Diane by FROMM 42 Pack Twist Flex Rods Review

Diane By Fromm 42 pack Twist flex Rods

Product: Diane by FROMM 42 Pack Twist Flex Rods

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Rating: 9/10


If you love your hair and want to take care of it, it would be a good idea to consider Diane by FROMM 42 Pack Twist Flex Rods. They allow you to get an awesome head of curls without causing any damage to your hair.


What You Get:

• 7-Inch Twist Flex Rods

• 7 different sizes, 6 of each size:

· 7/8-Inch

· 11/16-Inch

· 5/8-Inch

· 9/16-Inch

· 1/2-Inch

· 7/16-Inch

· 3/8-Inch

• A cute convenient carrying case (pictured at the top)


Why Diane by FROMM 42 Pack Twist Flex Rods?

Well Diane By Fromm 42-pack Twist-flex Rods is an awesome pack for a few reasons.


You get so many.

Getting a whopping 42 twist flex rods is super cool because you can create all these different kinds of curls. The different sizes of the rolls are coordinated by color so you can keep track of them.


Different curl variations.

With all of the different sizes, you can make loose waves, tight curls, perfect spirals, or a mix of any of them. You also have the option to brush out the curls or just separate them with your fingers, depending on what look you’re going for. Using different sized bendy rollers makes your hair look more naturally curled too.


No heat damage.

These bendy rollers make gorgeous curls without any heat. Saving your hair from heat damage allows it to stay strong and be able to grow longer. You won’t have to get it cut as often which results in beautiful healthy hair.


Longer periods between shower.

Wait what? What do showers have to do with these twist flex rods? Well listen to this… When hair is curled, it doesn’t lay as flat on your head. This prevents natural oils from your scalp from spreading around your hair, keeping it looking clean longer! It’s great because not showering often is the healthiest for your hair.



Okay this may be a silly ‘pro’ to mention but once you get the hang of using these bendy rollers, compliments are guaranteed. Your hair will come out looking so awesome that people won’t be able to keep their mouth shut about it.


Anything Negative?

Even with all of the positives, every product has to have at least one negative aspect.


Not very comfortable to sleep in.

It’s not very comfy sleeping with bendy rollers in your hair, but that’s kind of just something that comes with heatless curls. There are ways around this. You can spritz your hair with some hair spray once you have the twist flex rods in, then blow dry with cold air. Since everyone’s hair is different, you’re going to have to play around with them and see what works for you.


Can be time consuming.

Depending on what size curls you want, it can take a little while to put these in. But you can also grab larger chunks and see how the curls come out. Like I said, you’ll have to play around with it to see what works for your specific hair type. Saving your hair is worth it!



Flexi Rod Tutorials/Reviews

This is a fun section because you get to see real people videoing themselves styling their hair with bendy rollers. Instead of just before and after photos, you can watch them in action. Below each video I give you a little hint of where to skip to in the video so you don’t have to watch anything that won’t be helpful.


*You can skip to 3:45 if you want to get the show on the road.

This is Leina showing you how to make these voluminous heatless curls with her twist flex rods. She takes her pin straight hair and creates these beautiful curls. Here is the Fantasia Frizz Buster she recommends using, if you wanted to check that out any further. Leina really likes the Diane by FROMM 42 Pack Twist Flex Rods.


*You can skip to 1:20 if you want to go past a minute of talking.

This is Jennie Jenkins showing you how to create these no heat large bouncy curls with her bendy rollers. She brushes the curls out for a more soft natural look. Jennie mentions that she didn’t use any product in her hair for this but if you wanted the curls to hold better and last longer, use hairspray.


*You can skip to when she gets started at 1:25.

This is Sarah showing you how to make these wonderful zero-damage curls with her twist flex rods. She uses a different method than most people when it comes to curling. Sarah starts with the crown of her head instead of sectioning off the top and starting with the bottom of her head. First she puts a small amount of argan oil on the bottom half of her hair so her curls come out softer and shinier. She lightly mists her hair with water before wrapping it up into the bendy rollers to make the curls come out better.




Diane by FROMM 42 Pack Twist Flex Rods is the perfect pack for anyone interested in creating no heat curls that come out amazing. With all of the different size bendy rollers, you’ll be set for any kind of curls you’re interested in. I know you’ll be able to master them in no time. Take a look at some of the photos from real people in the Amazon reviews (the link below).


Get yours here:

>> Diane by FROMM 42 Pack Twist Flex Rods <<

Diane By Fromm 42 pack Twist flex Rods


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below! I’ll get back to you ASAP.



10 thoughts on “Diane by FROMM 42 Pack Twist Flex Rods Review

  1. The twist flex rods look like a great way to achieve beautiful spiral waves. Are they similar to the spiral perm rods that stylists use in the salon? Many stylists like to use them to spend the wrapping portion of the salon, but they would cause breakage during the rinsing process. Are the flex rods heavy? Should heat be avoid when using them?

    • 2happyfeet2,

      They are similar to perm rods yes. But they won’t cause any kind of damage. They’re put into your hair when it’s 90 or 100% dry and then taken out of dry hair. The flex rods are light, not heavy.

      The point of using these is to create curls without any heat. What would you be using heat for? Blow drying them possibly? If you want to blow dry them, you can either use the cold setting on your blow drier or use a heat protectant product before putting the flex rods in your hair.

  2. This is a neat product. I have short hair but I am thinking of growing it out, I need a bit of a change. But one reason I don’t like long hair for me is because I find it super boring and flat, so doing something like curls would make things more interesting. If I grow my hair out I will consider this product, thanks for the review, and the videos you added are great to get an idea of how this works.

    • Summerly,

      You don’t need long hair for these, but obviously a pixie cut wouldn’t work. I would say shoulder length and longer would work just fine for these bendy rollers!

      I agree with you though. Long hair CAN be boring and flat, and it’s a mega pain to take care of. 😉

  3. These would have been great when I had long hair, I would have NEVER used hot rollers. It looks like you could do a lot with these. Would one package be enough to curl very thick long hair? My daughter have very thick, long hair that is very hard to curl. I would imagine that you wouldn’t be able to put much hair around each flex rod. What do you think? This would be a great birthday gift!

    • Diana,

      There are 42 flex rods which is a large amount. You may only need one pack but you never really know until you give it a go. They’re cheap so getting two would only be about 20 bucks. If you do get them let me know if one pack works for her hair!

  4. I once had long hair and when I feel like curling it, I use an iron curl which is tough to use, you get burnt sometimes and it’s tiring to do. But after seeing this post, I’m amazed that we can curl our hair even without ironing it. I’m glad I saw this!

    • Thriftymom,

      It can be tough using a curling iron or curling wand.. even pros get burnt sometimes.

      With the bendy rods, there’s no chance of being burnt or hurt or anything. They’re nice and safe!

  5. These are the best leave-in curling “tools” I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried almost everything. My hair is really stubborn and rarely ever holds a curl, but with these, wow. Curl held tightly all day long without fail, and I didn’t even use hairspray, just a smoothing lotion. These are AMAZING. I didn’t find sleeping on them to be as bad as I was expecting; they kind of just felt like a firm cushion or something.

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