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bracelet hair tie holders

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You know that indent you get around your wrist from your hair tie? Sometimes it’s so tight that it cuts off the circulation in your hand and fingers, other times it just leaves that dumb looking red ring around your wrist. How can this problem ever be solved?

Well… every girl who has hair long enough to wear up in a ponytail, keeps at least one hair tie on their wrist at all times, right? It’s just a fact. The only time one isn’t there is if they forgot to grab one or accidentally misplaced it for the day.

We do it because there is always a time and place where we will need to get our hair out of the way. Whether it’s at the gym, before washing our face, when it’s windy out, or just when our hair is being annoyingly irritating. But is it comfortable to wear a tight band around our wrist 24/7? No, of course it isn’t.



Well, you can grab yourself a bracelet hair tie holder.

You may have already heard of these super cool things. Each one is cute bracelet that you wear as a stylin’ accessory, plus a painless way to carry around your much-needed hair tie.

These bracelet hair tie holders are both fashionable and useful. They make for perfect gifts for friends and family.


What are my color options?

You can choose from various colors of bracelet hair tie holders. I’ll show a few of the options below but you’ll have to visit the website to see all of them. Here is the silver, gold, and rose gold.



silver bracelet hair tie holder





gold bracelet hair tie holder



Rose Gold

rose gold bracelet hair tie holder


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8 thoughts on “Bracelet Hair Tie Holder Review

  1. What a cool invention! I’ve had long hair all my life and always rely on hair elastics when I need to throw my hair up and out of the way. They’re much easier to carry around than those claw clips.
    I actually have a permanent dent on my left forearm where I had a super tight hair elastic left on overnight when I was little. If only I’d had something like this!

    • Dara,

      I’ve had long hair all my life up until recently, but it’s still long enough now to put up. I thought this was an awesome invention too. You should grab a couple of these! They’re so useful.

  2. Not exactly my ideal website to stumble across, as I shave my head practically. So therefore I don’t do much with my hair, however my wife does, and I used to, being I used to have rather long hair. So regardless this was a delight and very interesting to read.
    I will be sure to pass it along to the wife and see what she might gain out of it, and I will encourage her to leave you another, more relevant comment as well.
    Great writing.
    Keep it up!

  3. Not that I notice the fact that girls keep a hair tie on their wrist, but this is a neat idea for long haired girls.

    The idea of these things is quite new to me but I am really keen and curious to know more about the female world now.

    Whoever thought of these is quite inventive and a savior for long haired women specifically. It’s all good with the wrist now!

    • Tar,

      Yes it is an awesome invention for sure. Oh, by the way,these aren’t just for ‘long haired girls’ though, only not for pixie cuts (really short hair).

  4. Hello, thanks for introducing these bracelets. I think that they are fashionable and can fit for all occasions.
    Sometimes we need to see the options how we can add some style to our routine.
    I like that there are possibility to choose from so many styles.
    I like first collection that was created at the beginning.
    It looks simple and elegant.
    Thanks for letting know about ability to have a hair tie holder in a fashionable way.
    All the best, Nemira.

    • NemiraB,

      I think the bracelets are fashionable and good for all occasions too. I really like the first collection also, especially since they’re only $10!

      They will be back in stock in February. I definitely have some that I want to grab.

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