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There has been a lot going around about hair straightening brushes. I’m sure you’ve seen pictures/videos about it. People have been wondering if they really work and if they should get one. The good news is they do work, and they’re awesome.

But wait… not all of them are the same. Some of the brushes have uneven heating plates and get your hair tangled in the bristles. Just like any product, certain brands are better than others.

I created this website to help people like you with situations such as this one. I’ve taken the time to come up with a list of 3 of the best hair straightening brushes and listed some information about each so you can decide for yourself. I have also provided the link for each of the products. Read the customer reviews for more assurance!



Magictec Hair Straightening Brush

magictec hair straightener brush


The Magictec hair straightening brush is elegant looking and efficient. The white and gold colors are a nice look. This brush is very simple and easy to use; it only has one button. This one button is used to turn it on, change the temperatures, and turn it off.





• Professional looking

• LED screen display

• Swivel cord

• Quick heat up time

• 1 hour automatic shut off

• 6 heat settings

• Temperature range from 330° to 430° F

• 100% satisfaction guarantee or full refund



• It can be easy to accidentally hit button while using


Customer Photo – Before and After


magictec customer review


*Here’s the link to read customer reviews and view the price on Amazon:

→ Magictec Hair Straightening Brush ←



AsaVea Hair Straightening Brush

asavea hair straightening brush


The AsaVea brand hairbrush is a little different than the other hair straightening brushes out there. It’s more like a hair straightening comb, which is a reason why it works extremely well. It makes sure the hair going through the bristles are evenly heated and forced straight. Something I’d like to mention is that the temperature setting on the AsaVea brush is in Celsius so be careful with how hot you’re setting it. The numbers show 130° – 200° but in Fahrenheit those temperatures are about 266° to 392°.


hair straightening brushes



• Sleek design

• Swivel cord

• Quick heat up time

• 6 heat settings

• Temperature range from about 266° to 392° F



• Temperature setting is in Celsius, which can be confusing to those who aren’t aware of it

• It can be easy to accidentally press buttons while using


4 Customer Photos – Before and After


asavea hair straightening brush

asavea hair straightening brush

asavea hair straightenin brushes

asavea hair straightenin brushes


*Here’s the link to read customer reviews and view the price on Amazon:

→ AsaVea Hair Straightening Brush ←



Hair Straightening Brush

hair straightening brush


These hair straightening brushes are very simple-looking ones that actually work. You’ll see plenty of different brands of these colored brushes that look similar but they’re basically crappy pieces of plastic that your money will be wasted on. There’s one simple button to switch between the two temperature settings.


hair straightening brush



• You get to choose your color

• Swivel cord

• Rubber tips on brush to protect you from heat

• Quick heat up time

• 2 heat settings

• Temperature range from 356° to 392° F



• None


Customer Photo – Before and After


opshorie hair straightening brush


*Here’s the link to read customer reviews and view the price on GorgeousHairShop:

→ Hair Straightening Brush ←



Some Things to Note When Using Hair Straightening Brushes


Heat Protection

When using any kind of hot styling tools, always use a heat protectant product in your hair. Here are some of the best ones to use, according to different hair types. You can’t undo heat damage but you CAN protect your hair from being harmed in the first place.


Detangle Your Hair

Make sure to go through your hair with a brush or wide tooth comb before using the hair straightening brushes. This is just so get better results and don’t get any tangles.


Heat Settings

Do not begin with the hottest heat setting. The lowest heat that works for you is the best one to use. Try to start with the lowest heat setting and see how that works. Slowly adjust the temperature hotter and hotter until you find the right one for your hair. The hottest heat setting can scold your hair if it is too thin.

Thin/colored hair types should work with one of the lower settings. Thick/coarse/curly hair will probably need one of the hotter settings. Play around with it but be cautious with the hottest temperatures.



Giving To A Great Cause

This might seem a little random, but for each hair straightening brush purchased through the links on this website, will donate 5% of the proceeds to The Animal Welfare Institute. AWI has a mission to “alleviate the suffering of animals caused by people”. They are given an A+ rating and are one of the best animal charities out there, using almost every penny towards the cause.


Animal Welfare Institute




Personally, I think the best value is with the basic hair straightening brush in which you get to choose your color(the last option). My second favorite would be the AsaVea straightening brush since the comb design is known to straighten the hair the easiest. In quality, they are all pretty equal.

You may have noticed I didn’t include prices with each of the products. This is because prices are always changing and I don’t want my information to be inaccurate. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

I hope I could help you come to a decision with the different hair straightening brushes. Just be careful not to hit the buttons while gripping the brush, a common con they all share.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments you may have!




10 thoughts on “Hair Straightening Brushes – Reviews

  1. My wife has been dealing with hair problems for some time now. This is a great review, I’ll share this website with her and I’m sure she’ll share with her friends. I’m a guy so I don’t know much about hair or straighteners. I do see you helping many women over the years with your posts keep up the good work!

    • Heathguy33,

      I sure will!

      Hair straightening brushes are a hot topic for women right now. I hope my review helps your wife and her friends decide if she wants to get one or not. They’re so useful and fun.

  2. This is great! I didn’t even know about brushes that straighten hair. I see there’s a glove…why? does the brush get super hot?

    Thanks for the great review on all three units. You laid out the spec very well and based on your review, i think i like the last one best.

    • Jackie,

      Each brush goes above 400 degrees so yes they do get hot. The one brush comes with a glove just incase you want to be extra safe.

      The last one is the best value in my opinion too, like I mentioned. 🙂

  3. Hi, Gina. This is the first time I’m seeing reviews for the new straightening brushes! I’ve seriously been in need of one. My (6) year old has a head full of kinky hair. That is hard for me to manage. She’s also scared of her own shadow, so it would help that the pressing instrument looks like a brush. Lol Thanks so much for the info. Now at least I have a few options.

    • Bidnesslady,

      It would be a great idea to get her one for her birthday/Christmas or just to have. The brushes are friendly enough for her to be able to use it on herself safely.

  4. Hi Gina, I have fine hair that just stopped falling out actually like a month ago from stress. I use a flat iron but only a few times a week. This flat iron has no temperature control, which is a feature I really liked about the straightening brushes. How often would you recommend using the straightening brushes? Which one would you recommend for fine, straight hair?

    I USED to have beautiful, silky straight hair, and over the years, it just changed. It frizzes up and it’s wavy now, totally all over the place. I use a flat iron to calm and straighten my hair about 2 times a week, and I can hear my hair crackling from the ‘frying’. I can’t stand it. Anyway, I wanted something less harsh on my hair, but that would give the same results – actually better results. I’m wondering if the AsaVea straightening brush would be best since my hair is thin.

    • Jessy,

      I merged your two comments since they both have useful information that’s helpful when trying to find a solution. Anyways…

      A flat iron with no temperature control…? That sounds pretty insane to me!

      The thing with hot styling tools is you want to use them as little as possible for your hair to be the healthiest. But when you do decide to style your hair with heat, you want to use a good quality styling tool. The good thing about fine straight hair is that you don’t have to do much to it to achieve the perfect straight look you want. I think all of these are great options.

      I would recommend the AsaVea if someone has specifically thicker hair since it’s more of a comb but it would work just fine for straighter hair too.

      The Opshorie is cool becacuse it comes with the extra things in the photo above: some clips, carrying case, detangling brush, a glove, plus the hair straightening brush.

      The MagicTec is nice too since I believe it is the cheapest option.

      No matter which you choose, fine straight hair would be taken care of.

      For the crackling noise from your hair ‘frying’, that’s not okay! Do you use a heat protection product? It’s absolutely necessary. A couple of my favorites are Milkshake Incredible Milk and Hot Off The Press. They are both salon products that you can get cheaper online. You should surely not be hearing any frying crackling noises while doing your hair.

      While you’re at it, check out the GVP hair straightener. I’ve been using it for years and have never had any problems with it. It also has temperature settings (which all hot styling tools should have).

      I hope I could help!

  5. I have never even heard of these! Are they easier to use than a typical hair straightener? Do you basically just brush through your hair?

    I have curly hair and I love my curls…so usually I don’t want my hair to be straight. It is very fine so it just hangs with no volume. Once in a while for a special occasions I like to straighten. I find the process too long though. If this is faster. and works, then sign me up!

    • Amber,

      Yep! With the hair straightening brushes you just brush through. For curly hair I would say the AsaVea would be the best since it’s like a comb.

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