Heat Resistant Silicone Mat for Hot Styling Tools

heat resistant silicone mat  Product: Heat Resistant Silicone Mat

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Size: 21.6cm x 15.6cm | 8.5″ x 6.1″

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Be honest. Have you ever set down your flat iron or curling wand and scolded the surface it was on? I have.

When you’re in the middle of styling your hair, it’s way too easy to accidentally burn tables, desks, or even the sink. You can’t hold onto the styling tool the entire time you’re doing your hair.

Also, sometimes you need to put your hot styling tool away after using it, but it’s still burning hot.

There must be a way to set down your hot styling tool in a SAFE way. That’s where this rubber thingy comes in –The Heat Resistant Silicone Mat.


About the Heat Resistant Silicone Mat

This heat resistant silicone mat allows you to set down your hot styling tools without ruining furniture. At 8.5 by 6.1 inches, it’s the perfect size to comfortably fit your flat iron or curling wand.

heat resistant silicone mat

If you need to put your styling tool away before it cools down, you can easily wrap it in the mat.

heat resistant silicone mat


You can choose from several different colors. On my shop you’ll be able to see which colors are currently available..

heat resistant silicone mat

The mat will completely protect any surfaces or any objects from being scolded by your hot styling tools. It’s a no-brainer to have one of these around.


I want one!


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