Women’s Black Winter Hats Under $10

women's black winter hats

Hats are more than just a fashion accessory –They are important to the health of our hair. It’s not good for hair to be exposed to freezing temperatures. It needs to be kept decently warm and protected from cold winds that can cause it to dry out, creating awful breakage. To make shopping easy, I put together this list of women’s black winter hats. Other colors are nice to have too, but having a black hat is a necessity to complete any winter outfit.

Each hat is under $10… nice and cheap!

There isn’t any specific order to the list below. I’ve included a link with each hat if you want to find out more information about it.



Women’s Black Winter Hats


Plain Black Beanie

plain black beanie

Everyone should own a plain black beanie like this. There’s nothing really to it but you can wear it with just about anything.

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Slouchy Knit Hat with Pom
slouchy knit hat with pom

If you love slouchy hats and fluffy poms, this hat would be perfect for you.

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Knit Hat with Buttons and Pom

knit hat with buttons

This one is a winter favorite. The detailed buttons look amazingly cute against the knit and the pom tops it off perfectly.

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Knit Hat with Leather Strap
knit hat with leather strap

Here’s a little something for the fashionistas out there. If you aren’t the ‘plain’ type, you’ll love the leather strap decor on this hat. The buttons on the sides of the straps make it even cuter.

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Bad Hair Day Beanie
bad hair day hat

How fun is this embroidered message? It really switches up the look of a plain black beanie.

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Knit Hat with Pom

knit hat with pom

Here is an all black knit hat with a black pom. It’s such a nice elegant look while still being plain.

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Cuffed Knit Hat with Pom

knit hat with pom

This looks similar to one of the hats above except instead of it being slouchy, it’s cuffed!

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I hope I could help you find some good women’s black winter hats. Just so you know, you can click through to any link to browse around and look at all the hats available. I’m pretty sure all of them come in a variety of different colors too. I wanted to make sure I only included black hats under $10 but there are many many more hats to look at!

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10 thoughts on “Women’s Black Winter Hats Under $10

  1. Hi Gina! 🙂
    Im looking for a great hat for my gorgeous girlfriend. I really like your hats and the clarifying details about them, thank you!
    But I’ve got something to ask. On these pictures all of the hats are illustrated with girls with dark hair. Do you think these would fit my gf even though she’s a blonde?

    Thank you for your answer in advance! 🙂


    • Adam,

      Yes of course these hats would fit your girlfriend. Black hats go with any hair type. You would just have to get an idea of which style she would like. These would make for great gifts!

  2. Hi Gina,

    What an awesome selection of beautiful inexpensive winter hats you have put together for us. It’s really nice to have our choices pared down by a knowledgeable curator. I like the butterfly hat a lot but think the one with the visor is the way I would go. Having a visor on a winter hat is really cool in the desert SW where winter hiking is available with a strong winter sun. Nice to have that protection for the face.

    • Judithshaw,

      I agree with you, the visor one is really nice. It’s unique. I don’t think I’ve ever really seen a hat like that before. Winter hiking is a great reason to get the visor hat. It seems like it was made for something like that.

  3. What an unbelievable selection at KILLER prices! The thing I’ve always NOT liked about most hats I see are the multiple colors that just are way too busy to be putting on anybody’s head, but these are so classy looking I would actually consider wearing one… especially today when I woke up with chicken head! LOL

    • I love the black too. It’s so nice and will go with just about any outfit. You don’t have to worry about if your hair is messy or about standing out too much.

  4. Some of these hats look very comfortable and even though they belong to women I might need one because I can’t stand the cold. Some of these hats look very well designed so it surprises me that the prices of them are so low. They don’t look cheaply made at all. Some of the heads that you see out in the stores look worse than these with a high price.

    Good stuff!


    • I agree, the prices are crazy low, which makes them so great. The plain black cotton beanie is versatile, for men and women. You can consider that one!

  5. Ahh finally, a hat that won’t make my gross girlfriend eye-burningly repulsing to my precious sight. She needs to actually wear things that girls would wear. I’m pretty desperate at this point to make positive light of her atrociousness. Thanks for this post! Her birthday is coming up and instead of the endless deodorant I get her in hopes of her actually using it to make herself smell less like a horrendous ogre, maybe I’ll get her one of these hats instead 😉

    • Michael Maamari,

      Wow, what a way to view your girlfriend. Maybe you should consider the plain ‘either sex’ hat for yourself and get yourself a new girlfriend! 😛

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