piece of furniture. This picture is from when I first got my vanity. I’m not sure if this means I have a boring life, but the day my boyfriend gave me this gift was one of my favorite days. It has made such a significant change in the way I get ready and how I feel doing it. There has been no more standing in the bathroom or sitting in front of a mirror struggling to get my hair just right. The black one goes with the rest of my furniture perfectly. It looks like a dark share of brown in the picture but that’s just the lighting. It comes in a cherry brown, walnut and white. Each color has a separately designed stool pattern to go with it, perfectly designed.

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Lighting Makes All The Difference

conair double sided lighted mirror

When sitting at your new vanity, it will be hard to see unless your room is as bright as my old one (in the above picture). I have moved since, and let me tell you, I wouldn’t be able to get by without my lighted vanity mirror. It’s not the actual mirror that attaches to the vanity but one that sits on top o fit. Even if your room is bright enough it’s still so nice having this light to see yourself in. It lights up the front of you, helping you see and puts a ring in your eyes (which I love). I have the nice bronze one, which goes great with my vanity. I prefer anything gold colored over silver but there is also a silver mirror if that’s more of your style. I believe it’s more expensive though but I’m not sure why.

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Organization Matters

white organizer

Even with a vanity, it’s easy to have a messy styling station. You will fill the cute little drawers with your hair ties, clips, and some products but I guarantee you’ll end up leaving a mess around. Hmm what are some good vanity organization ideas? Luckily, there are hair styling organizers. I would be careful just getting any random cheap one because it’ll probably let you down. You’ll be searching for one online and order the cheapest one for say, $20. Good deal right? Nope. It will probably have plastic holders for your burning hot straightener or curling iron. If you know anything about hot tools and plastic, they don’t mix well. It’ll end up ruining your straightener/curling iron and ruining your new organizer.

I found a hair styling organizer that has metal inserts that hold my hot styling tools. I can actually set things down without the risk of burning anything near it. It’s almost as perfect looking as my vanity, complementing it well. They come in white and espresso. The picture is an example of a white organizer. The white one is cheaper but it doesn’t go with the rest of my things, my OCD wouldn’t allow that.


So That’s What I Mean By The Perfect Hair Collection

The first step is the vanity. Every girl deserves that. Whether it’s something you’re saving for or a present from a loved one, get it –It’s worth it. Having a special place to prepare for your day feels so lovely. The mirror and organizer are just as necessary. They don’t really have a home until you have their foundation though, which is the beautiful elegant vanity.


10 thoughts on “How to Have the Perfect Hair Collection

  1. Hi Gina,
    I really enjoyed reading your post. Indeed, every girl and woman wishes to be beautiful and gorgeous hair is just an integral part of it. My mom and sister each has a collection of hair related tools and items organized in their room to help them maintain the fabulous look of their hair at all times. I am still learning how to take care of my hair and I’ve found your posts to be highly informative and fun to read. Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing!

    • Gin

      Of course! Some ladies already have their hair routine down and others are still getting there but it’s never too late to become an expert with it 🙂

      There are plenty of extra tips to check out on my reduce breakage page if you’re interested!

  2. Hi Gina! Great post! It’s so true, a special place to get ready in the morning sets the tone for the day!

    I really liked your post about using coconut oil miracle post too! Natural oils are so much better than most conditioners I’ve found. I like aragn oil, too!

    Thanks again and I look forward to reading again!


    • Laura,
      Thank you and you’re welcome!
      I like the first line of your comment, I should add that into my post somewhere haha.
      Natural oils are definitely the best. You see results right away once you start using them. Argan oil is good too, although I do prefer coconut oil.

  3. Hi Gina what a wonderful site I can’t say enough at how you put this together. i mean I love the bedroom vanity set alone. The pictures on your site blend in well with what you did. Its very impressive.
    Its very true that every girl always wants a special place to prepare for the day so that they can be relaxed and approach the day.

    • Thank you 🙂

      Yes it’s so very important for a girl to have her own space to get ready and keep herself maintained throughout life. It makes us feel good about ourselves which makes for a great day.

  4. Hi there, I love your vanity it is gorgeous, I have two little girls that go nuts every morning in their bedroom, there are always hair ties, straighteners etc all over the floor and every day I tidy it up…so frustrating!! We are renovating our home at the moment I think these vanity tables would look gorgeous in their rooms, no fighting over the mirror anymore either, thanks so much for this, Justine

    • Justine,

      The vanities are a great idea for your daughters. I’m so grateful to have one I can sit at everyday and keep all my hair things organized. It makes such a difference. Plus it’s an amazing price for this particular vanity shown in the picture.

  5. I wasn’t sure what sort of perfect hair collection you were going to talk about and this intrigued me. I thought perhaps you were going to talk about hair pieces or wigs and this was a pleasant surprise! A vanity would be the perfect place to get ready, as you would not be standing on your feet, although I guess your arms would still get tired 🙂 Now I guess I have another reason to want a vanity!


    • Thanks Nancy,

      Hair pieces and wigs aren’t for everyone, but a vanity definitely is.

      Haha that’s a good point. I can sure give my feet a rest but I still have yet to hire a home hair stylist for the rest 😉 Or create a pair of arms to do the dirty work.

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