Kenra Grip Collection Review

kenra grip trio collectionGET A GRIP!

No. seriously. If you’ve become hopeless with life-less, texture-less, weighed down, boring hair, I have a treat for you.

There’s a new collection from the LOVED Kenra brand called Kenra Grip Collection.

It consists of the Air Grip Spray 5, Whip Grip Mousse 9, and High Grip Spray 20.


This collection is perfect for those of you who…

• love braided hairstyles

• have thin hair and lifeless roots

• can’t seem to hold a curl

• have a hard time styling hair how you want it

• struggle with styling layered hair


Here’s a little bit about each product in the collection:


Air Grip Spray 5

kenra air grip spray 5

The Air Grip Spray 5 is a dry wax defining spray that provides 50% more grip to hair.

It adds mega grip to your hair instantly. It’s very lightweight so it doesn’t weigh your hair down at all. You’d use the Air Grip Spray if you want to style your hair in something like a braid or another type of hairstyle that you wouldn’t want slipping out.

Since my hair has all different lengths in it, there are always pieces falling out of my braid. But when I used this spray before braiding, the grip was tremendous and made the pieces stay together! My braid was more full also from the added texture and ended up with a nice matte look with a light hold.

To use this product, you spray it all over your DRY hair from roots to ends.


Whip Grip Mousse 9

kenra whip grip mousse 9

The Whip Grip Mousse 9 is a light hold defining mousse that gives your hair 3x more volume.

If other mousses and their volume claims let you down, it’s time to try the Kenra brand. This is for anyone who feels that they’re flat at the roots. You will see a beautiful amount of volume from this, without the stiffness that other mousses tend to leave.

My hair is naturally thin in the roots area so it tends to look like hat hair. After trying out this Whip Grip Mousse, I definitely seen a difference and it wasn’t just for a few minutes. It lasted until I showered again!

To use this product, put a good amount in your palm (like the size of a clementine). Apply it evenly throughout towel dried hair, focusing on the root area if that’s where you need it. Then blow dry on low heat.


High Grip Spray 20

kenra high grip spray 20

The High Grip Spray 20 is a high hold defining hairspray that creates a 24 hour hold without being heavy.

Guys, this is my new favorite hairspray. It’s a lightweight spray but NOT a lightweight hold. The hold lasts forever with absolutely no crunchiness. It doesn’t give your hair that fake shiny look either.

I tested out this High Grip Spray by curling my hair. For each piece I curled, I did a little spritz of this product before and after curling it. At the end, I had an amazing looking matte curled head of hair. I was able to easily throw some bobby pins in it to create a cuter look. The grip allowed the bobby pins to slip in wherever without falling out.

To use this product, spray it on dry hair before and/or after styling.



All products are available to purchase at Ulta!

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