Super-Chic Baseball Caps

Do you ever wear baseball caps? I know I know.. they were once foreign to me too. I wondered why some girls wear baseball caps. What’s the point…? But they can actually be a really cute addition to an outfit –or even a trip to the gym.

Tell me what you think of these styles! They are all new additions to my shop on Each style comes in at least a few different colors, so feel free to click the photos and browse around. 😉



The Suede Baseball Cap

suede baseball caps



The SORRY Baseball Cap

sorry baseball caps



The Lace Baseball Cap

floral baseball caps



The Pom Baseball Cap

pom baseball caps


4 thoughts on “Super-Chic Baseball Caps

  1. I am going to get my wife a Pom Baseball Cap for when she exercises. The Pom will bounce around and show how excited she is to be exercising.

    I will also get her a Sorry Baseball Cap to wear when she wants my forgiveness. And, I will get six Sorry Baseball Caps for me, if they are in my size, since I’m the one who needs forgiveness most often. I will add two words to my caps: Very, Very! Because, I am always “Very, Very Sorry”, even though I may not be aware of what I did wrong.


    • Ha ha that’s very funny.. but also a good idea.

      I have a 30% off deal going on right now with the code LOVEHAIR so enjoy!

  2. I love wearing base ball caps as I live year round in Mexico and I find that the front is enough protection for my face and also wearing one protects my sensitive scalp from the sun.
    I also find for certain outfits like T- shirts, shorts and trainers days, then a base-ball caps go well, as opposed to girly sun hats that look better with sundresses.
    The SORRY ones are a blast!

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