Olivia Garden Ceramic Ion Thermal Brush | Gold Round Brush

olivia garden ceramic ion thermal brush

Product: Olivia Garden Ceramic Ion Thermal Brush in the Square Shaper Collection

Price: click size options below to view

Size Options:

1″ barrel (x-small)

1 1/8″ barrel (small)

1 1/2″ barrel (medium)

2″ barrel (large)

Where to Buy: Amazon

Rating: 9 / 10


Round brushes are amazing for volumizing hair, creating curls and flips, straightening hair, and more. There are some brands of round brushes that are cheap but they may damage your hair. You want to avoid these cheap brands since they can permanently harm your locks. Some of the cheaper brands are made with types of metal that get too hot or plastic that melts from the heat of the blow drier. Sometimes the ring that holds the barrel snags your hair and can rip it out. There are plenty of horror stories from bad round brushes. You may even have your own nightmare to tell about the first time you tried using one. I know I do!

Luckily, there is something called the Olivia Garden Ceramic Ion Thermal Brush, and it’ll take great care of your hair. Plus it’s gold! I think it’s worth spending a little extra money on amazing quality beautiful brushes like these ones. Don’t you?

I discuss these brushes as a collection but they are each sold separately through Amazon. I’ve included links to the individual brushes to make it easier.



Olivia Garden Ceramic Ion Thermal Brush Features

Latest Ceramic Technology

• Ceramic coated barrel

• Heats up quickly and retains heat


Tourmaline Ion Technology

• Hydrates and adds shine

• Eliminates frizz

• Anti-static


Comfortable + Painless Handle Design

• Snag-free ring

• Ergonomic handle

• Lightweight

• Retractable hair sectioning pick


Rounded Square Shape Barrel

• Flat sides for straightening

• Rounded edges for waves, flips, & volume


Newly Designed Barrel

• Extra large vents for greater air flow

• Reduces drying time


Unique Bristle Design

• Wavy heat resistant bristles

• Gentle on hair and scalp


Brushes to Choose From

Size matters. There are 4 different size brushes in the Square Shaper Collection. They are listed below in order of smallest to largest:

1 inch

The 1 inch barrel

118 inch

The 1 1/8 inch barrel

112 inch

The 1 1/2 inch barrel

2 inch

The 2 inch barrel


How do you know which brush size to choose?

The shorter your hair is, the smaller the round brush you’ll want to use. From pixie cuts to chin length hair, choose in the 1-1.5 inch range. For anything longer than that, get the 2 inch barrel. If you have bangs, the small barrel round brushes are good for those too.



I linked the products to the correct Amazon pages so you can check out the prices and more details if you want. If you are unsure of how to style your hair with a round brush and blow dryer, click here for a tutorial video.



Similar round brushes here on my shop for cheaper than the Olivia Garden ones.

Ceramic Ion Thermal Round Brushes

ceramic ionic thermal round brush


8 thoughts on “Olivia Garden Ceramic Ion Thermal Brush | Gold Round Brush

  1. very good website, You have provided all the details related ceramic ion thermal brush such as different size, shape, how to choose it (including price). It has link to the correct Amazon page, that’s good to have for reader who wants to buy it from Amazon. Nice youtube video for demonstration.

  2. Hey girl! Love this brush! I am so lazy when it comes to working with my hair, but this brush seems like something that will be good for my hair. I have very thick hair and sometimes round brushes snag my hair, the teeth get caught or it doesn’t leave that shine. As soon as you said Gold I was like TREAT YOSELF! Girls love a bit of bling bling! Love the colour of your page and seriously will be considering buying this product! Thanks for the great Review! Grace

    • Grace,

      Haha, this is a fun comment! A trick to help with the snagging is to brush through your hair first and to add some type of heat protecting serum before you start to use the round brush and blow dryer. The gold makes this work oh so much better too 😉 Definitely TREAT YOSELF.

  3. This is just what I was looking for! I’ve been in search of a new 2″ barrel brush but refuse to buy the cheap ones from CVS or Walgreens. Those are always making my hair fly away and filled with static electricity. I use my barrel brush when I’m straightening my hair because I like the little flip that it gives to my ends. It makes my hair look like I just stepped out of the salon! Thank you for sharing!

    • Cat,

      Awesome I’m so glad I could help you out. Using round brushes make hair so light, fluffy, shiny, voluminous, and everything that’s good!

  4. Thank you for this! I’m in need of a new brush and I was not even aware of ‘gold’ brush. I’ve noticed since I turned 50 my hair is falling out faster, so I want to take better care when I blow dry it. I’m definitely putting this brush on my radar. I like everything about it!… the sectioning pick, the square shape for straightening. This will definitely be my next hair brush purchase!

    • Jackie,

      Yes this brush has such nice features! Don’t forget to use heat protection when blow drying (you probably know this already though). Here are some of my favorites: Heat Protection Sprays.

      Also, if you’re looking for something to help with your hair loss, take a glance at this grow new hair treatment. It’s for all ages and all hair types. Completely natural!

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