Night Time Routine for Hair Growth

night time routine for hair growth
So many girls are obsessed with growing their hair longer and longer. Of course! Long hair is beautiful. Why wouldn’t we want Pinterest-model hair?

If you’re trying to grow your hair out or just want your hair to grow faster, it’s a good idea to have a night time routine for hair growth. What you do before bed can either have a positive or negative impact on how much your hair grows.

In order to have the best results, your hair and scalp need to be:







It may be difficult to complete this routine every night since all of us have pretty busy lives. Do your best to squeeze this in at least 5/7 days a week. If you can get away with doing it every day that’s great!

CAUTION: There is a lot of massaging ahead.

So let’s get right into things.


The Amazing Night Time Routine for Hair Growth:


1 .  Scalp Massage

To get started with your routine for hair growth, give yourself a little head massage. This will stimulate blood circulation which basically says “Wake up scalp! *clap clap* Time to grow this lovely hair.” To do this, begin massaging your scalp with your fingers for about 30 seconds. Then slowly flip your hair over and continue massaging. Now that you have your head warmed up, it’s time to apply what I call the magical hair food.

routine for hair growth


2 .  Grow New Hair Treatment

Grow New Hair Treatment (magical hair food) is a special formula created by Just Natural. The purpose of the treatment is to nourish and feed your scalp so you get amazing hair growth results. Many people use it for thinning hair but it really works great for plenty of hair problems. This Grow New Hair Treatment improves blood flow in the scalp, helps prevent breakage, makes your hair grow in thicker/more full, and more.

In my full review, I will explain how to use the Grow New Hair Treatment, all about the safe natural ingredients, and where to get it for the best price.

just natural grow new hair treatment

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3 . Boar Bristle Brush

After you’ve thoroughly massaged the Grow New Hair Treatment into your scalp, you will need to use your Morrocco Method Boar Bristle Brush. These brushes evenly distribute oils throughout your hair, which condition, strengthen, help grow your hair, and more. Do you love a head massage? I know I do. The Mixed Pure Boar Bristle & Nylon Brush is my favorite for that. It gives your head a satisfying massage while doing all this great stuff for your hair.

In my full review for the Boar Bristle Brush, I will explain how to use the brush for the best results and show you where to get one.

morroccan method boar bristle brush

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4.  Satin Sleep Cap

After you’ve done a nice head massage with your fingers, applied the Grow New Hair Treatment, and thoroughly went through your hair with the Boar Bristle Brush, you’re going to want to leave the treatment on overnight. If you don’t have time, a few hours is fine. Either way, throw it up in a satin sleep cap and let it really sink in. The blood will circulate and the treatment will be nourishing and feeding your hair. Afterwards, wash all of it out.

I always thought sleeping on a satin pillowcase was the ideal way to protect your hair from breakage and your face from wrinkles. My mind has changed about this. I now believe that it’s best to wear a satin sleep cap to bed instead. I have had some bad experiences with satin pillowcases contributing to acne and not being as comfortable as the traditional cotton ones. Choose whichever you wish, but I recommending getting a satin sleep cap regardless.

In the link under the photo, I added a small section of satin sleep caps as an alternative to satin pillowcases. (Bottom of the article)

satin sleep cap

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Don’t expect overnight results since we all know that is not how hair growth works. If you do everything correctly, this night time routine for hair growth is a definite. Try it out for several months and I promise you will see the results you are hoping for. Bookmark this page and come back after you’ve given it a chance. Let me know how it went for you!

gift box

The outline of this routine would also make a great gift for girlfriends, friends, sisters, mothers or anyone who you know has been struggling to grow their hair long. You could make it into a gift box with the ‘how to: routine for hair growth’ instructions written on a piece of paper. I’ve done this and it worked out sooo well.


Feel free to leave any questions or comments below!



9 thoughts on “Night Time Routine for Hair Growth

  1. Hi Gina,

    Right away I can tell this is something you care deeply about and genuinely want to help others in and for that I say bravo. You did not take the easy route to creating a website and you should pat yourself on the back for this. I will be sure to be back since I have three sisters that all love their hair deeply.

    • Connor,

      Thanks for complimenting my hard work.

      I try my best to create the most fun and helpful blog posts that I can. I hope your sisters love the content I share!

  2. Hi there Gina,

    Great tips for promoting hair growth with night routines. Like you said, it might not be feasible to do all these, given our hectic lifestyle but I am particularly interested with the satin sleep cap.

    Recently, I often wake up with strands of hair on my cotton pillow. It’s very frustrating and I’ve been looking for a solution. Putting on a cap shouldn’t take too much of my time so I may give this one a try.

    It’s so affordable and I can bring it along with me on my travels.

  3. Dear Gina,

    I’m not a girl but I’m suffering of hair loss recently (I’m 35 years old) and it only gets worse…

    I’ve heard more often that massaging may help, I’ll give it a try! Do you know any special methods of doing it? Which places, how long altogether, how often…

    Do you consider Grow New Hair Treatment better and effectiver than capsules you can swallow?

    Thank you for your help!


    • Adam,

      This treatment is for men too, so don’t worry about that. You should make sure to massage your whole head for a few minutes.

      I think people should be taking daily multivitamins along with doing this routine. If you want to try a more powerful capsule and don’t feel like dealing with the oil, check out this Hair, Skin, & Nails supplement. The best idea is to take the supplement along with using the oil though!

  4. You must have gorgeous, silky hair! Thank you for this ritual. I think I badly need it since my hair is very thirsty and starving! Does it also work if you have treated hair? Let me start with massaging, and I’ll work my way to the other parts of the routine.

    • Raquel,

      You’re welcome! Yes this routine works if you have treated hair. It is best if you begin the treatment with a clean scalp and go from there.

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