Microfiber Hair Towel Review

microfiber hair towel
Microfiber Hair Towels

Price: view the link below

Where To Buy: GorgeousHairShop.com/towels

My Rating: 9/10



Microfiber towels are light in weight and gentle on hair. They take the water from your hair and let it evaporate through the microfiber material instead of soaking everything up and getting weighed down. Traditional cotton towels tend to break strands of hair and get rough over time, microfiber towels do not.


Everyone Should Own a Microfiber Hair Towel


Since I started using a microfiber hair towel, it just about cut my drying time in half. Microfibers soak up water differently than cotton. The fibers help water to evaporate instead of getting heavy and causing your head to get weighed down, like I mentioned above.


The best approach is to:

Squeeze the water out of your hair the best you can before getting out of the shower. Then put your head upside down and take a minute to squeeze (not rub) your hair with the tower all over, especially at the roots. Finally, turban wrap your hair as you normally would. A nice tip is to use the other side of the towel to wrap your head with (not the side you squeezed onto your hair directly after the shower).





Q & A


♦ Question: Is this a wrap towel or a flat towel? What size?

Answer: GorgeousHairShop.com has various towel sizes and types! If you like the turban wraps you can get one of those. If you prefer a flat towel there are nice large microfiber ones to choose from!

 Question: If I have really long hair, what towel should I get?

Answer: Take a look at the Large microfiber towel on the shop. This towel will work for any length hair. It’s nice and large but it’s still light. I have about 2 feet of hair and this towel does not weigh my head down at all after the shower.

♦ Question: What are my color options?

Answer: You’ll see plenty of options such as different styles, patterns and colors in the shop.

Question: Is there anything bad these?

Answer: There are no cons. It’s much better for your hair and the prices aren’t bad at all!



Once you try out one of these towels you will probably want to collect all the colors and styles. 😉

microfiber hair towel

Check out microfiber hair towels!


*If you have any questions or comments, leave them below!



17 thoughts on “Microfiber Hair Towel Review

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  2. Hello, Gina,
    I read your post on microfiber hair towel by YogaRat.I will be sure to show your post to my wife, she may be interested in buying this Towel. The $12.50 cost of the Towel is not bad, considering how much is saved by getting it at the discounted price.
    I am sure she will be interested in your post on repairing split ends, this is something that a lot of women deal with.
    I like the way you give detailed instructions on the use of Coconut Oil. This is also helpful information to have. Your information that all B Vitamins promotes the growth of hair is useful for a lot of women and men. Thank you for this great site, Gina

    • Thanks Prince Smith,

      It’s a great price for this towel considering how great it is for hair, compared to traditional towels. And yes, B vitamins are essential for hair growth.

      Have your wife try out some of the coconut oil treatments listed! It’s amazing what it can do for hair.

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  6. Hey Gina,

    I’m growing an afro now and I’m following a pretty good hair care regimen which involves deep conditioning every week. One of the steps involves soaking a towel in a bit of water then putting it in the microwave to create a hot towel which melts the moisturiser in, so my question:

    Would putting a microfiber towel in the microwave damage it?

    Also, as it is different from cotton, is it still safe to go into the washing machine?

    • Ryan,

      I don’t think the microfiber towel would be damaged in the microwave. If you’re worried about it, you could just put hot water on the towel instead possibly?

      As for your other question, yes the towel is safe to go in the washing machine. I throw it in with my other colored garments and it’s fine!

  7. Have to admit, I love my hair towel. It makes my hair so soft and dry- best thing my ex-girlfriend ever got me, and I don’t mean that she’s evil, I just like the gift that much.
    I’m not exactly sure what she paid for mine, but I do know that the color is blue- I mean I should know since I wear it every time I wash my hair.
    I thought your review was to the point and I especially like how you added in some Q&A. I’d recommend this item too, Gina! Microfiber Hair Towels for everybody!!!

    • Corey,

      I’m glad your ex girlfriend gave you a towel like this so you have had the chance to fall in love with it.

      Yes, microfiber towels for everybody!

  8. This is great because I have a turban/towel that I think is microfibre from Boots that I got free with something else and I’ve used it a few times but could do with upgrading to a slightly larger one, or even a few of them. The small free one does all the things you said (it’s just a little bit small)
    Anything that cuts down on drying time is good news!
    Now I just need to know if you have any recommendations on hairdryers that also help cut down my drying time (blow drying my hair is not my fave thing to do;)

    • Allisonklinhvall,

      I’ve had small microfiber towels before but they were never good enough for my hair.

      I will do a review for a hair dryer soon but you should consider getting a diffuser for your hair dryer. I’ll also review one of those in a few weeks!

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  10. Hi Gina!
    I really liked your post on Microfiber Hair towel. I will be looking into this and maybe purchase it. The price is reasonable, and the discounted price is even better!
    Coconut oil and honey are fantastic for split ends and highly processed hair, as well as vitamins and Rose Hip Oil. I will be coming back to this page to visit! Thanks!

    • Cristina,

      That’s great! Everybody needs at least one of these microfiber hair towels. They are just perfect.

      And yes, that is true. All of those items are great for damaged hair.

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