NexGadget Interchangeable Curling Wand Set 6 in 1 Review

interchangeable curling wand

Product: NexGadget Interchangeable Curling Wand Set 6 in 1

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NexGadget created this awesome interchangeable curling wand set which allows you to create any type of curls you want. The black color has a very professional look.

This set has everything you’ll ever need to make anything from loose beachy waves to tight curls. For tighter curls use the smaller barrels or the bubble barrel. For loose curls use the larger barrels.

Here are some different curls you can create with the various barrel sizes:


different curl sizes


It’s nice and easy to switch between barrels in this interchangeable curling wand set. All you have to do is hold the release button and stick on the barrel you want to use. When you want to switch barrels, put your safety glove on, press the release button, then carefully remove the barrel.


interchangeable barrels


As pictured below, this set includes 3 cylinder wands, 2 conical wands, and one bubble wand:

nexgadget 6 in 1



Q & A


Question: What are the barrel sizes?

Answer: The barrel sizes are as follows: cylinder 32mm, cylinder 25mm cylinder 19mm, conical 20-25mm, conical 9-18mm, bubble 19mm.


Question: How many temperature settings are there and what are they?

Answer: There are only two temperature settings but they should be sufficient for all hair types. The settings are 365°F and 374°F ( in Celsius these temperatures are 185° and 190°).


Question: Can I use these on wet hair?

Answer: Hot styling tools should never be used on wet hair. Always make sure your hair is completely dry before using any hot styling tools.


Question: Will these curling wands fry my hair?

Answer: Your hair will be protected as long as you use a heat protectant. Some heat protection sprays I recommend are here.


Question: Does this come with the heat protecting glove?

Answer: Yes, this wand set includes the heat protecting glove. The size of the glove is ‘one size fits  most’.


Question: Are there any cons?

Answer: The set doesn’t come with a carrying case, so you can either keep the wands in the box or find another place to store them (a basket or something). The barrels get pretty hot so use the glove if you intend to change barrels during the curling process.

nexgadget box



>> Purchase your NexGadget 6 in 1 Interchangeable Curling Wand Set <<


interchangeable curling wand



Also, check out a similar pink interchangeable wand set!

pink curling wand set




12 thoughts on “NexGadget Interchangeable Curling Wand Set 6 in 1 Review

  1. Hi Gina!!

    This seems like a really cool product! I have pretty thick, naturally straight hair and its about collar-length and color-treated. Do you think this would work well with my hair type?

    I also have a problem with getting curls to stay. Do you have any specific tips on getting straight hair to cooperate? The only thing I’ve really had success with lately is a home-made sea salt spray that helped me get some nice beachy waves when braided, but that won’t work well with heat products since sea salt is so drying on your hair (I added Argan oil to the mix as well to help impart some moisture).

    Thanks for the review!!

    -Heather M.

  2. This is such a neat product! I hate having tons of cords all over the place in my bathroom and this would definitely eliminate most of that. I also love having options, I think I would enjoy the variety and ability to quickly change barrels while I was curling. My hair iss naturally wavy, but I usually touch it up with a curling wand to deter the frizzies. I think this would work perfect for me.

    • Shelby,

      Having options is awesome. And yes it’s true that having this set eliminates the frustration of cords everywhere. Just one cord and six different barrel options. How could any girl NOT want this!?

  3. Hi Gina,

    I’m thinking of buying a curling wand for my daughter. It will be her first one, so I’d really like to know how easy this would be for her to use. It’s for her 13th birthday, and she loves creating new hairstyles. Any tips would be most welcome.


    • Jules,

      The NexGadget Curling Wand Set would make an amazing gift!

      Learning new things can always be tricky at first but she will get the hang of it. This set comes with a glove to protect her fingers from getting burned while she’s learning to master curling wands. Also, don’t let her use any type of hot tools on her without first applying heat protection.

  4. Hi Gina,

    Great Article, I’ve found it absorbing and helpful!
    My daughter has always dreamed of having curly hair and until today I didn’t want her to use these gadgets because I was scared she would burn her hair.
    But now that I see there is a spray that could prevent this damage, I will give her my permission to try it.
    Can you suggest me what spray to use, please?
    Thank you very much for this excellent review!

    • Daniella,

      The good quality sprays will absolutely protect your daughters hair from heat damage. I came up with a small list of my most recommended heat protection sprays here, depending on your daughters hair type!

  5. This seems like an interesting product, my wife has long hair that is hard to curl, and if i want to use your products do you think it would work well with it? I like your product because it seems easy to use and fast.

    Keep on updating me with your products.



  6. I ordered this product and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. I noticed you highly recommended a heat protector spray. Is that for ALL hair types or just some? I generally don’t use one since I have thick curly hair and use a leave in conditioner like Deva Curl or It’s a 10.

    • Maureen,

      I highly recommend a heat protection spray for ALL hair types. You’ll have to check if your leave in conditioner also works as a heat protectant. It’s a 10 is a heat protectant product so if you use that you’ll be okay. But a lot of leave in conditioners aren’t heat protectors too. So you’ll have to check on that!

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