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Supplements are essential for long, healthy, strong, beautiful hair. Of course eating good quality whole foods is very important but it’s very hard to get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs that way.

I’m going to take you through a list of vitamins for hair health and what they do for you.

After that, I’ll show you some of my favorite supplements for growing long healthy hair –whether you prefer capsules or gummies.

Let’s get started.



Vitamins That Promote Hair Growth:

B Vitamins (all of them)

Helps prevent dandruff

Gives hair flexibility and shine

Helps in the prevention of hair loss

Biotin – a B vitamin that deserves it’s own space

Increases the density of hair

Helps produce more hair

Niacin – another B vitamin that deserves it’s own space

Promotes circulation in scalp

♦  Vitamin C

Strengthens hair

Improves hair growth

Vitamin E

Prevents hair loss

Vitamin A

Necessary for cell growth

Prevents hair strands from drying out


Minerals That Promote Hair Growth:


Promotes a healthy scalp


Repairs damage to hair cells

Helps maintain moisture level of scalp


Carries oxygen to the roots


Last but definitely not least… PROTEIN

If you ever wonder why fit women have such beautiful healthy hair, it has to do with their adequate intake of protein. Although not a vitamin or mineral, protein is essential to hair growth. Protein helps hair grow stronger and quicker. Amino acids are necessary for the building of new cells.

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How can I make sure to get all of my vitamins and minerals?

Eating nutrient rich foods is a great start. Try adding one or two into each day to start, until your diet is filled with healthy foods. I have a separate page where I list some of the best foods to eat for growing your luscious locks.

Because it’s tough to get everything you need in your diet from food, be sure to take your daily dose of Hair Skin & Nails.


Hair Skin & Nail Supplements

To ensure you get all of your vitamins and minerals to help you grow your hair longer and faster, you are going to want to take a Hair Skin & Nails supplement daily. I recommend Nature’s Bounty Hair Skin & Nails. They’re so cheap and have everything you need in them!


nature's bounty hair skin & nails


If you can’t swallow pills, or just prefer chewable vitamins, check out Nature’s Bounty Hair Skin & Nails Gummies.


Nature's Bounty Hair Skin & Nails Gummies


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below!




4 thoughts on “Supplements

  1. Such great information! Vitamins are so important, not just for hair, but for our skin, nails, and so on.

    I’ve been losing a lot of hair lately, mostly due to a lack of protein (I’m pretty sure of this). I’m a vegetarian, I still eat fish and seafood, but I sure don’t get enough of it (maybe once or twice a week, if that – I just like fruit and veggies so much!). Do you now of any protein supplements that I could take or that exist?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Catherine,
      I’m not sure how you feel about protein powder supplements but they’re great for getting that extra protein in. There are plant based proteins such as Veggie Elite. It’s rated the best vegan protein on Here’s the link for it

      You could also consider eating Quest Bars. They are delicious and each one has at least 20g protein. My favorite is the cookie dough one, DELISH!

      • Thank you Gina!
        I will check out the quest bars for sure. I’ve tried protein powder and I just always forgot to add it to my meals, but bars are easy to just throw into your bag and would be great for me to bring to school!

        Love this idea!

        • Quest Bars are the cheapest online! Preferably Ebay 🙂 There should even be a variety pack to try different kinds. I’m sure not everybody would only be obsessed with the cookie dough one like me.

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