Tips to Stop Frizzy Hair and Add Volume

stop frizzy hair

Straightened and curled hair is incredibly elegant – just check out any Pinterest hair board! When scrolling through a few boards, you will feel inspired to try out these hairstyles for yourself. So you race over to your vanity and pull out your brush and a curling iron, prepared to make some magic. Twenty minutes later you have such beautiful curls! You are completely prepared for your day now. You give yourself one last look in the mirror, fawning over how perfe–

What is that?!?, you think with horror as you see some frizz at the very top of your hair. Your hair was so not like that before you added the heat. You groan as you experience another fail at an epic Pinterest-worthy look.

Now trust me, we have all been there at some point and there are some easy steps that you can take to completely stop frizzy hair. Before you know it, you will have Gigi Hadid waves!


Prep Your Hair

The end result of your hair all leads back to how you prep your hair in the shower. Properly washing it with the appropriate amounts of shampoo and conditioner will give your hair the beginning foundation of volume. After applying your shampoo, add an avocado D. I. Y. mask to help guide you in the direction of less frizz and more shine.


Avocado D. I. Y. Mask

avocado mask

Home remedies for frizzy hair seem like a waste of time and money, but with this D. I. Y., you might become a little obsessed! Start by cutting an avocado in half and mash up half of it into a bowl or some other container to hold your mask. Now add one to two tablespoons of olive oil to the bowl, or container. If you would like, you can also add one tablespoon of yogurt, which will help to make the mask feel even more light-weight. Proceed to mix all of your ingredients together until the mixture is consistent.

After shampooing, massage this mask into your hair and allow it to settle for fifteen to twenty minutes. Then, rinse out the mask and apply your conditioner – remember only from the ears down!

One avocado will make two masks, so make sure to be resourceful when creating your mask and remember to save the other half. This helps to keep the price of the mask affordable and even more spectacular!

(Helpful note: if you plan on doing this frequently, perhaps invest in a tupperware container solely for this purpose. You can always put a label on it saying ‘avocado hair mask’, in which you can keep your left overs and store in the freezer until the next use. Keeping it cool will help it stay fresh.)


Add Some Volume

big sexy hair flip it over texture spray

After your shower, dry your hair with a microfiber towel. When it comes time to style your hair, pull out your Big Sexy Hair Flip it Over Texture Spray and get ready for it to work some magic. This spray is the best product for frizzy hair. Start by flipping your hair over and brush it out. Then spritz on three to four sprays worth onto your hair, flip your head back over, and run your fingers through your hair to carefully comb it out. For a review of this spray and where to get it the cheapest, click here.


Begin to Style

Now you are ready to style your hair however you want! Don’t forget heat protection though, my favorite for curling is Hot Off The Press and my favorite for straightening is Milkshake Incredible Milk. If you would like to add some heat to your style, you can now do so without even worrying that your baby hairs will frizz up. Prepare to reward yourself with some model looking hair and do not forget to take a selfie and upload it to Pinterest and/or Instagram(hashtag #guidetogorgeoushair)! I’m always looking for more inspiration (;

To cure frizzy hair has never been easier than this. Feel free to leave some comments and questions below!


Written By: Aerin Wagner


20 thoughts on “Tips to Stop Frizzy Hair and Add Volume

  1. Amazing, this sounds really interesting. My hair is frizzy, its quite dry from being thick already but also from being dyed alot. So i have two questions for you. Using this avocado mask, will it affect the colour of hair that is lightened, I wouldn’t want to end up with green hair! and secondly, if you save the avocado, won’t it go black or does the oil stop that?

    • Hi Ruth,

      I have used the avocado mask on several occasions, as have some of my friends, and none of us have ever experienced a change in color. It will basically just help add some shine and take away the frizz.

      Also, yes, the oil should prevent the mask from going black, but only for a few days. I wouldn’t save it for weeks, though.

      – Aerin

  2. That was a nice post. You made a very good hair mask simply and with very simple instructions.
    However, I noticed that all of this doesn’t exclude the hot iron. Is heat iron the only way to stop this frizziness?
    I saw before that heat can damage hair and I don’t know the truth about that.
    Do you know of any other way to make the hair straight and little curly? And what about short hair?

  3. Yes, heat can damage your hair, so you have to be careful about how much you use on your hair. For example, using a flat iron every single day could most definitely damage your hair.

    You don’t necessarily need heat to stop the frizz – the avocado mask and the texture spray mentioned above will really do the trick. Adding heat is just optional for the sake of styling.

    If you want to make your hair curly without applying heat, just put your hair into several tiny braids while it is wet. After your hair dries, take the braids out and you’ll have fabulous curls! That trick works on any length hair. ツ

    – Aerin

  4. I love the information that you provided on frizz! It is neat and organized and it makes sense. I love the theme you chose too. Lots of women have problems in this area, Everything in the article flowed together well and I’m going to try the hair mask for sure! Good job and I hope you have a good day!

  5. Hi! I really enjoyed reading this post! I love the avocado mask, never tried it but I love avocado! I never really had a need to put something on my hair, it was always cool, but since I moved by the sea, I guess the sun and the salt did what is their job and after few months – I look like witch! And I don’t know what to do with it! Your advices will help me a lot! Thank you!

  6. Hello Gina,

    Great article on Tips to Stop Frizzy Hair and Add Volume.

    I have always had problems with my straight hair because I do not have volume.

    I will try the Big Sexy Hair Flip it Over Texture Spray and use your tips how to style it.

    The Avocado mask is really easy to make and apply. I will definitely try it as well.

    Thanks for the tips.


    • Ilina,

      It’s hard dealing with straight/thin hair and not having volume. There is a blog post about thin hair I recently made. It might help you with volume along with the texture spray. You can find it

  7. Awesome, I am going to have to try this! I have the weird hair that the top is more straight and middle to bottom wavy. It is awful and it all frizzies no matter what I do so I do not bother straightening or curly!

    I am going to try this mask and see if that helps maybe I can have normal hair. I have to admit though I will find it hard to sacrifice an avacado lol They barely make it to recipes without me eating them.


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  9. I really hate it when my hair gets frizzy, which is when my treatments wear out. Argh! Would love to try the avocado mask. I’m sure there’s a good reason, but just wanted to ask why we should only put hair conditioner from the ears down to the ends. I think I’ve sadly been doing it wrong all along…

    • Raquel,

      Conditioner is not needed on the scalp area because it just makes hair get oily very quickly. It is used to keep the ends moisturized because they tend to get dried out and then breakage occurs. A product I really love for frizz is Milkshake Incredible Milk. You can put it on damp hair after the shower or work it into dry hair and it takes care of any issues really.

  10. Avocado and olive oil sound like a very rich & luxurious combination.

    I feel like the avocado would just sit on top of the hair. I don’t know, because I haven’t tried this yet. Do you think it absorbs better when you use the yogurt?

    I’m wondering also if this will work on my super dry scalp.

    • Tiffany,

      Avocado by itself doesn’t make into a very good mixture. Once you add a couple tablespoons of olive oil or coconut oil, it mixes much better. Adding yogurt makes this mask more into a paste which can be an easier texture to apply.

      Yes, this will work for your dry scalp. If you’re looking for something better for a dry scalp, the links on my Just Natural page will bring you to an awesome site. Even though that specific blog post is about an oily scalp, those links take you to a site with full sections of great products for a dry scalp also (shampoos, treatments, etc)

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  12. Interesting piece. I have mostly straight hair but it gets really frizzy when it’s hot and dry, which makes my bob look very messy. I like the avocado hair mask – i have tried it just now as I had some leftover avocado. It works great to give me smoother hair. I skipped the conditioner though as the combination of yoghurt and avocado seems to be enough. Thanks for great hair tips like these – keep em coming!

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