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Showers feel great. I’m sure the majority of people can agree with me there.

Men have it easy… of course for the obvious reasons such as not dealing with child labor or mother nature knocking on the door every month. But a huge reason why is because they get to take showers whenever they want, and be ready to take on the day like five minutes later. It’s not so simple with us women. We have luscious locks that have to dry and be tamed before we can actually start getting ready.

When I was young, I used to blow dry my hair after every shower, unaware of the damage it caused. When I found out why my hair had all that dry frizzy breakage, I started letting it air dry. As you probably know, this takes forever. But sitting there for several hours letting your hair air dry is what you have to do to keep your hair healthy, right?


You can avoid wasting half of your day waiting on your wet hair since I’m going to tell you how to make hair dry faster. My hair is just shy of two feet long now and this method works perfectly for me. Keep in mind I don’t think this will work for the naturally curly headed gals. Either way, make sure to leave comments and tell me how it works for you, whatever your hair type may be.


1. It all starts in the shower…

Acure Shampoo and Conditioner

After shampooing and rinsing thoroughly, tilt your head back and do your best to squeeze all the water you can out of your hair. Conditioner always works best on hair with the least amount of water absorbed in it. For my hair (almost 2 feet long), I use a quarter sized amount of Acure Conditioner and apply it from my ear level and below. This is my favorite stuff because it conditions, moisturizes the perfect amount to not become oily, and a bunch of other reasons. You can find out more about it by clicking the link.

Anyways, after applying the conditioner, work it into the ends of your hair with your fingers. Then use a wide tooth comb and gently comb from the ears down, starting at the ends. BE VERY GENTLE. If you see your hair breaking onto the comb, use more conditioner. I know some people say to never go through it while wet but this is okay with an adequate amount of conditioner. After combing through, I like to twirl my wet hair into a bun and use a large clip to stick it to my head. I leave my conditioned hair in the bun for about five minutes while getting other shower activities taken care of.

Before rinsing your hair, turn the water a few notches colder so you don’t use super hot water on your hair (this protects it from the heat). Make sure to do a good job squeezing the conditioner out. After shutting the water off, the last thing to do before leaving the shower is to squeeze the excess water out of your hair. I like to tilt my head back, squeeze all of my hair up to the roots and release. Do this about three times so you get a lot of the water out.


2. After the shower…

how to make hair dry faster

After you’ve done your best squeezing the water out of your hair, put your hair into a microfiber towel –turban style (linked to my favorite microfiber towel). Microfiber towels soak up liquids very well and are gentle enough to not cause breakage like traditional towels. When you flip your head over, use the softer side of the towel and squeeze every part of your hair, focusing on the roots. Then wrap it turban style. To keep my hair-part from looking funky after I take the towel off, I wrap it a certain way. You’re going to want to start twisting the towel at the ends of your hair then tuck it back.

Leave the microfiber towel on for 10-20 minutes depending on what kind of time you have. The longer its in, the more it will soak up water. After you take it off, flip the towel to the more dry side, and squeeze your hair all over again, focusing on the roots (which is the hardest part to get dry). Start to comb through with your wide tooth comb, ends first of course.

At this point you have two options.

• No Blow Dryer Option: You can flip your head from side to side, and upside down (all different ways basically) while pausing at different times to comb. Flipping your head around allows air to get to all the parts of your hair, especially the roots, unlike sitting waiting for it to air dry. Set a timer and do this for five minutes. I like to time it to know how quickly it’s drying.

Blow Dryer Option: Use a blow drier on the cold setting while flipping your head around and combing. Most blow dryers have the cold setting button that needs to be held, which can be a pain. But it works well. When I do this option, I like to set a five minute timer as well.

You could also do both options. A mix of air dry flipping and blow dry flipping. Just be gentle with the comb and make sure to use the cold setting on the blow dryer.

Your hair should be mostly dry at this point, let the air take care of the rest.

This may seem like a lengthy process but it actually goes very quickly. Once you get the hang of it, you can have almost fully dry hair in 15 minutes after you’re out of the shower.



What is your usual routine when drying your hair?

Leave your comments below. Also try this routine here and tell me how it goes for your hair type!


15 thoughts on “How To Make Hair Dry Faster | Damage Free

  1. Hi, I found your site when I was exploring on the internet. I thought this explanation was very good and thorough. I have short hair now, but for many years I had very long hair. I always followed your procedure, but not with your conditioner and I always used a regular towel. I did not know that was bad for breakage problems. I now have short hair and I blow dry it all the time, I guess I never thought to use the cold setting. Your site is a great example of getting one’s hair in good shape. Mine has alot of frizz and now I know why. How long have you been using the Acure products? Are they salon products? Well done, thanks for the info! Linda

    • Linda,

      I’ve been using Acure products for several months. I get them from Amazon. The conditioner is truly amazing and only $10.

      Also, microfiber towels are a must! The ones I have the link to are nice and large sized ones that last basically forever. You should check them out, they come in such cute colors.

  2. Wow that is a lot faster than just using a towel. I was doing research for my wife as she always took so long to dry her hair and did not realize that you had to air dry it or it will damage it so much.

    Now I realize why all women are doing so much with their hair in the morning out of the shower. Does it dry fast due to the microfiber towel?

    • Brandon,

      Yes, the microfiber towel plays an important role in speeding up the hair drying process. But the other steps are important as well. You should get your wife a microfiber towel for Christmas and print out these steps for her to go along with it! 🙂

  3. Hi Gina,

    I used to dry my hair with a blower – medium heat – and noticed more hair loss than usual. After I switched to cool setting, the shedding was less, but still I wasn’t satisfied.

    These days, I started using table fan to try my hair. After shower, I would do the turban soak for 5-10 minutes before I let go the towel and let the fan blow from my back.

    This routine is great as I get to sit down and sort out my morning emails while the fan does its work.

    • Cathy,

      That’s a good routine. In the summer I always let the fan help out with drying my hair, especially because the humidity makes it take even longer.

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  5. Cool post, thanks :).

    You must have long hair though because mine doesn’t take too long to dry and I don’t have to do all the wringing out. I don’t however enjoy blow drying it so I save that for special occasions.

    I like the idea of using a microfibre towel so I’m going to pinch my partner’s camping towel.

    Are you able to get the same amount of styling into your hair with a cold blow dry? What about hair products that are supposed to add volume to your hair, aren’t some of these heat activated?



    • Deb,

      I do have long hair. Short haired women like you shouldn’t have a problem with drying your hair –that’s awesome. Also, volume can be added the same way if your head is upside down while blow drying.

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  7. Hi Gina

    Thank you for this! I have curly hair but I tried out the no blow dryer option and I must say, my hair looked less frizzy, so it actually works for curly hair too. Doesn’t even take too long to dry. Drying time would be shorter with a microfiber towel too! Thank you.

    Here’s to healthier great looking hair.


    • Linda,

      My friend with curly hair uses the same technique. She never ever blow dries and her curls come out perfectly. Yes you should definitely invest in a microfiber towel, you won’t regret it.

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  9. Hi Gina,
    I do use a microfiber towel, but I didn’t realize that I should switch to the cold setting on my hair dryer. I’ll start that today. Question for you…I have fine, flat (I mean super flat and straight) hair. I haven’t used conditioner for years because it takes the life right out of my hair and weighs it down. Also, I seem to be losing more of it that I used to….do you think I should use conditioner? If so, can you recommend one for fine, thin hair?

    • Alyssa,

      Reading through your comment made me think of one specific product: Grow New Hair Treatment. This treatment is an oil substance that you apply to your scalp daily to leave on for a few hours before washing out. It helps hair grow in thicker and in places you may be seeing hair loss. It lasts so long because you only need a tiny bit. My hair used to be super thin to the point where it would be oily all the time. Now my hair is thicker and I have more of it.

      To your conditioner question, yes you should be using some. Never put it near your scalp though. Use it from your ears down if you have medium length hair and only the ends if your hair is longer. The company that sells the grow new hair treatment also has shampoos and conditioners for any hair problem. In your case, you can click fine hair on the side bar. A large bottle of thin hair conditioner is only about $22 and it comes with a nice pump.

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