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First of all, this Hot Off The Press Paul Mitchell spray is the best hair product you will ever buy. Hot Off The Press is a 2-in-one thermal protectant + flexible hairspray.

Since I’ve gotten this heat protectant hairspray, I know I will never be in search for another product for either thermal protection or hairspray. You can’t fix what’s not broken; In other words, you can’t do better than perfection. I’ve recently added Hot Off The Press to my vanity collection and I’ve never been happier with a product.


What Makes it the Best Heat Protectant Spray for Hair?

There are many reasons that lead to Hot Off The Press being the best heat protectant spray for hair. It can help you get whatever hairstyle you want, easily, without causing damage. Styling your hair can be such a struggle if your hair products don’t work the way you want or the way they’re supposed to. Here are some reasons why Hot Off The Press is the best:


› It doesn’t spray out in liquid squirts that will make your hair feel wet and greasy. I’ve had such bad experiences with heat protectant sprays and serums that have made my hair oily in the styling process, or shortly after.


› It doesn’t spray as a normal hairspray either, which is rough and forceful. Hot Off The Press releases as a light mist that perfectly coats the strands of hair with protection that isn’t oily nor crusty.


› The hold is flexible yet lasts for days. I’m sitting here with three day old curls which I’m not so sure is a good thing because it’s a little gross that I haven’t showered.


› You only have to spray your hair twice to protect it from hot styling tools and hold the hair style in place:

First it is used for thermal protection, sprayed on dry hair before you start styling, then brushed through to work it into your hair.

Then it is used as a hairspray to hold the style you’ve created, whether it’s straightened, curled or in an up-do.

*However, my personal preference when curling is to spray each lock before I curl it, for extra protection. You don’t have to do this though.


› It will not cause your hair to fade and it’ll actually protect your hair from fading since hot styling tools cause hair color to dull.


› It basically makes getting ready a fun time, just make sure to blast your favorite jams while sitting at your vanity doing your hair.


Anything Bad About Hot Off The Press Paul Mitchell?

It’s difficult to try coming up with cons for Hot Off The Press since it’s become my new best friend. This may seem like a job interview question where the interviewer asks about weaknesses and the interviewee turns a weakness into a strength… But the only con I can think of is that this heat protectant hairspray will make you not want to shower because your hair-do lasts for days after using it. It’s like you don’t want to ruin such cute hair by washing it.

It is debatable whether the price is a con or not. To me it’s a great price for such awesomeness.



I personally think everyone who uses hot styling tools on their hair is going to need this Hot Off The Press Paul Mitchell product. I’m amazed by it.


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Hot Off The Press Paul Mitchell


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10 thoughts on “Hot Off The Press Paul Mitchell Review

  1. I don’t use a lot of products on my hair because like you said, they often make my hair oily or feeling yucky. My main problems are frizziness and knots (plus I need to get a haircut – that would probably help the knot problem.) Does this product leave your hair with that kinda crunchy, kinda sticky feel that other hairsprays do?

    • Donna,

      I have always had a problem with most products because of oily hair issues so I know what you mean.

      Hot Off The Press definitely doesn’t leave a crunchy sticky feel like other hairsprays. You’ll notice that after you use it, your hair feels soft and amazing, yet the hairstyle still holds perfectly.

  2. Great review. May i know what else you would suggest for ppl who like to iron their hair daily. i’ve been ironing my hair to straighten it everyday without applying any thermal protectant. Lately i noticed that my hair had become more fizzy especially the hair end. appreciate if you recommend some right product for me. thanks.

    • Sammy,

      This exact product is what you need. It’s okay for every day use to protect your hair from heat. It won’t make your hair oily or hard. Your hair is seeing breakage at the ends from not using protectant since that’s the most fragile part of the hair. If you spray Hot Off The Press everyday before straightening, you’ll notice that the heat doesn’t have an impact on your hair anymore, and your hair will also stay straighter, longer.

  3. Was doing some research for my girlfriend on hair products and ran across your page. I actually just picked up some Hot Off The Press for her and she LOVES it. She used to use a product called “Big Sexy Hair” but it wasn’t giving her the long lasting effects she needed. It would wear off mid-day and her hair would look like a mess. After using Hot Off The Press for about a week, she really seems to like it. Good Info

    • John,

      I’m glad your girlfriend found this amazing product and is happy with it. Hot Off The Press is my favorite product I own because it makes styling my hair so easy, and lasting. I want every girl to have it on hand to make life better!

  4. I have a couple questions. How does it smell? I prefer hair products that leave my hair smelling as great as it looks. Also when you spray and comb through before applying heat does it make the hair wet enough to be able to use pastel chalk on the hair or is this maybe not a great use of this particular product… if that’s the case do you have a different recommendation?

    • Hot Off The Press has a nice smell but it can be a little “alcohol-ey” smelling.

      If you spray each particular strand (like I do before curling) then it’s possible for it to be wet enough for that. If you are chalking your hair you can probably spray this on your full head of hair before applying the water and chalk. This way it will protect your hair before applying the heat that you need for chalking.

  5. Hi I have just bought this product. Before you blow dry should I use a product on my hair, then use this before curling or straightening it?

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