How to Repair Split Ends – Is it Possible?

What every girl wonders is how to repair split ends…how to repair split ends

I loved and cared about my hair long before I knew how to take care of it. I guess you could say I had an idea, but I would still inflict pain on my hair without knowing it. Something I used to always do is wear my hair in a bun on top of my head before going to bed because I like it completely out of my way to sleep at night. It ended up causing a terrible damage ring around the middle of my hair shafts from the hair tie being too tight, pulling and breaking the strands. That’s just one example of unintentionally damaging hair. Almost all of us do silly things like this that make a huge difference to your hair over time.

So is it possible to repair?

A quick answer to that is no. It is not possible to repair hair that is already broken. The only way to make those split ends disappear is a trim. You can’t repair split ends without cutting. However, if you are interested in learning what causes split ends and how to prevent the breakage from happening, you’re in the right place.


What Causes Split Ends

Ignorance and bad habits are the at the root of what causes split ends. If you think about it this way, it’s easy to see that things corrode when they are burnt, exposed to chemicals and treated roughly. Things that cause split ends are:

  • Teasing hair
  • Over-washing your hair
  • Forgetting to get trims
  • Roughly rubbing hair with a towel
  • Brushing wrong or using the wrong brush
  • Dyeing your hair too much and getting perms
  • Excessive heat from styling tools (blow drier, flat iron, curling iron)


How to Prevent Split Ends

First of all, chill out with the styling tools. Natural hair is pretty, all kinds of it. Straighten or curl your hair only for special occasions. I personally find curling hair to be much more corrosive than straightening, but straightening causes hair to get oily quicker, so neither is a win anyway. Also, let your hair air dry. Blow drying causes a lot of damage.

styling tools

You’re going to fall in love with Milkshake Incredible Milk. It is a spray with 12 effects: repairs all hair types, frizz control, prevents split ends, heat protection, long lasting hairstyle, incredibly detangling, magnificent shine, adds body and volume, easier ironing, protects and maintains color, protects from UV rays and smoothes the cuticle. Sounds too good to be true huh? Get more information here: Milkshake Incredible Milk review.

milkshake incredible milk 12 effects


Try this amazing shower duo: Acure Shampoo and Conditioner. It works miracles in the shower and makes hair remain beautiful afterwards. The conditioner is so silky that your hair wants to glide out of your hand in the shower. It’s definitely worth trying, especially since the two together will only cost you about $20, which is great for organic hair products. You’ll be amazed at the difference. See the full review here: Acure Shampoo and Conditioner review.

Acure Shampoo and Conditioner

Use a Morrocco Method boar bristle brush. Go through your hair with a wide tooth comb then use a boar bristle brush to distribute natural oils. These natural oils coat your hair, protecting and moisturizing it. Get more information here: Morrocco Method Boar Bristle Brush review.

morroccan method boar bristle brush

Microfiber Towels will save your hair. Don’t be so rough with towel drying. Traditional cotton towels cause damage by themselves, so rubbing your hair with one every time you shower is about the same as setting your head on fire. Try using a microfiber towel such as the Hair Towel. Microfiber towels are very gentle with hair and they actually dry it quicker too. These are nice and large for any hair length. See the full review here: Microfiber Towel review.

microfiber towel

Tight updos are a no-no. My story up in the first paragraph tells my experience with that. Let your hair go free more often instead of wearing it up, or wear it up in looser ways. Try switching it up with different hairstyles if you like to wear your hair up too, because hair ties consistently rubbing against the same pieces of hair cause it to break a lot easier. Here are some amazingly cute easy hairstyles with tutorial videos! Also try some scrunchies!


Color your hair less often, or not at all. The chemicals are so bad for your hair that it is almost not worth messing with the stuff, period. If you want to color your hair but keep it safe, don’t lighten it. Only color it shades that are the same or darker than your hair. Bleach is the worst part of dyeing hair.

bleached hair

Use coconut oil. Make treatments with it, conditioners, or rub some on your ends before starting your day. There are several ways of using coconut oil to better your hair here. Just make sure you get the right kind. Trader Joe’s is the best. Click here to learn how to do hair treatments with coconut oil.

trader joe's coconut oil



Now you are well aware that you cannot repair split ends without cutting. Still, there are many ways to protect your hair by preventing the breakage. Think about how the things you do effect each and every hair on your head.

Feel free to leave a comment below. Tell us some ways you prevent split ends, if you have any fun tips or tricks, or even a funny hair story!


8 thoughts on “How to Repair Split Ends – Is it Possible?

  1. Man – I’m 100% guilty of most of these things you mentioned not to do, haha. I despise of the feeling of hair on my neck, so I usually wear it up, unless there’s a special occasion. I should probably just get it cut….but I do like it longer for the times when I do want to wear it down. I for sure need to work on getting my hair trimmed more often, too. It’s so easy to do, but I guess I just kind of forget, haha.

    Of all of the rules, is there one that you would say is the absolute worst? The hair on fire analogy with the towel drying was great – I may have lol-ed 😉 Thanks for the great info, and reminding to step up my hair care game!

    • Megan,

      We all do things we aren’t proud of haha.

      I always have my hair up when I am at home. I keep scrunchies laying around everywhere since they are soft and don’t tug at my hair.

      Out of all the rules, I would have to say that hot styling tools including blow drying is the worst (unless you bleach your hair, then that is). It literally fries hair, as you can usually smell.

      Plus there are lots of ways to step up your hair game on my site. Try doing some coconut oil treatments, they’re amazing!

  2. My daughter has done all of the things you mention as the wrong things to do. She suffered with split ends for many years. As you say, the only way to treat split ends is to cut them off. They get worse if you don’t cut them off. Hair ties are one of the worst things to use and causes a LOT of damage, but what else can you use to put your long hair up?

    • Oh yes, haven’t we all.

      Hair ties are so convenient since we always want our hair out of the way. A way to wear your hair up and keep it safe is to get some scrunchies! They’ve become my favorite. Scrunchies don’t tug at hair or break it. 🙂

  3. Wow, great post!! I, sadly, have a ridiculous amount of split ends… and whilst I don’t dye my hair or use heat products very often, I do towel dry (i had no idea this could cause so much damage – thank you for the microfibre towel suggestion, definitely gonna start doing this!!) and wear it in tight do’s a lot (although I run a lot so I can’t really avoid this without getting yucky sweaty hair!!)

    Thank you for the suggestions! 🙂

    • Isn’t it hard to believe a towel is causing all the damage when you don’t dye your hair or use heat products much? It seems silly but those cotton towels are killers. Hair killers. Microfiber towels are amazing and these are nice and large ones for a good price.

      I workout and do cardio a lot also so my hair has to be up too. I just try to not make the ponytail so tight, and I use my dry shampoo to take care of extra oils that are making my hair look dirty. It really works. You’re welcome!

  4. Hello,
    I had no idea that a wrong brush can lead to split ends. Now i will pick my brushes more carefully.
    I use coconut oil for absolutely everything: cooking, shaving, tanning. It’s the best and really cheap compare to all the fancy treatments. But i never tried it on my hair. I love your ideas, will start using it right now.

    • Alisa,

      I use coconut oil for many things too. It takes the place of more expensive items and gets things done the natural way. Good luck trying hair treatments!

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