Conair Double Sided Lighted Mirror Review


The bronze mirror on my vanity

Product: Conair Double Sided Lighted Mirror

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My Rating: 9/10

Height is about 16 1/2″
Mirror is 7″ x 9.5″


This Conair Double Sided Lighted Mirror is the perfect addition to your bedroom vanity set or even just a dresser. The mirror rotates 360 degrees to change the magnification. The halo lighting brightens your view for doing hair, makeup, and even plucking your brows. I sit at my vanity in front of my lighted mirror to put myself together every morning. It is just the right height for my face when seated at my desk. I used to have to stack things underneath a shorter mirror just to be able to see myself in it… how sad.


It’s electric.

I’ve heard many complaints about battery operated LED mirrors being very dark or not working properly so I chose to get an electric lighted one even though a cord seemed like it would be annoying. This electric Conair mirror has a nice long 60″ cord that easily gets tucked away behind your desk, without getting in the way at all. I’ve done plenty of research to find the right makeup table lighted mirror that is also affordable, and I found exactly what I was looking for.


How Good is the Lighting and Magnification?

conair mirror halo

I would have to give a thumbs up to both the lighting and the changeable magnification.

The white halo is just the right brightness. It’s not too dim like LED lighted mirrors, and not overpoweringly bright like some of the other electric ones. It is the perfect color to not be too dark or blinding light. My eyes are sensitive since I wear contacts and this gives an appropriate shade of light to see. I love looking at my eyes in the mirror because of the gorgeous white rings that surround my pupils.

For magnification, one side of the mirror is 1x and the other is 7x. I use the regular side for my hair and makeup, and the magnified side for my eyebrows. It saves money. Don’t waste your time and money going somewhere to get your brows waxed when you can do them yourself just as well. The 7x magnification allows me to see every little hair that needs to be attacked, so my eyebrows end up looking great and symmetrical. I often get compliments on them.


Color Options: Silver or Bronze

While searching for lighted vanity mirrors, you will notice that most of them are silver.

One option for the Conair lighted mirror is obviously, the silver. It is a shiny colored silver that is pretty. It would look very nice with any color vanity, bedroom or bathroom. The picture below is an example of this color. The switch on the silver mirror is on the cord. This differs with the two colors.

It is the more expensive color right now: view current price.


Conair silver mirror


Another option is the bronze color. I chose the bronze because it goes well with my black vanity set and stool. The mirror is unique and very gorgeous, with swirls of bronzy-gold throughout it. The switch for the bronze mirror is on the base next to the poll. I’ve honestly never heard of such a great priced vanity desk mirror, and it came in so quick.

Plus the price is outstanding: view current price


conair double sided lighted mirror

Get the Conair double sided lighted mirror here



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12 thoughts on “Conair Double Sided Lighted Mirror Review

  1. I personally think your website is a success. Your reviews are genuine, and your information is very helpful. Your content is well spread and easy to read. There is no overload of information, and it looks very professional.
    I for one have always had trouble taking care of my hair, I don’t know how to handle it! haha. So your website is the best thing ever really, thank you very much for your precious advice!

    • Deanie,

      Aw you’re welcome. Your comment is what’s genuine. Thank you for having such nice things to say.

      I continuously update my pages/posts and add new ones when I try new things and learn new information myself! Stay posted if that’s something that interests you 🙂

  2. Hello there!
    I love your website and this review was very helpful and informative! I was always looking for a mirror like this one and didn’t even know that it existed! Wow this is a great product! The price is very friendly and I might be getting it very soon! Plugging my eyebrows and applying mascara will be so much easier with this one.
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Katerina,

      I couldn’t believe the price either! That’s what makes this beautiful mirror more amazing. It should be like $80 at least. I can’t wait until everybody gets to experience it. All the ladies will have great brows 😉

  3. I have never ever had item like this in my entire life, lol. The way you described it feels like it needs to be in my bedroom.
    I have a simple double sided mirror that has a very tiny stand and you can actually only hold it in your hands while applying make up. It is super inconvenient. The only way to do it for me just in front of the bathroom mirror and it’s very unpleasant because you have a vanity on a way and it’s not very comfortable to stay in that pose for a long time.
    I would usually choose silver, but the bronze looks really good.
    I would not have a clue those mirrors come with lights also.
    Years ago I went and bought the first one I’ve seen. :))))
    You opened my eyes.
    thanks for posting.

    • Milla,

      Aw yay! This comment makes me happy.

      It’s a drag doing your makeup any other way. I used to have to stack things up under a smaller mirror so I could see my face in it while using a desk lamp to try to light my face.

      It sounds like a joke now after having such an amazing lighted mirror such as this one. And the bronze truly is beautiful.

      You’re welcome!

      • Gina, you know what else is annoying? Applying the blush in the wrong setting and then going out on a light and seeing you look as a clown. lol Guilty

        • Oh my goodness haha. I’m guilty of this too. Blush is so cute too, so you can’t just skip it because it might end up looking scary in different lights! These days I always make sure to check myself in 4 different mirrors to be safe –and then in my car mirror too since it’s in outside light.

  4. Nice Article. I got one of these for my mom and then I stole it back from her. Now the only problem is I can see too much of my face.

  5. Hi,

    Thank you, this mirror is exactly what I am looking for, it’s perfect!

    Can I purchase it from the Amazon UK online store?

    I bought one several months ago but it is too flimsy and doesn’t light up very well but this one looks much sturdier.

    I need the magnifying side because of my eyes don’t want to work as well anymore. To what spec does the mirror magnify?

    I will take a look and follow your link, I’m sure it will help anyway.

    • June,

      Ah I’m not sure if it will be on the Amazon UK store! You’ll have to check that.

      The magnification is 7x!

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