Just Natural Grow New Hair Treatment Review

just natural grow new hair treatment

Product: Just Natural Grow New Hair Treatment

Price: $42.99

Where to Buy: Just Natural Products

Size: 4 oz

My Rating: 9.5/10


By writing this post, I’m letting you in on a secret that will change the life of your hair. The name of this treatment makes it sound like it is only for people who are balding, but it’s so much more than that. Just Natural Grow New Hair Treatment has special oils and extracts that provide hair with the nutrients it needs to grow. It is perfect for people who:

• Have slow hair growth

• Have thinning hair

• Want naturally thin hair to be more thick/full

• Have a lot of breakage/hair damage

• Want to transition from dyed hair to virgin hair

• Experience rapid hair shed

• Want to grow long beautiful hair

• Want healthy looking hair

• Aren’t happy with their hair overall


If any of these speak to you, it might be a good idea to give this a shot and watch your hair come back to life. Everybody will be asking you what the secret is to getting such a healthy-looking full head of long hair. Within the first month of use, I saw awesome hair growth and a change in a the way my hair felt.


grow new hair treatment



About the Ingredients

Just Natural Grow New Hair Treatment is composed of natural ingredients, hence the company name Just Natural. You can read more about what this environmentally friendly company stands for on their website. Each and every ingredient works to renew your hair and help hair growth.



Pumpkin Seed Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Licorice Root Extract, Chia Seed Oil, Comfrey Extract, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Olive Oil, Manuka Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Avocado Oil, Nettle Extract, Burdock Extract, Arnica Extract, Saw Palmetto Extract, Horsetail Extract, Muria Puama Extract, Eleuthero Root Extract, Green Tea Extract, Grapeseed Extract, Grapeseed Oil, Essential Oils of Clary Sage, Sweet Orange, Atlas Cedarwood, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Peppermint, Rosemary, Coconut Oil, Gingko Biloba Extract, Panthenol Vitamin B5


These All Natural Ingredients:

• Soothe the scalp

• Feed and moisturize hair

• Improve scalp circulation

• Strengthen existing hair

• Strengthen new hair

• Prevent breakage

• Promote less hair follicle fallout

• Stimulate hair growth



How to Use:

In my personal opinion, the best time to use Just Natural Grow New Hair Treatment depends on what your showering routine is. You’re going to want to use it on freshly clean dry hair whenever this is possible. If your scalp is clean, the treatment can work its magic much easier than trying to get through product buildup and other oils. Keep in mind, you only need a little bit for your whole scalp. You will probably end up over-doing it the first time but that’s okay.


Before using any of the product, shake the bottle. Get those oils and extracts mixed in with each other.

It comes with a spray cap, but you should use your finger tips instead of spraying directly on your hair.

You can can either spray a tiny bit on your fingers or open the top and put a few drops on your fingers.

In the beginning, you should leave one hand clean. Use one hand to open your hair roots and the other to apply the oil.

Once you think you’ve got it on all of your roots/scalp, use both hands to massage your scalp for a few minutes.

Leave the treatment on for at least a few hours (2-3). It doesn’t matter if you leave it on all day or all night, it’s not harmful.


If you’re someone who showers in the morning, it would be a great idea to apply this treatment before bed and then wash it out in the morning. I like to shower in the evening so I kind of make it a nightly routine to keep it on for a few hours every night then wash it out.



What customers have to say about trying
Just Natural Grow New Hair Treatment:

“My scalp is definitely in better shape and seems to work. My hair does seem quite a bit thicker. Now these results weren’t achieved until after a few weeks, but they happened. I’m impressed.”

-Cassandra E Brenham TX

“I was having excessive hair loss and after a couple of uses I really noticed the difference, notice less hair loss.”

-Areti M Chantilly VA

“I had a massive hair shedding thanks to meds. Now my hair looks great and the thinning is unnoticeable to anyone but myself. This oil treatment for new hair certainly made my hair look full while I was dealing with the loss. I now have a lot of new hair growth and will continue using this as I love how it makes my hair look.”

-Myra S Raleigh NC

“This stuff stopped my hair from falling off. VERY surprised it worked. Never thought I could find something that could help my hair. I have actually grown back most of my hair that I lost due to damage and stress.”

-Kelly D Guilford IN

“First time I used this hair treatment I wasn’t so sure. The more I use it the more I like it. This really has made some difference on top of my head where the hair is thinning. Hair appears thicker and less hair is left in the drain after using it. Very good and fully worth the money!”

-Rhonda N Manokotak AK

“I’ve been using this hair loss product for about 6 weeks now and I have noticed that I’m losing less hair in the shower and it does make my hair feel fuller. Recommend it.”

-Wilda M Bloomfield NJ


*Testimonials written from actual buyers of Grow New Hair Treatment on the Just Natural website.



Giving To A Great Cause

Animal Welfare Institute

As of August 1st 2016, for any items purchased from Just Natural through the link on this website, GuideToGorgeousHair.com will donate 5% of the proceeds to The Animal Welfare Institute. AWI has a mission to “alleviate the suffering of animals caused by people”. The amount of suffering animals they save is amazing. AWI has been given an A+ rating and is one of the best animal charities out there, using almost every penny towards the cause.



I hope I helped with your decision-making for the Just Natural Grow New Hair Treatment. It’s really worth it to see the improvements in strength, growth, fullness and texture of your hair. Just one bottle will last a long time because you only need a tiny bit for each application. Try it out for several months then come back and tell us all how happy you are with your purchase!


Purchase Grow New Hair Treatment

just natural grow new hair treatment



Here’s an exciting update to this review!!! There is a MUCH cheaper version of this Grow New Hair Treatment called Hair Growth Treatment. It works the same as the grow new hair treatment. It’s less than $20 per bottle and there’s always coupon codes- plus free shipping. It’s a freaking steal and I really recommend it! The only thing is it might take a little longer to come in the mail.. but who cares. You save a lot of money.

Right now it’s 20% off with the code OCTOBER at checkout.

hair growth treatment



If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below!




112 thoughts on “Just Natural Grow New Hair Treatment Review

  1. I just visited your website. You have provided your reader with valuable solutions to their hair problems. I really enjoy reading your articles. Just natural grow product looks very promising to many women looking to grow their hair. I’m telling my wife about it now, she’s excited to try. Overall great job and best wishes.

    • Anthony,

      Thank you.

      Just Natural Grow New Hair Treatment really is a very promising product. I hope your wife has the same amazing results I’m experiencing.

          • I just purchased Minds a couple of days ago and I just started using it I haven’t seen the results still seeing breakage I would like to know is it okay when I put it on can I put mousse on

          • Yvette,

            The treatment is something that should be washed out before styling your hair. Since it’s applied to the scalp, it can make your hair look dirty. BUT if you’re going to leave it in your hair, I would say to use less of the treatment on your scalp. Then whichever styling product you need to use should be fine (including mousse).

      • Hi Gina- thank you for providing feedback on the grown new hair treatment. i have been looking at these products for months now. I am 30 year old female who has PCOS extreme bad case. I wanted to know if i were to start with one product what would you reccommend?

        • Becca,

          I think you came to the right place looking at the Grow New Hair Treatment. It’s proven to give results in all types of cases.

          Even though I’m sure you’ve already done your research, with PCOS it’s important to take care of your hair and body in other ways as well. Being gentle with your hair and not putting it in tight hairstyles can be helpful. Taking a hair skin & nails supplement would be a really good idea too. The body needs those supplements (especially biotin) when combating PCOS. Fish oil is important also. It helps the symptoms of PCOS by putting androgen levels in balance. Evitamins has good deals on all supplements.

    • I am considering using this product. I was just wondering if it cases hair to be greasy? ( I tend to have to wash my hair everyday or else it will look gross). I also wanted to know if you can use the product even if you dye your hair?

  2. Your review on Just Natural Grow New Hair Treatment might be a solution for my mum. She has been worried about her slow hair growth and keeping it healthy. I also like that the hair growth treatment product uses natural ingredients.

    • JJ,

      From what you said, this will be a great solution for her. It’ll get her hair growing healthy while keeping it healthy as well. Since it is made from natural ingredients, there is nothing to worry about.

  3. Pretty interesting product and it looks like it can help somebody’s hair grow quite a bit. I usually try to stray away from putting too much stuff in my hair because I feel that make certain oils my clog up the hair follicles. I do find that rubbing my hair and eating healthy does get it to grow quite a bit.

    Great page!


    • Chris,

      You have a good system of rubbing your scalp and eating healthy since those two things are important when it comes to having healthy hair growth.

      I understand your concern with product buildup; It is a huge issue that halts hair growth.

      However, for maximum healthy growing hair, this grow new hair treatment would be beneficial even for men. It doesn’t clog your pores at all like hair products do. Instead, it nourishes and feeds your scalp to make way for a nice and thick full head of hair.

  4. Hello Gina,

    This sounds really interesting. I really like all natural products, so that is a big plus for me. I also found the ingredient list to be very unique. I had no idea that pumpkin seed oil or flaxseed oil would be good for your hair. Very good information.

    Is this an everyday product or how often do you use it? How fast do you notice a difference? Compared to other products is this your favorite or number 1 recommendation?

    Thanks for posting, I am intrigued.



    • Xin Zhang,

      Yes this is an everyday product if you want the maximum results. You should notice a difference within a few weeks of using the treatment, and results will be even better the longer you use it.

      This Grow New Hair Treatment is definitely my number one recommendation for those who want longer, fuller, healthier hair.

  5. Not only did I review your page mentioned here but I went through your entire site.

    I found that the site design, layout and colours were really pleasing to the eye, made the reader feel comfortable and therefore more likely to read your comments.

    The good

    Your page has a good mix of images, explanations and instructions which makes the reader want to use the product as it is so clear and engaging.

    The Not so good

    One thing that makes a page good is the inability to find something to negatively criticise, I had to look hard to find this comment:

    I couldn’t find where I could actually buy the product! Took me ages to realise that I should actually click on the link: Just Natural Products.

    When I did I found that there things repeated. (ie testimonials were the same, and the list of ingredients were the same (I was glad to realise that!))

    Does this count as duplicate content (I hope not and I don’t know)?


    A wonderfully presented site, product and pleasingly simple content.

    • Steve Crozza,

      Regarding your ‘not so good’ comments:

      Links to buy the product are scattered throughout the review and then written at the bottom of the post where it says ‘Purchase’. I thought this would be very easy to find for everybody.

      The list of ingredients are the same because the product is the same and I felt it was important to let them be known in my review. The all natural ingredients are what makes this company so great.

      In my review I also mentioned that the testimonials were taken straight from customers of the website (it’s written at the end of the testimonials).

  6. Hey Gina, I’m kinda new to your website. I’ve been losing hair since I became a teenager ( maybe/most likely because of genetics). I have VERY thin hair, and I want to know does the product only make it SEEM like your hair is full, or does it actually make it grow thicker? Because that is what I’m looking for, something to make my hair grow thicker. Thank you !

    • Ebadat,

      Grow New Hair Treatment will actually make your hair grow in thicker. It’s great for those with thinning hair. I’m looking forward to hearing about your results the upcoming months!

  7. Hi there! Would it be alright to use this with a head massager? I know that using it already helps the hair grow by stimulating the follicles but if you add this to it do you think it would help make it work better/faster?

    • Rachel Rolfe,

      Yes that’s a great idea. Use the head massager first to stimulate your scalp then massage in the treatment afterwards. I’m excited for you to start seeing results!

    • Faye Algieri,

      You can easily purchase by clicking the link at the bottom of the article that says ” >> Purchase Grow New Hair Treatment <<". Or click on the photo of the product at the top of the article.

  8. This just might be the next thing I buy for my thinning hair.
    But I wanna know if it helps in GROWING NEW HAIR because I’ve recently seen bald patches and it’s not a good sign, so I want to be absolutely positive it makes hair fuller AND boosts new hair growth.

    • Kiki,

      Yes, Grow New Hair Treatment helps with growing new hair. It was made for that purpose! I am positive it will help you. I’d like to hear about your good results after you get it.

  9. Hi! I’ve bought the product and used it twice so far. I just wanted to make sure that when I discontinue use (after my hair thickens/gets healthier) that my hair won’t fall out again. My father used Rogaine when his hair started falling out and it worked while he used it but then after he finished the treatment, he lost MORE hair. I’m just concerned and hope this will not be the case with this product!
    Also, another question: if I leave it on my scalp overnight, do I have to/is it recommended that I wash it out immediately the next morning? I try to limit my hair washing because of how much hair loss I experience in the shower, but I would like to use the product every night to see faster results. Also, is it safe to use this product while taking hair growth supplements by mouth?
    Thank you!!

    • Laura,

      I’ll address these questions separately.

      Leaving it on your scalp overnight: It is a completely natural product so there’s no rush to wash it out of your hair if you don’t have to be anywhere. Since it’s oil based it can make your scalp look oily if you don’t wash it out of your hair before going places. It depends on your hair type if you’re okay with it looking a little dirty or not. But leaving it on won’t harm you! HOWEVER, the treatment works best if it is applied on a fresh clean scalp. So you’ll have to play around with that a little. Some days you can just leave it on and some days apply it after you shower. *I have a question for you Laura. You say that you experience a lot of hair loss in the shower. This is usually the case for women who have thick/curly hair. Shedding some hair is normal. We shed 50-150 strands of hair every day. Women with thin/straight hair usually see the effects of shedding when they brush their hair. Women with thick/curly hair see it when they shower because they usually don’t brush their hair so the hairs get caught up until it’s washed. (So it looks like the shower is causing this hair loss when it is actually not) So I’m wondering what is your hair type?

      Discontinuing use: There shouldn’t be any problems once you discontinue using Grow New Hair Treatment. Rogaine is different. It is made up of chemicals that basically screw you over once you stop use. It’s created in a way that you have to keep buying more and more of their product or else you’ll see horrible negative effects.

      While taking hair growth supplements by mouth: Yes! I actually recommend taking hair skin & nail vitamins every day. They make so much of a difference. If you don’t already have some, you can get these Futurebiotics ones. Extremely cheap and the same ingredients as all the expensive ones.

      Good luck!

    • Futurebiotics Hair Skin and Nails don’t give themselves the label ‘gluten free’ but it does mention that they are free of wheat.

      I’ve added a new section to the Futurebiotics review. In the last paragraph under “You will get great results”, I found a completely gluten free option!

  10. Hi Gina,
    Great post! I’m wondering if you’ve purchased any of the Just Natural Grow New Hair treatment in the last six months?

    The reason I ask is because I used the Just Natural Hair Loss shampoo & conditioner for about a year, and it was wonderful, I had little to no shedding. The product was always consistent up to my last order in November-2015. I could tell the formula had changed the minute I used it–very runny, about 1/3 the usual consistency of the same shampoo I’d ordered in the past (yes, I shook it up well as I always did before using, to mix the ingredients). This time it made my scalp itch. I was unable to use it, so a waste of money.

    Customer Service there told me they had not changed the formulas, but I don’t think that’s true. In the same November-2015 order, I had re-ordered the oatmeal shampoo for my dog. That formula was completely different from the same dog shampoo I had previously ordered from them. I still had some of the old oatmeal shampoo left and compared. The original was creamy and a whitish color. The shampoo that came in my November order was clear with a golden tint, and not creamy at all, very runny.

    I’ve been happy with the Just Natural products until this last order and would like to try the Grow New Hair Treatment, but thought I’d ask first, before I spend the money, to see if you’ve purchased recently.

    Thanks for any input you can provide!


    • Lou Ann McClelland,

      Wow I’m sorry to hear that.

      I ordered the shampoo and conditioner and the grow new hair treatment this year and they work great. I’m looking to try the dog shampoo soon so I’ll let you know whenever I decide to order that to see how it compares to what you got in the mail.

      Companies are usually straightforward with things if they have changed the formulas. I’ll look into it some more, asking around, and I’ll contact them about it. Just so you know, the Just Natural Company has a cool refund policy if this were to happen again. Within 30 days from the purchase date, they will refund you if you’re not completely satisfied with any product. Obviously it’s a little too late for that now.. but for the future!

      • Thanks, Gina. They do have a good refund policy. In my case, since I didn’t need the products at the time but used them regularly, I ordered to apply a coupon before it expired. So I waited past the acceptable return date. Never even considered opening to make sure they were the same, as I’d ordered to “stock up” before and never had an issue. Anyway, I appreciate your input and will keep tabs on the blog here, to see if you’ve heard of any more quality issues with the company. I’d love to go back to using their products! Thanks again.

        • Lou Ann McClelland,

          Hey there. I have a question about the dog shampoo. Is it possible you may have ordered a different shampoo the second time? They have a vinegar cleanse that would be the way you described how it came the second time. There are three different dog shampoos.

          And there are several different forms of the shampoos also. For example, there is the hair loss shampoo and the grow new hair shampoo, which seem similar but have different ingredients and look different.

          • Sorry to be so late with the reply, but no. I ordered the same oatmeal shampoo, and the label was the same as before, just the product was totally different!

  11. Question, I’m thinking about buying this product, is it something you need to continuously use even after you get the results you want? Or every so often

    • Natasha,

      Someone else asked a question wanting to know if it is similar to Rogaine in the sense that if you stop using it your hair will fall out. NO NO NO. This product is meant to enhance the growth of your hair naturally so you won’t get adverse effects from stopping use. However it is a good idea to still use it once in a while as a hair treatment for a little boost. This little bottle will last a long time!

  12. Hi Gina,

    I am scorlling through the website as am facing issue with hair loss now its getting big bald spot on crown area so how much % chances of hari growth with justnatural care hair product?
    Which product i can purchase bald spot/hair regrowth?


    • Arpit,

      Click through to the Just Natural website and you’ll see several products that would be helpful to you. How effectively the Grow New Hair Treatment works is going to vary from person to person. You will have to try them out and see. There is a Grow New Hair Shampoo that would also be a great option. Just Natural has a great refund policy that you can use to your advantage to try out different products.

  13. I had this shipped from the US to the UK as I have had some pretty severe hair loss from a combination of having my baby 6 months ago and going back on the pill. I’ve been using the oil for 2 weeks now and I’ve got some new growth at the hairline I just need the rest to follow suit now – fingers crossed ?

  14. Oh I didn’t know that. I would have ordered it through you otherwise instead of from simplynatural ? Next time I know better

  15. Hi Gina. Since you’ve ordered and used this product recently with good results, I’ve decided to give Just Naturals another try. I just ordered this Grow New Hair Treatment, along with the Grow New Hair shampoo (used the purchase links for both from your site here).
    I’ll let you know how these work for me!

    • Lou Ann McClelland,

      Awesome! I recommend grabbing some type of bottle to put the shampoo in since it comes in such a weird container for shampoo. I don’t understand why any shampoo would come in a short cylinder container instead of a pump or squeeze bottle but oh well! Just Natural products still rock. 🙂

      • I just received the products yesterday and wondered why they put the shampoo in a jar container. I’m definitely going to find a bottle I can use to keep from wasting the product. I’ll start using this tomorrow and will follow up after a while, to let you know how it worked for me.

        • Lou Ann McClelland,

          Yeah, I try to warn people about the container so they have time to get one before the shampoo comes in the mail. Just Natural is such a great brand but the jar shampoo is very odd.. and dangerous.

    • Rebecca,

      Yes of course. You can use both. You can even use the shampoo to wash out the oil!

      You should get a different container to put the shampoo in so it’s easier to use. Whatever you do, don’t leave the lid off the shampoo unattended. If that jar were to get knocked over… well, you know.

  16. I’ve been using the hair loss shampoo and conditioner and absolutely love the way my hair looks and feels. I just received the grow new hair treatment and can’t wait to start using it.

    I just learned they also have a line of products for dogs. Has anyone tried the skin calming oatmeal dog shampoo? I have a Boston Terrier puppy with sensitive skin/allergies and need to find a shampoo that truly works to soothe his skin, reduce the itching, and give him a shiny silky coat. I just haven’t found a product that does this. Sorry to post this here, I just haven’t found any reviews anywhere online about their dog line.

    Also, I read another readers post about using a coupon for just natural skin care. I’ve never seen coupon offers, is there a subscriber news letter/special offers mailing list?


    • Neddy,

      Yay, that’s awesome to hear.

      Posting questions on here is no problem! There are hundreds of viewers every day. I’m sure one of them would be happy to answer your question if they have purchased the calming oatmeal dog shampoo. Just Natural also has a 30 day return policy for a full refund if you’re not satisfied with any product. Just a heads up 🙂

      And yes there is a newsletter – It’s one of the tabs on their website.

      I’m also starting up a newsletter of my own for my website. I’ll be sending deals, latest posts/reviews, free giveaways going on, and more. On computers, it should be on the right top of the page and on mobile phones it should be under the comments section.

      Sorry I couldn’t help you with the dog shampoo but someone probably will soon.

  17. Hi gina

    I’ve been using the grow new hair treatment for around 3 months. I massage into my scalp 3 times a week after a shower and leave it on over night. I’m not really noticing any difference on my thinning hair on the top of my head. Or where my hairline is receding.. how long is it suppose to take before seeing good results?


    • Jay,

      I’m sorry to hear that. I would continue use just as you are. Some people start seeing results quickly and others it takes more months down the line. There are rare cases in which the hairs are permanently gone, but you could still begin to see results if you give it more time.

      • Hi gina.
        Thanks for getting back to us. I’ll continue to use the oils if nothing else its good for my scalp. Ill let you know how we get on.


  18. Hi, I was just wondering if this is safe to use on color treated hair? I get my hair done every few months to slightly conceal graying…..and I don’t want to use this product and have it waste the money I spent by ruining the color. Thanks!

  19. Hi. I’ve started use this oil and then I’ve noticed that my hair becoming gray(white). Is this oil contain anything that making hair white??thanks.

    • Jino,

      No the treatment won’t be the cause of anything like that. Does your hair naturally grow in gray/white? Grow New Hair Treatment makes your hair grow quicker but unless your hair already grows in gray/white, the oil can’t be the cause.

      Is there anything else you’ve been doing differently?

  20. Thanks Gina. I just want to clear this doubt because after I started to use I found this so I was confused. I trust you. Thanks

  21. HI Gina,
    I’ve experienced some hair loss, mainly at my hairline and the top of my head, and bought the treatment. I have very curly, dry hair and don’t wash it every day – more like every 3 days (unless I straighten it and then 4-5 days). I read the reviews and that it is best to use on clean hair and to wash it out by the next day. Given that I don’t wash my hair every day, I’m wondering when and how often to use this product. Do I have to wash it out or is it something that can sit for a few days? And if it is OK for it to be on my scalp for a few days without washing my hair, do I use it daily or only once between washings?

    • Marci,

      It’s completely safe to let it sit as long as you want but the problem with that is your scalp can look dirty from it being an oil treatment. You’ll have to experiment with when to apply it.
      Just like you read, the treatment works the best when your scalp is clean so it can soak in and work it’s magic. If you apply the treatment on top of more treatment, it will just sit there unused by your scalp, unless it completely soaked in from the day before. I’m interested in finding out more about what ends up working for your hair type so come back and let me know! 🙂

      • Thanks Gina! My scalp will never look dirty with all the curls, but I won’t bother adding a treatment on top of another. I realize it will probably take me longer to see any results. I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

          • Hey Gina… I have natural thin hair, it isn’t something that just started… Will the grow new hair make my hair actually grow thicker or just look thicker since my hair is natural thin? I was also looking at the thin hair shampoo and conditioner.. What do you recommend?

          • Leah,

            The treatment made my thin hair grow in thicker! The treatment and the grow new hair shampoo work so well together to have your hair actually growing in thicker.

            I’m not sure about the thin hair shampoo and conditioner but Just Natural is an amazing company so those should work very well too!

  22. Hie
    I have a lot of hairfall recently. So i want to try this product. I want to know if grow new hair treatment contains ALOE. Pls let me know so that i can use it with confidence.

  23. I’m really interested in the Extreme Dry Hair Shampoo and Conditioner. So, will this shampoo and conditioner work on hair (specifically African American hair) that’s damaged from not putting in moisture, taking care of it correctly, and that’s just dry and all over the place?

    • Mary,

      The Extreme Dry products would be beneficial to that type of hair. They’re meant to infuse your hair with moisture as best as it can. However, no products are able to completely fix damaged hair. Only getting a hair cut can ‘fix’ damage from dryness and not taking care of your hair. You can always try them out for a little while and return them if you aren’t seeing the results you want. Just Natural has a good return policy.

  24. My hair is originally very fine but lately im noticing its thinning even more. My scalp is showing quite a bit and my biggest fear is if i go bold one day. Im terrified at even thinking about it. Every time i run my fingers through my hair i see the scalp showing. My question for you is when i place the order for growing new hair treatment do i also need the shampoo and the conditioner for that? Can i use them all at the same time? Do i buy the renewal hair and scalp loss treatment kit instead??
    Thank you so much for your input. This is my only biggest hope for my hair. Really pray it works. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks again

    • Gilda,

      It’s definitely the most effective when you use the shampoo and conditioner along with the treatment. The Grow New Hair Treatment is known to start growing hair in new places as well as thicken existing hair. I’m not sure about the renewal kit but I do know that all of the Just Natural products are of the highest quality and any of them is worth a shot. In your case, I’m thinking the renewal one might be better for more of a severe case.

  25. Thank you so much for getting back to me this quickly. Would you suggest i take vitamins along with it as well? And in that case which kinds would you recommend?
    While i was reading on the website i also noticed the bald spot treatment. Do you know if i should use that one too or the renewal kit is more than enough? Sorry for asking so many questions. I just wanna make sure im off to a good start. Ive never been so excited in my entire life. Really looking forward to trying these products and i pray i see some changes.
    Thank you so much for all your input and your efforts.

    • Gilda,

      Definitely take Nature’s Bounty HSN vitamins. I see such a big difference with my hair growth and my nails when I’m taking these as opposed to regular multivitamins.

      I think you should be okay with just the Renewal kit but feel free to try out anything you want. Use the products daily as many days as you can (especially the oil treatment) and don’t expect overnight changes. The body still needs time to make changes. If you buy products please use my links. It allows me to keep my website running. 🙂 Thanks and good luck!

  26. Ok i will place the order today. Where do i click to use your link? And would i be able to find everything i wanna order?
    Thanks once again for all the input and yes i will be patient.

  27. Hi again,

    Happy New Year. I was looking on your links but i couldnt find the renewal kit. Also when it comes to shampoo and conditioner do i order the one for thin hair or for hair loss. I saw so many products that could apply to my hair and im getting confused on what to order. Do you think i should just buy whats in the kit individually? Sorry if im being repetitive.
    Thanks a lot.

    • Gilda,

      Happy New Year!

      It’s so weird because I was just looking at the kit when I messaged you back the other day and now I don’t see it anywhere!

      I found it though. Here’s the link to the site: JustNutritive and it’s right under the Kits section: RENEWAL HAIR AND SCALP NUTRITION KIT. I didn’t add up the items separately but it’s probably a better price for the kit instead of getting them separately.

      The Renewal Hair and Scalp Nutrition Kit includes a Hair Loss Shampoo, Hair Loss Conditioner, Vinegar Nutritive Rinse Cleanser, and an Alopecia Hair Treatment. Make sure to shake the bottles well before using so all the natural ingredients get mixed together correctly. Full directions on how to use the kit are on the website.

      So sorry for the confusion. JustNatural and JustNutritive are the same company but they have two different sites now. I’ll have to find out more about why’re confusing people with this!

  28. Ok i finally found it. Thank you
    Once again i saw protein and vitamin hair therapy spray. Do you think i will need that instead of the vitamins you suggested or both.
    And whats the difference between the grow new hair shampoo and the one that comes in the renewal kit? My final questions before i click pay.
    Thanks so much and im sorry for being such a pain asking you over and over again

    • Gilda,

      The protein and vitamin hair therapy spray is an external product and the vitamins I suggested are for internal use (taken orally). I think it’s important to take a vitamin you ingest since it works from the inside out to promote hair growth. So make sure to take the vitamin pills but if you wanted to try out the protein and vitamin spray you could do that too.

      I’m starting to change my mind about which treatment I think would work best for you. I was under the impression that the actual ‘hair loss’ products were for more severe situations but that isn’t the case. The hair loss shampoo and conditioner were created for people who experience hair loss due to chemicals from their hair products instead of actually promoting hair growth.

      I think you should stick with getting the Grow New Hair Shampoo and the Grow New Hair Treatment. They’re going to be the most powerful natural solution. If you wanted to do the Vinegar Rinse Nutritive Cleanser too you could. That cleanser is part of the renewal kit. It’s purpose is to cleanse the scalp and remove any residue that could be clogging pores and causing hair loss.

  29. Thank you Gina for the right guidance in all of this. I really appreciate it. I just placed the order last night and cant wait till i get it. Im not sure if I ordered it through your links though. Im sorry if i didnt. I did go to Just Nutritive Website and i wasnt sure if thats the same as your links. However i will make sure i use your links with my next order. Will also keep you updated on how this works on my hair. Once again thank you for all your input

    • Gilda,

      You’re welcome!

      My links direct you to the same websites except they have a tracking number on them to show the company that I helped you with your order. Just like an associate at a store helping a customer with questions they may have and getting credit for their time and help.

      Can’t wait to hear about your results!

  30. I just got my grow new hair treatment. Is this very safe and won’t harm
    You or get in your blood stream like some treatments. Also how often should you use can you use every day till
    You see results and when should you stop useing it

    • Linda,

      The treatment isn’t harmful at all. It’s made with all natural ingredients so it won’t do any damage. I would use it as often as you can, meaning nightly. If you can’t do it nightly it’s okay, just whenever you get the chance to have a few hours where you can leave it in(or overnight). I would continue using it until the bottle is gone. Once you see the results you want, I’d continue using it to nourish and feed the scalp even more.

  31. Can this product be used by African American women? Does the product have to be washed out? How often should the product be used?

    • Francesca Watson,

      Yes it can be used by African American women, and every hair type. It is not dangerous to leave the Grow New Hair Treatment in for long periods of time but the thing is that it can make your scalp look oily if you don’t wash it out. It should be used as much as you can use it on a clean scalp since it works the best that way.

  32. I’be been losing massive amounts of hair lately and have been trying everything to stop and reverse it. This looks interesting, but I also have sebborheic dermatitis on my scalp, will this aggravate it?

    • Melissa,

      The Grow New Hair Treatment shouldn’t aggravate your condition. But if you wanted to be extra safe, they have a Psoriasis Product Line which is similar to that and might be easier on the scalp. I’m not sure. I haven’t tried products in the psoriasis line but as you can see there is a Psoriasis Shampoo, Conditioner, Scalp Formula Hair Loss, Scalp Fungal Treatment, Scalp Itch Treatment, and Scalp Vinegar Rinse Cleanser. However, I think you’ll be okay with the Grow New Hair Treatment!

      Just Natural has a 20% off coupon code until the end of February (it’s shown at the top of the blog post). They only have coupons a few times a year so it’s good to get a chunk of money taken off your order while you can. Whenever they have a coupon I always post it to the top of the reviews for Just Natural products.

  33. Hi my son is having problems of alopecia areta since 4to 5 years.
    I have spend lot of money for his treatment.and I had every type of treatment ayurveda, allopathic, homeopathy and also several treatment but no good result .my son is 15years old..
    Now again he is losing more hairs from eyebrows and head in great small big patches…..
    Pls help me and give me the right suggestion.I was just seeing the page and it shows a great result and so I also want to know will it work for my son…and if yes Pls give details of how to use and for how much period and wen can I will see the result….
    Pls Pls help dear….because it’s one of biggest tension for me….
    Waiting for ur reply and want a genuine reply…tq..

    • Hardik jain,

      I’m sorry to hear about this. I think it would be worth a shot to try using this treatment. I can’t say exactly when he will start seeing results – that varies from person to person. The details on how to use are written in this blog post. If this treatment doesn’t help, I think it’s time to see a doctor about the problem.

  34. So I need to wash my hair before and after the hair treatment? 2 times in one day if I want to use the treatment daily? Both times with shampoo or is just water good enough before the treatment?

    • Alena,

      It’ll be fine if you don’t wash it first, as long as you’re not using it on a super oily scalp that it won’t be able to work it’s way through. Just make sure you massage it into your scalp good. I know that washing hair 2x a day is a lot. You can put a little bit of this into your shampoo too.

  35. Hi Gina,
    Do you think it helps in the case of AGA? Doctors/Scientists say there is is no effective treatment on the market except for Rogaine which might help a bit. Sorry if I’m a bit sceptical but I’ve tried so many things incl. Rogaine and I’ve almost given up hope. It’s so frustrating 🙁
    Thank you

  36. Hi Gina,
    I am a Pakistani expatriate working in Malaysia for last 7 years. Due to change in environment as well as water, I started to have severe hair fall upon first hair wash in Malaysia and it still continued until my sister gave me Just Nutritive grow new hair treatment (She lives in Canada). After using it for few weeks, hair fall has reduced a lot and hair looked better and I can see small hairs growing as well on the bald spot. I will continue to use it and also want to buy Shampoo to compliment hair treatment. Problem is that I cannot buy online from Amazon or directly from Just Nutritive website as both do not ship these items to Malaysia. Kindly recommend from where I can buy shampoo online.

    • Muhammad,

      That really stinks that neither Just Nutritive or Amazon ship to Malaysia. I would have thought one of them do! Instead of buying a shampoo to complement the grow new hair treatment, you can add this hair growth treatment to any shampoo that you already have: Hair Growth Treatment

      Just add a little bit to any shampoo bottle and shake it up! It then becomes a hair growth shampoo. 😉

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