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Betty Dain Satin Pillowcase

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Do you wake up with frizzy bedhead hair or notice a lot of breakage and dry hair lately? Part of it may be due to your pillowcase. Make the switch to satin! You’ve probably heard about some of the benefits of satin / silk pillowcases but aren’t sure if you should get them or which ones you should get. Regular cotton pillowcases are very cheap, and cheap is what you’re getting with those: dry, breakage-filled, bad hair days. It’s worth it to invest in a nice satin pillowcase, and with a Betty Dain Satin Pillowcase, it isn’t even an investment; it’s only $10! If you’re looking to buy satin pillowcases, these are the ones you want. Why you ask?


Satin / Silk Pillowcase Benefits

Satin pillowcases have many benefits for hair and skin both, but since this is a hair website, I’ll just mention those ones.

It will keep your hair hydrated. Although a satin pillowcase isn’t going to magically moisturize your hair while you sleep, it won’t strip away the moisture either. Cotton pillowcases tend to absorb oils from your hair, causing it to dry out, which increases breakage.

The material is gentle with hair. Satin treats your hair like a mother treats her baby; gentle and sweet. Since satin is so smooth, it allows your hair to glide against it while you’re asleep. Cotton pillowcases do the opposite; your dry hair catches on the fabric and breaks while you toss and turn.

You can say goodbye to bed-head. Imagine a little monster that comes and gives you a noogie while you’re asleep, messing up your hair. This little monster is your cotton pillowcase. That messy, frizzy, tangled head of hair you wake up with will be almost non-existent once you make the switch from cotton to satin.


Why You Need a Betty Dain Satin Pillowcase:

Betty Dain Satin Pillowcases have their own “pros” in addition to the general benefits of satin pillowcases:

These pillowcases are great quality and inexpensive.

They come in various colors: Black, white, beige, pink, leopard, and maybe more.

It will fit on any standard size pillow; unfortunately there is no option for a larger size.

There is a zipper closure on the pillowcase which is helpful. I remember how annoying it was when my pillow would slip out of the case –not this time!

satin pillowcases


Are There Any Cons?

Betty Dain pillowcases may have some cons, depending on your situation and how you look at things. An important con of the Betty Dain Satin Pillowcase is that it will only fit on standard size pillows. I’m not sure why they haven’t made them in different sizes. Also, while they are not expensive, they are more expensive than traditional cotton pillowcases. If you were to compare satin pillowcases with cotton ones, the prices are different but the benefits of satin will outweigh the price difference by far. If you think it’s too much, maybe add it to your Christmas list or something! The biggest con for me is that satin pillowcases can cause acne for some people since the material doesn’t absorb moisture like cotton. This is usually only an issue if you don’t wash it frequently enough but it can definitely be bothersome.


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An Alternative to the Betty Dain Satin Pillowcase

If you love your cotton pillowcase but still want these great benefits for your hair, grab some sleep caps. There are sleep caps are made of the same material, satin, and are very comfortable to sleep in. They come in all different colors so you can choose what color you look most precious in while sleeping.

Shop satin sleep caps



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16 thoughts on “Betty Dain Satin Pillowcase Review

  1. Usually when I buy a pillow, my primary concern is how comfy it is. But now after reading your post, it makes sense to have a pillow that doesn’t give you bed hair. Do you by any chance know if the level of this pillow is just as high as its bed hair prevention benefits? I hate waking up looking like a maniac because of my pillow.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Diana,

      I’m not sure what you’re asking by saying “the level of this pillow”. This is just a review of the satin pillowcase. It can be used on any standard sized pillow you already have at home.

  2. I’m genetically predisposed to thinning hair thanks to my father. So I’m always looking for anything to keep what hair I’ve got left that fits my budget. This pillowcase will do both of those. It will help keep what hair I’ve got and it’s affordable

    Secondly, I didn’t know about hair loss in our sleep. This is new information. Thank you for sharing. It never occurred to me that my hair gets caught on cotton pillowcases pulling it out.

    I do have a concern about the satin pillowcase. Since your hair slides…does this mean my head will slide as I sleep?

    • Rawl,

      I’m glad to help. And to answer your question, no. When I say hair slides I don’t mean like a slip n’ slide haha. I just mean that instead of hair getting caught on the cotton fibers, it just safely glides against it instead.

  3. I ran across this post when looking at ways to stop bed head, LOL. Okay well I never really thought about changing a pillowcase. The Betty Dain satin pillowcase looks like it might just help out. I am guessing that it wont solve all the problems but I am sure that my wife will love it.
    Thanks for the great review.

  4. Hey There Gina!

    You have a beautiful website here and I really like the simplicity of your posts!

    I found your article very easy and smooth to read. I never knew that there could be such good qualities for such a low price!

    Good luck to your website! wish you all the best! Take care!

    • Shane,

      Thanks for the nice compliments towards my writing.

      I’m surprised at this price too for a product that most women would benefit from getting.

  5. Thanks for the excellent review on this betty dain satin pillowcase! I have had bed sets from silk and satin before, and I like them a lot. They feel so smooth on the body and are just that much more comfortable to sleep in compared to normal cotton sheets!

    I did not ever think about the advantages when it comes to hair that using satin or silk sheets offer! Your points about the less of a mad hair syndrome (bed-head), keeping your hair hydrated, and that these are actually more gentle on the hair are also string selling points!

    The price is seemingly reasonable for me too. This is something not emphasized in your review, but from my perspective is a strong selling point for me. Only having one size is a concern for some people likely, but not for me. Good post, now I know what to buy and where!

    • Dave,

      You have been protecting your hair with having satin bed set and didn’t even know it! It kind of feels like sleeping on a cloud or something.

      I’ve never heard of bed-head being called mad hair syndrome. I like it!

      And yes the price is really great. I made it a point to mention how inexpensive this satin pillowcase is.

  6. Thanks for this, I do like the sound of all the benefits and the price is very reasonable in my opinion – my only concern is that they’re satin, if you’re more likely to sweat? Might seem an odd question, but I’m quite sensitive to different materials. I guess no harm in just trying it out anyway, as it’s a decent price. Thanks!

    • You aren’t more likely to sweat, but it isn’t going to soak in the sweat like a traditional pillowcase will.

  7. Are satin and cotton just the same? Actually I am not sure what kind of pillowcase I am using right now. But I assume it is cotton cloth. I really wanted to have a better pillowcase because sometimes I have a hard time sleeping. Is the satin soft? Does it run overtime whenever I put it in the laundry? Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Satin and cotton are very much different. Here is a link explaining some of the differences.

      Satin is cool to the touch. It feels the same as silk, it is just cheaper. If you don’t know which material your pillowcase is made of, it’s probably cotton.

  8. Okay, although i am a dude, my hair in the morning can be horrendous…Moments where i just think what was i doing in the middle of the night. I am seriously considering buying one of these pillow cases. I love how you have not been biased either and have included the cons of it as well. I really trust your article keep up the good work!

    • Matthew,

      You should get the satin pillowcase to save you the troubles of horrendous hair! It’s a tiny investment. It is probably the better decision between that and a sleep cap… I can’t see men buying a sleep cap.

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