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Fall Secrets – How to Keep Red Hair From Fading

how to maintain red hair

The redhead season is almost here, Fall! This is when all the beautiful shades of red come out, anywhere from auburn to bright reds to purpley reds. With thousands of different shades to choose from, it’s fun to play around with as long as you have a great stylist. Although this look is not for everyone, it looks amazing on some ladies. Well, until it starts to fade into orange and leaves you looking like this guy…

bad hair day

Don’t be that guy

Learn how to keep red hair from fading, so you can stay fabulous looking all season. Reds are a pain in the butt to take care of. If you’ve had red hair before you know this. You may never want to go back to it but others of you may be itching to bring back some of that sexy redhead look. Knowing how to maintain red hair makes it less frustrating to deal with. Here are some to keep red hair color from fading so you can enjoy being a redhead until you get sick of it! Continue reading