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futurebiotics hair skin & nailsProduct: Futurebiotics Hair Skin & Nails

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My Rating: 9.5/10


As women, we’re always looking for cheats and easy ways to grow our hair. “Grow 7 inches in one week!” “Grow your hair one foot in a month!” No… If you want a quick fix like that, buy cheap extensions while you patiently wait for your hair to grow naturally. There are ways to speed up the hair growing process, just not in a way that your hair will be down to your butt by the end of the month. If there’s one thing you do for your hair, let it be Futurebiotics Hair Skin & Nails.


Why Futurebiotics Hair Skin & Nails?


You will get great results.

Futurebiotics Hair Skin & Nails contain all of the necessary vitamins/minerals and extras to nourish and feed your hair to great healthy lengths. I compared the ingredients to some other multivitamins and 95% of the vitamins are better in the Futurebiotics brand. The rest are the same percentages, which is fine.

Here are the ingredients: Vitamin B12, Biotin, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Manganese, Phosphorous, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Iron, Iodine, and Pantothenic Acid.

Some other ingredients that aren’t familiar vitamins/minerals are: Choline, Betaine, Inositol, para-Aminobenzoic acid, RNA, Citrus Bioflavinoids, Rutin, Gelatin, Papain, Oat Straw powder, Echinacea leaf powder, Horsetail leaf powder, Asparagus shoot powder, Cysteine and Methionine.

These may seem confusing but they are all things that were added to benefit you and the growth of your hair. To see the full ingredient list including the amount/percentage of each, you can view the evitamin.com website.

[If you are looking for a gluten free option, look at Futurebiotics Multi Vitamin. Multivitamins have a lot of the same ingredients as the Hair Skin & Nails but they aren’t as high in biotin. So I would recommend grabbing a gluten free biotin supplement as well (only need 1 biotin pill a day if it’s this 5 mg one).


They are so inexpensive.

IT’S INSANE what some girls will pay for hair growth vitamins. When comparing to some other brands, I was asking myself how other companies get away with charging so much.

Example: Hairfinity. They charge $25 for a 1 month supply of just about the same ingredients (Futurebiotics might even have more benefits). For that same $25, you could get a 3 month supply of these Hair Skin & Nails vitamins. So which would you choose? Maybe their bottle of vitamins is prettier, okay it is, but is it worth the pretty bottle? I think not. By the way, Hairfinity isn’t even close to the most expensive brand girls are paying for.

Example: Hairtru. They advertise tons of pictures of nice hair and you’re desperate for that pretty hair, so you spend $30 for a 1 month supply. For that same $30, you could get a 3.5 month supply of Futurebiotics.

♦ Example: Hairburst. They put the hair vitamins in a cute bottle and show pictures of girls with pretty hair and have you spending $36 for a 1 month supply. For that same $36, you could get a 4.5 month supply of Futurebiotics.


With all that being said, Futurebiotics Hair Skin & nails is definitely the way to go. Save your money and still get the same great results.

***I broke down the price of these Futurebiotics Hair Skin & Nails for you. It works out to be about 28 cents a day if you choose the 135 tablet bottle and about 33 cents a day for the bottle of 75 tablets. You obviously save a little if you get the bigger supply which is less than $13. Paying pennies for awesome hair growth and improvement? It’s soo worth it.

Save even more. This is optional, but if you decide to subscribe, you can save even more. At checkout, you can choose to have Hair Skin & Nails automatically sent to you every 30, 60, 90, or 180 days. This takes off 5% and makes each bottle less than $12. What I recommend is getting 2 of the 135 tablet bottles (90 days worth) for a total of $24 and getting them sent every 90 days. If you can afford to get more than that in one order then go for it. 🙂


How To Use:

Taking Futurebiotics Hair Skin & Nails is very simple. Every day you will take 3 tablets. The company wants you to take one 3 times daily with a meal but ain’t nobody got time fo dat. Haha… no really though, you can take all 3 at once if it’s easier for you. That’s what I do. If I took one with 3 separate meals I would forget a lot of doses. You should still take them with a meal instead of on an empty stomach because vitamins absorb into your body better with food.

It can be kind of annoying having to swallow 3 pills. I don’t really have anything else bad to say about these. You cant expect your hair to start pouring out of your scalp either. Be patient and you’ll see the results you want over time.



Featured customer:

long healthy hair
“Hi! Don’t mind my messy hair, this was shower-hair without any styling. Anyways, I’m super glad I found this Hair Skin & Nails stuff. I want my hair to be taken care of but I don’t know how to do anything with it! I take these Futurebiotics pills every day along with doing the Grow New Hair Treatment a couple times a week and now my hair is all natural and long. I need a trim lol but you can see how healthy the top half of my hair is. It looks so pretty styled!”

– Bri from NY



I have one last thing I want to say. Even if you aren’t sure about these specific vitamins after all this, I still want you to take a look at the evitamins website. There’s so many cool supplements/vitamins and other interesting things. It’s all discounted too. It has just about anything you can think of that you want… pretty mind-blowing.

I’d love to answer any questions and/or respond to comments you may have. Just leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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futurebiotics hair skin & nails


8 thoughts on “Futurebiotics Hair Skin & Nails Review

  1. Hi Gina,

    This is great, I like how you outline the vitamins that are within the little pill.

    I was wondering – How does something like this differ from the Moroccan oil I love to use? Is it protecting my hair from hot irons or would I also continue to use my Moraccan oil after the shower?

    Your help is much appreciated!

    • Alison,

      That’s a good question. These pills help to nourish your hair from the inside out, helping it grow faster and thicker but they do not work as a heat protectant. Moroccan oil can be good for making your hair soft and keeping away frizzies but you shouldn’t use that alone as a heat protectant. Your hair is probably being damaged from doing that!

      Something I recommend for flat ironing your hair is Milkshake Incredible Milk and for curling, Hot Off The Press.

  2. You’ve done a great job on this review of Futurebiotics. Sounds like an excellent product.

    I might give this a try for my nails sometime. They are very easily broken and always end up with jagged edges and hang-nails that get caught on things. That leads to me biting and picking at them. It’s a vicious cycle. I’m very self concious about my hands, because of my crappy nails!

    Thanks for sharing your opinions on this product!

    • Hannah,

      Thank you! These are so cheap and would help you out a lot. You’d start seeing results within the first couple weeks. My nails used to be weak/bendable from getting acrylics done all the time so I stopped and started growing out my natural nails. They are as strong as acrylics now –it’s crazy.

  3. Futurebiotics seems like a great and inexpensive way to improve my hair, skin, and nails. Especially compared to a lot of the shampoos and conditioners that I have used recently.

    I hate to admit it, but I have paid $45 for a bottle of shampoo in order to get my hair shiny and healthy-looking.

    I learned something from you in this article that really makes a lot of sense. I didn’t know that vitamins are better absorbed by the body if you take them with food.


  4. Hello Gina, great review. It is very clear about the ingredients and the cost compared to the others you listed that do pretty the same thing.

    From what I can see about the ingredients, it appears Futurebiotics appears to promote well being, which is the basis of gorgeous head of hair, strong bones, healthy muscles. and such like.

    Good tips.

    • Chuka,

      It’s good knowing I made some clear points in my comparisons. With all of the benefits of Futurebiotics for such a low price, it’s definitely a steal!

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